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Atlanta, GA, United States
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I was a student of better trades and here is what I have to say- their system is a total scam. I will tell you what happened and you be the judge.

I saw their ad for a 2 day financial freedom workshop. I was lured by their pitch and thought if there is something so risk free why not try it. This was in May 2008. Went to their " 2 hour financial freedom workshop". They apply high pressure sales tactics and call people who do not sign up for their 2 day workshop as losers.

I told the presenter that I did not have enough money nor the time to trade. They promised me that I can start with as low as 500 USD and if I don't make 3 times the course fees (I paid 4995) in 6 months, I will anyway get my money back. To cut the story short I fell for their tall promises. Before signing up I clearly asked the folks if I need to spend any more than the course fees they said that is all I need to pay.

After reviewing all their DVDs I went to the 2 day workshop and was shocked to see how I was conned. The instructor's main objective in the 2 day workshop is to do only 2 things- up selling their DVD courses, their asset protection program  and their tools which would cost anybody in 10s of thousands more. They highly recommend to buy their tools and the 2 day workshop is nothing but a high pressure sales pitch for selling their tools for 2 days. The material they teach in their workshop can be found in any book or even better many free websites. You are basically paying [protected] in some cases) only to listen to their up selling sales pitch. I asked them to give me free resources and was denied. I have seen people spending 20 grand easily for their tools and DVDs in the 2 day workshop.

I called their customer service and asked about their promise of fee refund and asked about theeir promise that if I did not triple my course fees (making 15000 out of 500) in 6 months - this is what the customer rep said exactly- "Sir, the 2 hour workshop is a sales pitch sir - did you not see any other similar ads that did not work?". Great, that summed it all for me.

If any bettertrades folks see this and claim what I have written is not true, here is a challenge - pick your best so called expert, all the tools you have and prove to me that you can make 15000 out of 500 in 6 months.  IT WILL NOT WORK. PROVE ME WRONG.

Here is something to think for everybody else. Think about it. If you know something that would give you at least 30 times your money every 6 months would you rather keep it for yourself or give it out to everybody? Let's just say for a minute that Freddie is the kindest guy possible on earth here is some more to think- you start with a 1000 dollars and make 30000 in 6 months. Then take that 30k make it into 900 k by the end of 1st year. Let's say 33% is your tax. You will be left with 600k  in the next 6 months you make that 600k into 18 millions and take that 18 mills to 540 mills by 2nd year! Great if you want to join this program first congratulate yourself. You are going to be worth a few billion dollars in the coming 3 years, starting with a 1000 dollars and taking a course for 4k :) if you did not realize it till now that's what they promised.

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