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Better Trades / Beware of this con artists!

3 United States Review updated:

This website saved my butt! Of course I suppose there are two sides to every story, but these are my own honest opinions and impressions of Better Trades.

I've been in sales most of my life and these people are good... almost had me sucked in and I used to write about scams! But hold on to your credit card and the $2,995.00 plus $6,000.00 more for trading software ($8,995.00 total) they say you don't need but do.

These people are smooth... I attended the free seminar in Las Vegas where a girl filled out my name tag in BIG letters you could see from Mars. Then about 40 of us little naive lambs were led to the slaughter. The Ringmaster spends the first half hour talking about himself, the hardship of taking care of a sick child etc. How he met a Better Trades honcho who invited him to a seminar and Shazaaam! His life was changed Halleluha (sp). Then he threw in clever words like, 'I'm blessed' how Jeses used such principles...'believer' etc. These are sales techniques used to imply that he's a good guy, perhaps a Christian...yet subtle enough not offend non-Christians, thus pleasing both sides. Then he uses the oversized NAME TAG plastered on each attendee's chest to call everyone by their first name...'Isn't that right STEVE?' You're a working man, right GREG?' Stuff like that to make you feel subconsciously that's he's your friend. But of course he's not. You don't even know the guy. He's a stranger... worse... a preditor out to separate you from your hard earned cash.

Then he goes into the presentation...shows basic trade stuff (channeling stocks etc.) Then he shows testimonial videos...most or all, I'm told by a little bird, are company employees...(although I'm sure they'll find a clever way around that complaint) Hey, I used to work in the infomercial business...we used 'shills' fake people all the time...we put them to work and made certain they succeeded.

Then they allude to the fact that the heads of this scam company on the video will be your instructors when they have you come back in a couple of weeks for the 2 day 'seminar.' NOT! It's some guy they hired on their website under 'Job Opportunities'. Then finally the price! In the last ten minutes he hits you with the $3,995.00 price tag that you can have TONIGHT ONLY for $2,995.00 Yeah, sure. I suppose if you came back or called a week later with your credit card...they would say 'I'm sorry we can't take your $2,995.00 now. Yeah, right.

'And of course don't forget to get your free gift when you leave tonight.' Come on, I knew I wasn't hanging around the entire 2 hours (actually 3 hrs), for an IPOD, (my incentive for staying through the entire presentation). But come on... the 'free gift' was a shlocky DVD infomercial of THEM! I suppose one last ditch sales effort.

The 'Positive Posts' of Better Trades students on this sight, allegedly put there by happy satisfied traders. Ever wonder why the positives out-number the negatives on a 'Rip Off' sight. It's called damage control! I know, I used to be head of damage control for a company. Most of these companies are accustomed to the heat, so they have people monitor these sights leaving good posts as damage control under different names and emails. I suppose for the Better Trades guy this has turned into a full time job.

FIRST: Why would satisfied clients take the time to go to this site AFTER the fact? After they already have purchased and were happy and successful?

SECOND: Look at the language used in the positive posts here... It's all BETTER TRADES lingo... sounds like a sales pitch right from the company.

THIRD: They are excellent spindoctors... using psychology to make people who complain think it's their fault... with statements like...'these people's only to educate' 'You have to apply the principles yourself.' 'Options trading is hard.' (The Ringmaster at the free seminar sells the Better Trades program on the premise that they make it easy.) Otherwise why am I spending all this money with them.

FORTH: Notice how these strongly suspected fake positive posts are written... not only in their lingo, but they throw in a LOT OF typos to persuade you that they are just the average 'Joe' or 'Jane' who took this course and made tons of money... and not professional Better Trades damage control operative.

FIFTH: These 'shills' talk about the guarantee. The guarantee is that you'll make back 3 times your initial $3000.00 course fee in 6 months or get a refund.....just make the required number of trades. Well, they claim you can start with as little as $500.00! Wow, if I could turn $500 into $9000 in 6 months....that's something like a 18000% profit. I'd be on CNBC with my own show! PLUS, how do they know how much money I have to even invest! Also, do they reimburse you for all the money you lost while trying to implement their bogus program.


