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Best Buy Store 415 / lies of general manager to corporate

1 4611 24th AvePort Huron, MI, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 810-385-9830


(1) Fire Mr. Brian S., the Customer Relations Manager at Best Buy store 415 in Port Huron, Michigan.

(2) Fire Mr. David B., the General Manager at Best Buy store 415 in Port Huron, Michigan.

Brief Reasons Why:

(1) Brian S. holds grudges against customers for years, and he harasses customers who have usurped his authority. Brian S. has absolutely no respect for Best Buy Corporate; he claims that he is the boss and that Best Buy Corporate has absolutely no power over him. Brian S. abuses that authority by kicking customers out of the store for absolutely no reason, except for grudges that have existed for years.

(2) Store 415 General Manager, David B., is a longtime friend of Customer Relations Manager, Brian S. The two tell lies to Best Buy Corporate in order to protect each others jobs.

Mutliple people have said that any complaints filed against Brain S. will be falsely acknowledged by Dave B., the General Manager, and then thrown in the garbage, because David B. would never do anything to punish one of his longtime friends.

Other Best Buy employees have told me that David B. and Brian S. have worked together for 13 years, and that they deliberately lied to customers in order to make sales. I have personally witnessed Best Buy employees tell customers that HDTV sets were 1080p resolution, when in fact they were not. One time I even saw another customer correct the Best Buy salesman, and then that customer was asked to leave the store for interfering in a sale. That is simply NOT right!

When I said that I was going to file a complaint with Best Buy Corporate, another manager said that it wouldn't matter because that complaint would end up on the desk of General Manager David B. I was told that Brian S. and General Manager, David B., have been coworkers and friends for 13 years, so any complaint against Brian S. will be immediately thrown in the garbage. In fact, I recently found out that David B. has told lies to Best Buy Corporate in order to save the job of Brian S.

Reasons why I will NEVER shop at any Best Buy store as long as Brian S. and David B. are employed by the Best Buy Corporation:

The whole reason why I will never shop at any Best Buy store is because of the rudeness of Brian S. and the lies that David B. tells to defend Brian S. Now that all of my remaining Best Buy Reward Zone points have been used, I have no plans to ever give Best Buy any business at all at any store.

That's a shame, because my final visit to Best Buy was at the nice store 402 in Utica, where they did a fine job helping me out, and they always have. But the bottom line is that all Best Buy stores are part of the same Corporate organization. If Best Buy allows the Customer Relations Manager, Brian S., at Port Huron store 415 to harass and bully customers and get away with it because his longtime friend David B. tells lies to to Best Buy Corporate in order to defend him, then I cannot give my business to an immoral organization like that, regardless of where the stores might be located.

I ended up shopping at the Utica, Michigan store 402 because I was literally asked to leave the Port Huron store 415 in an incredibly rude an unprofessional way by Customer Relations Manager, Brian S. I was in the Port Huron store 415 less than four minutes, and Brian S. asked me to leave the store for absolutely no reason.

I asked Brian S. why I was being asked to leave the store, and he said "I get to decide who shops in 'my' store, and I say that you have to leave." When I threated to call 888 Best Buy on him, Brian S. simply said, "You can call Corporate as much as you want, but I always get my way and I have the final say. Now leave, or I will call the police."

I think there are two reasons why Brian S. doesn't like me from the past:

First, because about four years ago I asked to return an unopened $10 DVD for another unopened DVD that had a $10 value. Brian S. would not allow the exchange to take place, because he said the receipt says that he has the final say on what items can be returned at any time. When I asked to speak to the General Manager of the store, she allowed me to exchange that DVD, which greatly angered Brian S. His face turned red, and he walked away with anger.

The second reason why Brian S. holds a grudge against me is because I purchased an HDTV from the Utica store 402 rather than the Port Huron store 415 that he works at. The HDTV was damaged during the delivery, and Utica store 402 did not have any more in stock. As a result, the Utica store 402 manager gave me a phone number to set a date for the exchange and delivery.

