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Bell Side 7 / Bad auto repair

1 15829 S Bell RoadHome Glen, IL, United States Review updated:

The following is a synopsis of the events leading to Bell Side 7's dangerous repairs causing additional damage and potential personal injury to me and passengers in my vehicle, for which I paid $793.13.

At this time I am looking for a complete refund of this amount and once received, I will consider this issue closed.

Sunday December 16th, 2007 (Approximately 7:00AM): While I was driving northbound on Cicero Ave in the furthest right lane. A snow plow pulled out of a side street and dumped snow onto Cicero Ave and backed up leaving a pile of snow in the middle of the street. I was driving about 5-10 MPH and hit the snow and slid into the curb. I continued to drive my car to an appointment in Lombard, IL. As I was driving I noticed that the car pulled slightly to the right.

Tuesday December 18th, 2007 (Approximately 8:00AM): I brought my car to your establishment (Bell Side 7 Garage) for what I thought would be a front end alignment. After evaluating my car you told me that the lower control arm was bent. You ended up replacing the lower control arm, hub and bearings, and did a front end alignment, pounded out the rim of the tire that hit the curb and placed that tire on the rear of the car.

Thursday December 20th, 2007 (Approximately 12:30PM): While I was driving westbound on 159th St towards La Grange Road, I heard a sound that sounded like a flat tire, at which point I thought I should attempt to pull into a parking lot. I turned right onto La Grange Road and car started shaking. When I went to turn left into parking lot at 158th and La Grange (near Jo Anne Fabrics) I heard what sounded like a soft explosion, lost control of my car, and couldn�t steer. I hit a curb again, and car wouldn�t move. I had the car towed by Apple Towing to Bell Side 7.

Friday December 21th, 2007: I picked up my repaired again car from Bell Side 7. You replaced a broken bolt with a new one. You explained that your technician / mechanic originally didn't replace the bolt, but reused the original bolt. You also informed me that the new bolt was stronger than the original.

Wednesday January 9th, 2008 (Approximately 3:30PM): I was driving my car when I noticed that the alignment appeared off. I called you at Bell Side 7 and told you about it and that I was afraid to drive it. You then told me to drive it straight to Bell Side 7 because you didn�t want to have me pay for an unnecessary tow if there way nothing wrong. I drove about 20 feet, lost all steering and ended up on a concrete median in Dicks Sporting Goods parking lot (facing Olive Garden). I had Apple Towing tow my car back to Bell Side 7. After looking at my car you informed me that it would cost me quite a few hundred dollars and that I should think about contacting my insurance company. I immediately called my insurance company. They made arrangements to tow my car to an authorized repair center.

Friday January 11th, 2008: Progressive Insurance Company came to pick up my car from Bell Side 7. They took it to Collision Revision Addison in Addison, IL. After assessing the car, they believe that most damage was caused by faulty repairs by the previous mechanic. After repairing the car they towed the car to Progressive Service Center in Schiller Park, IL for its final inspection.

January 22, 2008: I finally was able to pick my car.

Insurance Company took over

The following is a list of what insurance company did:


Overhaul: Front bumper cover assembly.

Repair: Front bumper cover.

Refinish: Front bumper cover.


Remove/Replace: Right liner.

Remove/Replace: Right fender splash shield.


Wheel: Keystone Auto.

Remove/Replace: Wheel cover.

Remove/Replace: Wheel valve stem.


Remove/Replace: Mount and balance tire.


Remove/Replace: Right front wheel hub.

Remove/Replace: Right front steering knuckle.

Remove/Replace: Right lower front control arm assembly.

Remove/Replace: Right front ball joint.


Remove/Replace: Front drive axle shaft assembly.


Refinish: Right rocker molding.

Remove/Replace: Right rocker molding.


Hazardous waste disposal.



Clear Coat.


Right wheel well area.



Front end alignment.

Lower ball joint pinch bolt.

Right front tire.

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  • De
      17th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have been going to Bellside for almost 20 years and have never had a problem. In fact, they have gone beyond the call of duty to be sure that everything is ok. They arrange rides for me if my car is going to be in the shop overnight, they have given me great deals. Sometimes I am not even sure how they stay in business after giving such awesome deals so often.
    The mechanics are exceptionally qualified, and the service up front is personable and friendly.
    The above story sounds like a horrible experience, but I am sure that something is missing from the details.

  • Sc
      2nd of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I went to Bellside 7 once, and that was enough for me.

    They had my car for two days, didn't find the problem, and charged me the fee anyways.

    My CEL was on, but after not finding the problem they turned it off and told me to just keep driving it to find out more.

    Less than two days later the CEL was on again. I went to a different place and they found and fixed the problem in less than an hour with a $20 part.

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