QUESTION: Why do they not allow questions in front of the open group so everyone gets the benefit? (All questions must be private)

ANSWER: Because questions (although they have clever scripted responses) cause people to think! And may spur more questions they can't really answer like....'Do I need to buy anything else after my 3000 buck toss of the dice?' 'How much is all that?' 'Do you have other students in the local area who have been successful and can I contact them!' That question alone would throw them into a coronary!

QUESTION: If they want you to truly succeed, then why not tell you what the FULL total is to buy their complete bag of tricks? If you really want to help people, why not let them know the full potential cost??? Yes, I hear them now... you don't need all that expensive software to succeed. BULL!

ANSWER: Because these con artists are well trained to get at least $3000 out of you before you leave the room. If people knew the real cost they would be tripping over each other before the Ringmaster could say 'Howdy!'

They run at least 8 free seminars in each city per run. If 30 people attend and they only get 2 per free seminar to sign....that's $54,000.00 not to mention that half of the 16 purchasers buy another $5000.00 of software on average, that's another $40,000.00 for a total profit of about $94,000. Not bad for a two day seminar! Not to mention all the other revenue they generate with $99.00 classes on line. And these guys go from city to city all over the country. Hey I want to buy stock in Better Trades! Who needs to invest in options making this kind of dough?

QUESTION: If these mentors, teachers, trainers etc... are suppose to be the experts in options trading...then why aren't they just DOING IT! Like the Ringmaster explained it...'You place a few trades late at night with a few limit orders, then let it trade. Buy low, sell higher, It's all automated at that point...takes the emotion out of it.' Why aren't these 'expert mentors' trading themselves to riches an hour a day like the company alleges we all can... and then heading to the beach...or a game of tennis, instead of hanging on the phone for hours each day working a full time job at Better Trades or at the computer 'mentoring' gullible people on trading their way to financial nervana in options. Wouldn't that mentor guy just do it for himself? Why does he have to work for Better Trades anyway if he's the options expert making all this money.

ANSWER: He believes in Jesus and helping people! No, wait a minute that's thr Ringmasters line. No, he's working as a Better Trades employee because he can't do it! But he he can tell you how you should do it, using your own money... And if you lose all your money (It's happened), then you must not be applying yourself or buying enough overpriced software... 'Hey pal, we can't guarantee you'll get got make keep taking more classes at 99.00 a pop I guess. This option stuff is hard work!'

QUESTION: Why do they keep changing their company name?
ANSWER: Many scams have frequently change their name because the heat gets too hot on them...their company name gets connected as a scam after so many ripped off people funnel through and complain. Better Trades used to be called 'Short Term Long Term'...or...'Long Term Short Term'...whatever, until they changed it to Better Trades in 2006.

CONCLUSION: You wonder if these people have a conscience? How do they sleep at night? I suppose they rationalize thet they are simply offering educational services. But certainly they must know how they are hurting people. I guess the huge amount of money they generate from these seminars is the anesthetic that numbs their hearts.

Still, their are some basic truths in this free seminar like 7 out of 10 people lose money in trading...and that the options business is exploding. But after trading options a long time...I've learned that all of the fancy software in the world and all of the overpriced scam options seminars (Yes, they are all rip offs, or let's just say less than honest), I've learned that nothing can replace good common sense when researching a stock...oil goes up when hurricanes approach...good earnings usually yield a rise in the stock, bad earnings the opposite...growth companies with momentum usually return a good yield... 'Hey, any dope could tell APPLE would go up! I split up my portfolio by chosing good companies with good valuation (there are plenty) and invest them long term which for me is 60 day Call options just in the money. Then find companies with a little bit of Calls and Puts. Everybody knew Beazer and KB Home were headed down considering the real estate market these days. All it takes is research on your part! Read the good stock websites like Stockpikr etc. Jim Cramer is no demi God, but he offers a lot of tips on good companies and tells you to do your own research. Watch Fast Money, get the opinions of some of the top brokers. Watch CNBC, and if you work during the day, tape it. And let's not forget the main reason why so many people are playing options and making money these days! THE INTERNET! There is a wealth of research info on the Web! Most of it free! Charts and all.

I'll watch for the Better Trades damage control guy to post his response under the disguise of 'Another Happy Customer'. I'm sure he'll have a clever come back...but they can't fight the truth. Like the Good Book says....'And the truth shall set you free!'

So take that $2,995.00 plus that you would have given to these Better Trades con men, do some basic research, watch the weather report, and put that money to work in the market for yourself instead!