Everything seemed like it was going to be okay, until I found out the warehouse is located in Port Huron, and the person I spoke with on the phone was Brian S. Brian S. said that there was only one of that model remaining in his warehouse, and he said that there was no way he was going to let someone have it who didn't buy it from 'his' store.

I was forced to call the Utica store 402 again, and they forced Brian S. to allow me to have that HDTV delivered to me. Brian S. told his fellow coworkers and new General Manager, David B., that I had "cheated his store out of sales." This is one of the reasons why Brian S. committed harassment and bullying against me and forced me to leave store the Port Huron store 415 for absolutely no reason.

I am currently seeking legal action against Best Buy for the harassment and bullying of Brian S. and I think it is terrible that Best Buy Corporate would believe the LIES of David B. who wasn't even there the day I was asked to leave the store.

David B. actually LIED to Best Buy Corporate and told them that the reason why Brian S. asked me to leave the store was because Brian S. walked up to me and asked me if everything was okay, and then I started swearing at him--for no reason. That is the worst lie anybody ever told! But Best Buy Corporate was foolish enough to believe it! Brian S. and David B. are correct when they say that they get to do anything at all without risk of being punished by Best Buy Corporate...and that is why I cannot shop at ANY Best Buy store, since they are all part of the same organization.

Thankfully, the whole thing was on film and my lawyers recently had the tape pulled. I took the names and phone numbers of several witnesses who heard and saw what really happened--how I was harassed for no reason at all. They saw and heard what really happened! That is why my lawyer was so quick to take the case against Best Buy.

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  • Ho
      25th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    This is true. Brian and Dave talked this thing over when Best Buy corporate contacted them, and they made up a pathetic lie to try and cover their tracks. Both of them deserve to be fired.

  • Ma
      3rd of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    To whom it may concern,

    I would like to bring your attention to my unfortunate incident; I had at one of your location in West Windsor, NJ.

    This past black Friday I considered my self one of the lucky ones to shop at Best Buy and indulge myself with the best deals. But to my surprise it backfired on me. The 32"LCD DYNEX TV I bought was broken. Considering Best Buy customer satisfaction policies I decided to take the TV back to the store and expected an even exchange. I was disappointed, to say the least, when the clerk declined my request and claimed no liability on the damaged item. I wished to seek management and at that time I encountered with the operation manager, Jennifer. To my extreme surprise she stated the same. Since the merchandise left the store’s premises, it is not best buy’s policy to take the damaged goods back. Upon argument over argument with the management, I was surprised to hear that, Jennifer said that Best Buy is there to rip customers off. She failed to give me any information on the district managers or any higher authorities. She also refused to help me any further and gave me corporation’s number to contact.

    With my extreme frustration, I called Best Buy Corporation first thing in the morning. I Filed my complain and then was directed to the manager, Toni.

    Still unable to digest his response where he stated that since the item was hand picked and left the store, it is not Best Buy’s policy to take it back. He advised me to contact the manufacture, since he can not do anything at his end.

    My concerns,

    1. What happened to good faith commerce?

    2. What about customer satisfaction?

    3. Was I supposed to check the TV’s conditions when I left the store?

    4. I am sold a damaged good and no one is taking liability for it.

    5. I as a citizen feel humiliated and insulted.

    6. As a customer I have lost faith in Best Buy and devastated with the management’s behavior.

    I humbly appeal you to assist me with my matter. I feel that the reputation of best buy is at its urge of falling apart. Please help me and help Best Buy retain its status.

  • Ut
      2nd of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    The sad part about that whole rant, is that it sounds like you actually believe the garbage you're typing.

    Managers do not throw customers out of stores for fun. Believe it or not, managers like their stores to make money. They like their customers to be happy, because customers spend money when they are happy. The only time they throw someone out of a store, is when that person becomes a liability. If you start yelling, swearing, threatening, or offending a customer or employee, you are gone. Simple as that.

