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I moved into a condo that does not allow satellite dishes. I cancelled my Expressvu service in June 2008. I am still trying to get them to cancel it 6-months later. They are supposed to mail me a box to return my receiver. As of now, they have charged me $700 for the cost of the receiver and will not reverse it until they receive it back. That would be fine except that they have been trying to mail me a box for 6-months now. How can a compay be this incompetent? They seem to have no trouble mailing bills? It seems that if you owe them a little money, they are all over you and could track you down to the ends of the earth. If they have to do something for you, they couldn't be bothered. If they think that this does not cost them business, they would be dead wrong. Not only would I never get their satellite system again if we were able, but I was going to cancel my current cell phone and transfer to Bell's service. There is no bloody way now. If they send me a bill for the receiver which I no longer want or, can use, I will take them to court. I have spent approx. 12-hours over 6-months trying to get a box. If anyone has this service, be aware that you can probably never get it cancelled. If you are considering this service, I wouldn't do it. At least with our Shaw cable system, they have a physical location where I would go and leave the receiver and get a reciept. With Bell, you are at their mercy and if you don't pay, they will damage your credit bureau which is why I am willing to go to court. Avoid this company at all costs.

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  • Ba
      28th of Jan, 2009

    These guys are as crooked as it gets. I was in the process of switching my satellite service to Bell ExpressVu and was promised the latest 9242 receiver as part of the package. I was nosing around some discussion forums and had seen that this unit has been discontinued and they are substituting a lesser 9241 model for the same cost without telling me. I confronted Bell TV about this and they finally had to admit that they were not going to provide me with the equipment as originally promised and the older model that has less features would be the same price and they were not willing to do anything about it. Their advertising/website makes no mention of model numbers so this type of "Bait & Switch" is something that is easily recognized.
    I also had a bad experience with my Bell internet service. I had a Bell telemarketer contact me last year with a free offer to upgrade my internet service, faster download speeds, and as a "Valuable" Bell customer this wupgrade would not cost me any more. Of course after I agreed and received my invoice they had bumped my monthly rate up so I called to complain with no success. My next step was to request that they put me back on the plan I was on but I was informed that they had discontinued that plan so I was stuck. I am planning to move my phone, cell, internet away from Bell as well ... their customer service is the worst I have seen!!!

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  • Me
      27th of Feb, 2009

    Exactly the same thing happened to me. I actually posted my experience somewhere but it's been years that I cannot find it. Basically I was moving and wanted to cancel their service because I was not very happy with it (it was bad from the start since they sent bills to wrong address although they were able to come to my place to install the dish! and they wanted to charge me for late fees because I didn't pay).

    Anyway like you they promised that they were sending me the box to send back the receiver. It didn't come and since I no longer needed the receiver I really didn't want it around the house. Then a few month later they sent me a bill of $150 for the receiver! I went nuts and made numerous calls to bell expressvu and every time I called they promised me that they were going to send me the freaking box. It never showed up and they kept sending me the bill for it.

    One time the service rep told me to pay for now and when they got the receiver from me they would refund me... NO WAY! I knew if I paid they wouldn't even bother to send me a box. I even told them that I didn't care paying for shipping for it.. if they could give me the damn address. They said that the box has a barcode to see who sent the box so it had to be the box they send me.

    About 4 months later I finally went to a website to help consumer dealing with disputes like this and they had a template to write a letter to them. I wrote a letter explaining the situation and also told them that I would take a legal action if they don't send me the promised box. Sent to 2 addresses I could find (one was adressed to their billing department).
    Finally a week later or so I received a box. I would never ever sign up with Bell Expressvu.

    Good luck getting the box!

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  • Bo
      15th of Jun, 2009

    I cancelled service with Bell Expressvu back in 2006. They then insisted that I owed them another month's billing(approx $45.20) because I didn't give more notice. After disputing this final bill extensively, I then started get calls from a collection agency. I was shocked and after constant harassing calls, I made the payment and thought that would be the end of it. Only now to my surprise I have again been getting harrassing calls from another collection agency, apparently on the same money. I contacted Bell and they said that it was at the collection agency and they had nothing to do with it. I cannot believe this. Does anyone know of a recourse for me. This has sickened me to the core. Obviously back in 2006 my payment was not forwarded to Bell, or as I have heard from numerous past customers, this seems to be a regular occurence with Bell Expressvu. Can anyone suggest anything? I cannot believe that after all this time that because of this minimal amount that my credit can be affected. I can only advise people to stay away from Bell Expressvu.

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  • Ne
      15th of Oct, 2009

    Yes, I had bad experience today, Oct 15/2009. Avoid this company. They ty to charge you extra, exrta and big headachce!!!

    8 Lomond Drive.


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