Hey you're already $2,995.00 ahead!

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  • Ki
      16th of Oct, 2007
    +1 Votes

    You just saved me three thousand dollars.

  • Ja
      20th of Dec, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I took the 2 days class; it's a scam.

  • Ke
      4th of Jan, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I went to one of those workshops. I almost signed up.

    This is great that I read this because now I will take the 4K they wanted for the program and invest in the stock market after I play with some paper stocks.

    Thanks for saving me alot of anger and frustration!


  • Mi
      9th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    I definitely agree with this. I never went to this seminar or any other get rich seminar, but experience in car sales helps to spot bulls**t. One disagreement is that stocks arent always as black and white to invest in oil companies after hurricanes..buying mergers and so forth. I recently invested in Millers/Coors after they merged (after market hours). I expected to see a huge raise when the market opened Monday. WRONG! It went down about 3 dollars a share almost immediately. Or another one...Radio Shack. They were verging bankruptcy and closing most stores so the stock would supposively be doing bad. Right? Wrong! Radio shacks stock wielded about 5% return in about 3 months of announcing their money troubles. The Stock Market is guessing and's not fancy software or a Rain Man type of mental capacity to see the unseen. I love your review, it is quite detailed, however it ironically displayed a few typos in which you made clever use to defame Better Trades. I agree they suck...but the CEO is an old man. Old fashion bar brawl would do him good.

  • Co
      17th of Jan, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Actually, corrections:

    1. the price is now $3995.00 (display price about $10,000), but "with this one time only..blagh blagh", it comes down to 3995
    2. questions are allowed, but ONLY at the end of the seminar, (which by then most people will have forgotten what their question was)

    I just went to one of their seminars two days ago and it sounded good; that is, until I called my girlfriend right before I signed my life away and she gave me the thumbs down... in fact, two thumbs down and a huuuuuge, "I will kill you if you do".

    As well, If you question them enough with repeat questions put in different ways, you'll soon discover that their answers change and you can really start seeing frustration building in their expressions. (One of them actually snapped at me).

  • Ri
      24th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    The softare itself is the key. Find out how large the program files are? Most of these types of software contain some sort of algorithm for the calculations. The key is what is contained in the algorithm. Software development is not that expensive nowadays. The attributable cost of a cd is about 70 cents plus research. The underlying total cost is related to how much it cost to create the program. If it only cost them $2500.00 to develop one cd, look at the profit they make when they market it.

    In most cases, persons looking at trading options and looking for tools to help them know very littlet about option trading anyway. They rely on the software to make decisions for them. It is difficult to learn all the theories of option trading by relying on software developed by a software developer who may not know any more about options trading than you do.

    The best way to learn options is to do your own research using very little money to start. As time passes , you can fine tune your strategies to fit your trading goals as you develop knowledge and insight to options trading.

    One idea is to set up one account for yourself for online trading and to have a separate account set up using a mortgage broker. Use their knowledge and their computer data as a base reference and make small trades with the broker. Use your other account to make the real money utilizing the advice you obtained from your broker.

    Remember, most option traders lose. The ones who make the money are the option writers!

  • Fi
      2nd of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Thanks is all I can say,

    They about had me sold in taking the class, but thought I better check to see what others have to say.

    Them not telling the price on TV had me wondering, I thought I bet they screw you at the sciminar, and peer presure is a ###.

    I thought this guy talking sounds just like an inmate I hear almost everyday. They almost all talk like this, trying to sell you something or to another inmate.

    Again Thanks

  • J3
      20th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Save yourself the 2 hrs and the 4k, its just what the author described. The sad thing is, they weren't even very good scam artists...

  • Ke
      1st of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    Thanks for the info. I was just watching the infomercial and decided to google bettertrades and see what I could find out. I have been trading for 4 years now and always keeps a eye out for ways to improve. I consider myself a good trader. I got this way by reading books and watching DVD's I bought online fron Traders Library. If it sounds to good to be true its usually is a lie. I must say though that making $200.00 a day with only $21000 is no big deal if you educate yourself. Even when I am reading or watching eduactional items I pick out the best 5 things I learned and use them. Anyone that trades knows the market is constantly changing and you must change tactics to make money. I will give everyone reading FREE advice if you want to trade consistantly. LEARN, LEARN, LEARN. By reading books and watching educational DVDs. Buy Omnitrader and Visual Trader Software . Learn Guppy Trading Indicator and Bollinger Bands and all about moving averages. Learn everything about candlestick patterns. I am a day trader not a long term buy and hold. Buy and Hold makes very little money unless you are buying and holding for a trending pattern. Longest I stay in a stock is 3 days. I use Scottrader for online trading because they are reasonable with great service and features. If you start with $25000 you get to use their elite software for free which is great. I just gave you a heads up on what works for me so keep you money in you pocket and spend it wisely on things that really work. A 2 day course has described will not make much difference , however educating yourself over time will.