    You think that the managers of this store have some personal vendetta against you, and that's more than a little crazy. They have better things to do with their time, I guarantee you. You should be ashamed of yourself, one for managing to get yourself kicked out of a retail store, and two for trying to get back at people who were just doing their jobs.

    Best Buy is not in the habit of kicking out customers. They are in the habit of running a family friendly business, and when people disturb that, they lose the right to shop there. It's blatantly clear that you are not correctly describing the situations you experienced, because if you were, there wouldn't be any problems. The back of the sales receipt has all of the return/exchange information on it. You were obviously in violation of something on that list, or you wouldn't have had any issues.

    As far as your HDTV goes, Port Huron is not a warehouse, it is a store. If they have TV's in stock, another store can request that they get transferred, but they are in no way obligated to do it. Especially if it's for a customer that has been disruptive or offensive in the past. Every Best Buy has access to a district warehouse, as well as an Online Warehouse to order product from. They can also get things transferred from any other store in the district. There is no reason you needed the last unit the Port Huron store had.

    It's upsetting that you needed to post this to try and further cement the twisted perception of reality that you've formed. Hopefully you'll get a taste of your own medicine someday, when someone wrongfully accuses you of something, just because you didn't give them their way.

  • No
      7th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Best but has lost all my present and future business, they don't seem to care and management is fast asleep. Good buy best buy and I am going to spread the word

  • Em
      6th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    May 6, 2011, 2:30 pm I entered the Best Buy Store, Longmont, CO to return one item. I waited at the Return Desk for 15 minutes; no one spoke to me; no one came to assist me. I saw 4 employees 6 feet away doing nothing, so I asked if someone could help me. Reluctantly one woman came to the register and completed the return. Another customer who had also been waiting behind me had given up and left the line. As I turned to leave the Return Desk, this customer returned and asked me if someone had finally waited on me. I said, "Yes, but it was hard work getting someone to help me. Good luck". A Best Buy employee (whom I'd not even spoken to) yelled at me, "Get out of my store now." I walked toward where he was seated opposite a customer and asked his name (he wore NO NAME BADGE). He became enraged, and this 300 lb male "gorilla" leaped up and came towards me (a 67 year old 63" woman) yelling, "I told you to get out now. There's the door." I didn't have my cell phone, so I pleaded, "Please get the store manager" He got right in my face, I said "Please someone call the police". At that point a "Product Process Manager" named Alfonso Aranda showed up, stepped between the irate employee (whose name I learned is ERIC HASBROOK, DCI) and asked me to walk with him to the front of the store. Mr. Aranda left and returned to say the customer who had spoken to me was willing to write a statement about what he observed. I can't believe the Store Manager didn't show up, and fire the irate employee on the this a common incident at Best Buy? I'm contacting my attorney.

  • Fu
      20th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    best buy is a joke store!
    I bought a product & extended warranty, it failed, I called the store, they said "no problem just bring it in"
    I did. When I got there, they said, well it is under a year since you bought it (so what, they already knew that when I called), so I had to call the manufacturer myself. Why did they make me come in to the store? I asked, and was blown away by the answer "we do that to get you in the store to buy more stuff"
    WOW! they actually said it!
    then I complained, the manager said I was a joke, I called him out - he threatened to kick me out of the store - I said do it & I'll call the cops!
    the manager then ran (literally) away (as I had recorded the entire conversation).
    Well, at least I had a good laugh about it.
    The manufacterer, very nice, is sending me a replacement without going through best-buy (they said that my complaint was common from best buy customers...)

    Moral to this story - NEVER BUY THEIR EXTENDED WARRANTE!!!

  • Th
      30th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    Cancel your plan and get a pro-rated refund. The GSBTPP are only meant to deceive and add to BBYs bottom line.

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