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BellSouth / Serious complaints on BellSouth and HP

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My name is Robert C. Paul and I would like to file a complaint with you on Bellsouth and Hewlett Packard. Bellsouth is the company currently handling my local and long distance calls plus they are my Internet Server. The first part of the complaint is about theBellSouth Internet Service and their Home Page, which rips off over 50% of my usable screen space for their selling of space to unwanted, unsolicited advertisers. They bother us as much and more than the past decades of Tele-marketers. I use the terms of space thief, hy-jacker, trespasser, plus some worse things to describe what they do. Also, their Home Page Print is small so it strains your eyes. The most you can do is click on View and then in that menu click on Increase, which helps some. Customer’s should not have to do that.

My complaints on BellSouth are numerous but the chief complaint is their literal THEFT of my computer screen space for their very much unwanted advertising. BellSouth’s Home Page occupies 54.787 per cent of my screen on a 17” flat panel monitor. It was bad enough when I had my old Gateway 2000 with a Pentium I processor but the stolen space then was negligible to the current space they occupy for most of their advertising. I have Mozilla Firefox that I use as my browser because I am allowed to physically block more unwanted garbage using Mozilla: That emphasizes the space stolen because nothing is on my screen in that spot, which I would prefer the full function of my screen without this nuisance. I have had numerous complaints to BellSouth over this issue and it has never gotten me anywhere. I strongly feel the only thing that will make them change is a lawsuit, which would probably have to be a Class Action Lawsuit to do any good. The way I view it is they are literally trespassing on my property and putting signage on my property without paying me for the use of my property for their advertising. They do not own my home, my land or this computer; therefore, they are trespassers.

A few weeks ago, one of their staff that I was making this complaint to once again told me that I am only buying the right to use the Internet through them, that the Home Page is theirs to do as they please and that I have no say in that. It has really ‘ticked me off’.

My old Gateway 2000 must have been configured differently. It too was a 17” screen [CRT] and BellSouth had less space to occupy on it. What I am experiencing with my new system Hewlett- Packard HP Pavillion 1430N with its HP vs 17e [a 17” Flat Panel Monitor] tells me HP may be partially responsible for some of my complaint. On the top of page menu is a (^*&^T&^%$& ### Design/Set-up by Micro-Soft. I bought this system June 13, 2006 and I am having some difficulty with it too. One chief complaint with the HP product is the top of screen menu, which is nearly microscopic. It is difficult to read and their option to change the “resolution” does not remedy this problem. Had I known I was going to get such a minuscule menu bar in this system I would have looked at another Gateway or maybe a Dell. This seems to be a problem whose poor design belongs to both HP and Micro-Soft.

Can anything be done about these issues? Or, do I just live with a bad choice, stolen space and a minuscule menu bar? This really chaps my tush that we as customer’s in buying the product of both Internet Server as with BellSouth have no remedy and as a buyer of this HP product have no recourse for a bad buy.



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