  • Dg
      8th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree 100%! I just watched BetterTrade's infomercial. It looks slick, until you see the glaring red flags. The two biggest that struck me were:

    1. Risk Free! Sorry, nothing in the stock market is risk free. If you hear claims that a system is "risk free", run, do not walk, away!

    2. In attempting to tout their system's benefits in relation buy-and-hold, they showed graphs of two companies' stock prices over the years. The point of the charts was that the price of the stock today was the same as it was years ago. The problem with the "data" on these charts was that it failed to take into account stock splits. For example, the Microsoft chart showed the same price in the 1990 s as today. This is, technically, correct. However, they conveniently neglected to mention that one would have 16 times the number of shares today as in the '90s! Translation, that original $25 share would be worth $400 today.

    A further tipoff is that the company claims that you can use their system with very little capital. They neglect to mention, however, that by applying their system daily, you will probably fall under "pattern day trader" regulations, which require one to maintain a MINIMUM $25,000 equity balance in a margin account. That doesn't strike me as "very little capital".

    The final clue is the claim of "I made $4,500 (or more) in a single trade!" Umm, how does one make money on ONE trade? It takes two, a buy and a sell, in either order, depending on you are long or short. Convenient oversight or willfully misleading?

    Avoid this obviously shady outfit!

  • Gu
      11th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I HAVE AN EXTREMELY HIGH INTUITION THAT MAKES ME A LOT OF MONEY AT POKER.. and when i watched the infomercial lastnight and decided to pretend to take these people seriously i figured a free seminar wouldnt hurt but at the same time was thinking "cut all the [censored] and just gimme the price" ... because someone whose selling a technique on 'how to make money' should be upfront and honest about their own business and just tell us how much.. we know these people arent in the humanitarian business their supposed to be 'business' people and profit makers... so if they never show a price i know theyre a scam... ofcourse the price never came in the infomercial so i figured this "Free Seminar" was their real infomercial.. you know tell you a whole bunch of good stuff for 2 -3 hours but nothing to actually have you making any money .. and then at the end the big price tag hits.. this is what i was thinking the whole time i actually watched the commercial all the way through.. id seen it before but never watched it ... why would i its an infomercial right a.k.a another scam... anyway i thought the people giving testimonies were actually pretty natural and seemed a little more convincing then most fake testimony infomercial actors.. so i wrote the info down for my closest seminar and called it..

    THATS WHAT DID IT FOR ME.. it took no more than 3 secs of hearing the "salesman" who answered the phone say his opening one line and they lost me.. the guy sounded like a cheap car salesman.. he had THAT voice.. lol so as usual i follow what my body tells me and hung up.. i should call back and say "ew... you sound fake nevermind".. thatll start some talk in the sales office.. anyway if it wasnt for my "psychic" abilities in reading people i probably wouldve signed up for this scam also... but wouldve been nowhere surprised once the ridiculous bill popped up..

    even though i didnt plan on attending the seminar i decided to look up the names of the candidates that are part of it and maybe check out their books at the library instead.. so when i go to put 'Better Trades' in yahoos search engine.. the phrase "BETTER TRADES SCAM STOCKS" shouted out in bold blue letters at the top of Yahoo under "other searches" .. lol HUGGEE no no.. this means this companies reputation is so bad that their name and the word scam has been searched so much that its actually listed before their main website is in the top search engines... so i clicked on that link instead of the website ofcourse.. but to my surprise didnt see any websites listed on their company and the subject of scamming so i did what i do everytime i decide to try a new product like this or company or entity... i put their name and the word complaints in the search box.. if i get no hits then theyre good to go.. if i get a bunch .. theyve been caught.. so thats what got me to this page.. too bad its not the norm for the people who end up at these seminars to do the same.. these scammers would never reel in any "fish".. a poker term for an unsuspecting beginning poker player about to lose his money to an exprienced one manipulatively..anyway this complaint just sealed it for me.. i probably wont even be making the trip to the library to check out the free book that these con artists wrote.. thanx for the precious hours out of my life that i wouldve wasted doing that.

