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Best Home Services is a SCAM!!! I received a coupon for this company advertising 5 rooms plus free hallway cleaning for $49.75. My carpet is less than a year old, but my husband and I figured it would be good to do because we have a new baby. My husband set up the appointment for the company to come out the next day.

The carpet cleaner (I think his name was Damon) was VERY nice and professional. BUT---when he was halfway through cleaning my house, we were informed that the service was going to be close to $300!!! I told him to stop, and go home. I wasn't paying that much, and that wasn't what the coupon was for.

He called the home office and spoke to a manager. They told him to finish the cleaning, apply the teflon coating, and we could call them to come out to the house and clean the carpet any time we wanted them to for the next 18 months. This apparently was a normal "perk" to having the teflon applied.

Within a week, black spots started to appear all through the house! I did spot treatments, vaccuumed...I did everything I could think of to get rid of them! Nothing helped. So I called the company back to get another cleaning like I was told I could.

I spoke to an employee named Jessica. I explained the problem to her. She was very understanding but told me she could not find my file. She said she would try to locate it, and would call me back that day. TWO days later, I still had not received a call back, so I called again. Once again, I spoke to Jessica. She then told me that my file was with the accountant, so she couldnt do anything to assist me until she received my file back from him. She once again said that she would call me back, and a call was never placed to me.

I called AGAIN today, only to find out that Jessica no longer worked there. I was put on the phone with Kevin Taylor, manager, who was probably the RUDEST person whom I have ever spoken with!!! I was trying to tell him the history and request for someone to come back out to re-clean my carpets. He started arguing with me, and telling me that they would NEVER tell a customer that they could have the carpets recleaned for free. The only way that they would do that is if the customer had teflon. I tried to explain to him that I DID have the teflon. When he FINALLY took the time to listen to me, he said that because we got the teflon for free, the teflon warranty didn't apply to us.

I asked to speak to his supervisor, and was told that I couldn't. He wouldnt even listen to me at all!!! I asked him to pull my contract and look at it to see what it said regarding the warranty. He wouldnt pull the file. Then he said "apparently we arent going to agree, so I will just refund you the money that you paid."

My question to him was "You don't have my information, how are you going to refund the money?" He assured me that he already knew where I lived, becaused they have serviced my home. My argument is that I have a VERY common last name (second only to Smith) and the contract was in my husbands how did he know MY information??? He just kept assuring me that he had it because he had my file, but for some reason, kept refusing to at least LOOK at my contract!

Once again, I asked to speak to his supervisor, and was denied. He finally caught onto the fact that I didn't believe he was going to issue me a refund because he didn't know who I he took my phone number...for what reason, i have no idea. Im hoping he passes it to his supervisor so I can speak to him about his staffs horrible customer service skills.

It all boils down to the fact that my once new carpet is now black polka-dotted and the company that RUINED it wont hold up to the promises that they made. AND im out $50.

I wasnt surprised at all when I came onto this website to write this report, that multiple other reports matched. Im also reporting this company to the BBB. I tried to do a reverse lookup on the phone number to get an address, but it is unpublished, which is unusual for a business...also not having a website is almost unheard of!!!

Guess this proves that the old saying "Buyer Beware" serves true. I hope this helps someone out so they dont have the horrible experience like I did.

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      Sep 15, 2019

    NO STARS, RUN FROM BEST AS FAST AS YOU CAN. Best employees in performing a plumbing job at my home cut my floor joist almost in half. which is in violation of Section R502.8 of the 2017 Florida Building code - residential. In damaging the joists, it caused my second story floor to sag. Which places my family in danger as their bedrooms and baths are upstairs. I had to hire, at my cost, a Project Engineering firm to evaluate the damage. It will cost thousands to repairing Joist damage and that includes the Best Plumbing work would have to be removed and replaced. In our search of public records we have found that Best is involved Law Suits where they are the defendant. One such complaint is for negligence in Collier County were Cypress Property and Casualty Insurance Co is the Plaintiff. In searching Best is merging with other companies such as Hodges Holdco LLC. Usually with merges comes a name change in the near future. Therefore, all the company's Principles and LLC's they control may be able to avoid and circumvent liability's to them individually or the other LLC they control.

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  • V
      Sep 26, 2019

    The original comment: "Best Home Services — SCAM!" was posted in 2011. It was a case of mistaken identity - it is another company. Best Home Services does not do carpet cleaning. " Best Home Services is a SCAM!!! I received a coupon for this company advertising 5 rooms plus free hallway cleaning for $49.75." Thank You

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