  • Ge
      19th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I want to thank all of you for your comments. I was going to go to a seminar in Milwaukee tomorrow, but I'm going to save my $2, 995, and go to the casino on Friday.

  • Ja
      23rd of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    These "instructors" look familar. They were with Wade Cook. It's the same presenters and material, but the pricing is higher. Buyer beware.

  • Fl
      25th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    Your assessment is spot on! Having not read your material prior to engaging in this farce, I entered based on the guarantee of several percent over your initial expense in 6 months. As you pointed out, there are many failings in the market and if you're not 'totally prepared' you will lose. The blessed warranty is only good if you open a real money account within the 6 months and "lose". So now your down $3K plus your investment. All the while the experts espouse trade paper until you're comfortable. This doesn't happen in 6 months shared by real and paper money.

    Everything else you say is right on track. I would only add that the warranty is absolutely worthless against the combined loss of your initial investment in the program and your initial investment in the market...otherwise there is no warranty. Freddie and his program is by far one of the smoothest heart pulling operations I've had the mispleasure of running into.

    The short of it is that it takes a great deal of money to make the money...don't let them fool you with "all you need is $5K to start. It just doesn't happen without the overall understanding of daily market conditions, company fundementals, and other sector impacts.

    The only single strategy taught that might work is the GIGO - Get In Get Out. Where you're in for a net 1% daily. Still in all, this remains merely a hobby unless you have the initial funding to make it worth while.

    I now know what it is to be a senior citizen and get dooped!

  • Gl
      27th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I'm a dummy that spent the $2995 and I traded stocks the so called... easy tunnel stocks! Right, what I did was followed the only way I knew, and yes it cost me. But... when I returned the course for my $2995 refund, under their 100% Guarantee, they would not accept them! Stating, I was only to return the Monthly Statements Notarized of course, which I did, and... I have yet to receive the statements back, because I know they can't return my $2995, because they won't except my return! NO RECEIPT, NO DOCUMENTATION, AND NO REFUNF OF MY $2995. I can sum up the Better Trade program in one word..FRAUD! I should be scared at age 74, cancer survivor, and I used my full...true name. Glen Burrough, Taken.

  • Ka
      4th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    You just saved me $3000.00 + I'm sooooo glad I read your article. I went to one of those seminars here in Braintree, MA. I was taken in with the fact that they said you will get your money back in investments or you'll get a refund. I thought how bad could that be. But I guess it could've gotten worse. Thank You!

  • Sl
      13th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was a bettertrades employee for less then 2 months. They advertised on Craigslist. I quit on April 6th as I was forced to go to a mandatory company meeting in Dallas. Told they would pay me for only 8 hours a day but I had to be in these meetings for up to 14-15 hours. One day only getting a less then 20 minute break for lunch. I am bi polar and being deprived of sleep is not good for this illness. So upon my return home I was hospitalized as my meds where no longer working do to lack of sleep. My Supervisor Silva Cooke new of this illness. In training she talked and laughed about a women (whom I have all contact information on and my attorney will be contacting her to let her know that ALL the employees talk and joke about her including the supervisors, trainers and such).They violated the Americans with disability act. The law states if mandatory the company must pay for ALL hours. I will be filing a complaint with the wage and hour.

    During these meetings they has attorneys come in and tell us what not to say and what to say. Options express is advertise on bettertrades under your my account page. If when you are at the expo and do not sign up paying 3995.00 you get charges 5995.00 if you call in. There real-time markets program is 2995.00 annually and there extreme charts is 1495.00 just for the software but the data feed you need for this program to work is 420.00 annually. The dedicated trader which gives you access to the play of the day and all the commentaries is 3995.00 annually. I have seen accounts where customers have spent over 30, 000 for these programs etc.

    Most if not all of the testimonials are employees. Shawn and Amelia are 2 of them. Most of the speakers for the expo are students. that where hired after the fact. Most of the employees do trade but some cannot afford to as they are paid 12.00 and hour. This is not including the call center for which you call after seeing there infomercials. They are paid 8.00 an hour. As for needing 25, 000 to trade more then 3 trades a week. Bettertrades employees are told to tell you to open 3 or more broker accts. This way you get around it and are able to trade more.

    John White is the son of Mitzi Rick. They are very nice people as is Freddie. But I do not approve of there Freudian tactics to keep a customer spending. To keep over head low to increase profits everyone works from home. And you are self employed. Lets talk about pay checks. The pay periods are from the 1-14 and the 15-30-31. You get your check within a week of the end of the pay periods but the checks are posted dated out another week. The law states they are to give you a cashable check within 10 days of the end of that periods.

    These meeting included ways to trick a customer out of canceling with never answering a question but by asking questions. There phone system that was paid for at a cost of 2 million doesn’t work. They have pre typed responded for any emails that are sent in. They promote this company as a family but then make a family member be hospitalized.

    The first night of these meeting where April 3rd. Freddie had Dave and busters close to the public and stated we are going to play a game. He passed out 25 100 dollar bills. And where to go talk to people and get to know them. Then ask if they has something for us. One employee Jaymie Shield just walked up to everyone and just asked do you have something for me. The rules of the game where made clear by Freddie. The game started as we left the Hotel and ended when we got back to the hotel. Jaymie was asked over and over by me and one Rebecca Fair if she has something and she state NO each time. Not 20 minutes later we where out side having a smoke(and you are looked down on for this) and Jaymie came out side and we asked her again. She stated games over I’m outside. Per Freddie the game was not over. This women is nothing more then a thief. When Doug the VP was told this nothing was done and this Thief still works for this company.

    Beware there plans are to open there own brokerage firm.

    All I can say is if you want to be associated with liars and thieves please give them your money.

  • Sc
      13th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I went to the financial freedom seminar, I signed up for the class, I took the class a second time. Since the first time I heard of better trades I was leery about all the things you people are whining about. Fact of the matter is, they do claim that you can make back three times your money in 6 months. Can you really? no, this is the only shortfall of bettertrades is this claim. After the class I started making trades and lost money, learned from my mistakes and went through their material again. Since then the longest Ive held a position for was 8 days and the least Ive made was 8% using the Bettertrades system. Fact is, people need to change their additudes if they want to succeed and accept that bettertrades might be a descent system if you actually PUT THE WORK INTO IT RATHER THEN COMPLAINING.

  • Ga
      24th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have taken the Better Trades classes a few times. I have made twelve real trades this year. Seven were positive trades and five were negative trades. I went back and found that if I would of listened to all the rules, out of twelve trades I would of only had one trade go against me. I started with $2000 trading with OptionsXpress and have had no complaints with them or Better Trades. You have to have a positive attitude first if you want to get ahead in life. I haven't heard many from comments above. I wouldn't listen to the negativeness. Better Trades have a visitors section you can go to. With a high school education like I: if I can do it there is no reason you cann't do it too. You need to treat it as a job, get education which isn't free, and get the right tools for the job. The free places to go for education costs to much and takes to long. My opinion is you can pay Better Trades and get educated or pay the market maker. Their support staff is great; use it or lose it. I think in reality that the positives that took Better Trades would out number the negatives that took the same course by 500 to 1. That its
    self is a percentage you should look at if you want to suceed, and Better Trades wants all of us to sucess. Take your time and have fun, if not your journey will not be worth it. Good Luck to all of you.

  • Vi
      29th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I went to a workshop today i am a successful investor and i like to attend diffrent workshops to see whats new out there and to get an edge. I was blown away by the instructors speech he was better than a car sales man he was very friendly and called you by your first name like some one stated so that he can psychologically seem friendly and be on a more personal level. Well a few things at the end of the program that got me thinking.

    They give you a money back grantee if you do not make 300% or 12, 000 in 6 months. The way i see it a majority of the people do not make it to that so they ask for money back. They give back your money happily. The way i think the scam works is that they collect every ones 4k and invest it for 6 months and then after 6 months give back that 4k to the people who did not make the 12k or 300%. Mean while they use all the money and invest it. Its like borrowing interest free money. They work your money and make 20% or more in 6 months and give you back your 4k and you realize it does not work..

    After analyzing everything they said i think thats the way this scam works.

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