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Bell Canada / promotional offer from bell canada

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On October 27, 2007, I received a call from a representative from Bell Canada. A bell representative asked me if I would like to receive a new 'wireless' modem, no charge for this. It would increase speed of my computer by 20%. (Guess what, no increase in speed) I accepted the offer. But wait, bell Canada had an exceptional 'promotional offer' if I was interested. A laptop for an increase in my monthly billing of just $12.00 a month for 36 months. The total would ultimately be a total of $432.00 for 36 months. Frankly, I hardly use the computer I have now. But my daughter asked if she could have it for school research, homework for the grand daughter. OK with me, I can pay $12.00 a month added to my monthly billing for 36 months. I had gotten the phone number and called the representative. I accepted the promotional offer with the aforementioned terms. Shortly thereafter I received the wireless modem.

About a week later I received a call from a rep. stating bell had depleted its supply of the promotional laptop and it was necessary to reorder to satisfy customer orders. But wait, the substitute would be an improved model. He said I was lucky to get the improved model under the same terms given to me before. OK with me.

Couple weeks or so later I received the laptop. My daughter was visiting me and opened the package. She took the instructions and I immediately put other documents into a file folder. I did not read anything as I already knew the terms. This was in late November. We contacted Bell customer service and arranged for my daughter to have the laptop and her added to my account. This was necessary in case there was a future problem and she needed a technician, etc.
My bell billing for January arrived. I checked the charges and saw that a $30.00 charge for a 'laptop starter fusion' was debited to my account. I thought this might be an initial activation fee so I paid it. My February arrived with another $30.00 charge for a 'notebook starter'. I called Bell and queried the charge. I was told the substitute laptop was a more expensive model that I had received. I explain the original call from Bell offering a laptop at $12.00 monthly for 36 months, and the latter call saying I would receive a substitute as Bell had depleted its supply. Also, that I was told there was no extra charge. The terms remained the same.

This effort gained nothing from the many Bell representatives I have emailed (online chat with representatives) and spoken to regarding the promotional offer. The callously tell me I received a more expensive model and, to put it simply, I need to pay for it, period! My last conversion with a Bell rep. named 'Edward' (don’t give surname) with Agent ID of X7515, located in the Ottawa Billing office. Understand that there have been numerous contacts with Bell but never with the same representative. He apparently perused my complaints (with some callous I might mention) and suggested he could lower the total monthly billing for me by eliminating my anti-virus, and other internet services to lower the bill. However, this did not affect the charge for the laptop which is $30.00 for 36 months for a grand total of $1, 080.00! Needless to say I was reluctant to accept this as this whole thing was not my mistake by one made by Bell. Edward and I agreed that he call me the next day to confirm my acceptance of his suggestion. I waited all day and received no call from him. (By the way, during these contacts I was informed that Bell does not directly offer promotional products. Bell sub-contracts such offers to different companies). As far as I am concerned the mistake belongs to Bell or its sub-contractor. I was told by another bell rep. named 'Caleb' Agent ID 6806 that he had forwarded a request to investigate the company offering the promotional laptop. As of now, that appears still on-going if in fact he did indeed make the effort and to follow-up on the investigation. As of now, I do not have anti-virus because Edward took it off my internet services. I believe he thinks his suggestion for lowering my monthly payments thought eliminating is ok with him as there is no contact from him. The problem is it has poor English speaking reps with little knowledge of comprehension skills with the language. They don’t care what happened, who caused it, who to lay blame on, EXCEPT hey the customer got the laptop he should pay for it. Misleading information from Bell or not, Customer has it so shut up and just pay for it.

Communication is lousy because of poor English from reps. I have been to India many time, to ten Philippines, and around eastern Canada. How the hell can one focus on anything in this organized chaos of Bell Canada.

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  • Ti
      29th of Aug, 2008
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    I tired of contacted Bell over anything, i can't believe with all of the lay offs and cut backs at Bell, we can't get a person on the phone that is actually located in Canada and can speak ENGLISH that we as customers can understand . Every time i call it's always someone located in India, after all it's called Bell Canada not Bell India !!!

  • Mh
      29th of Aug, 2008
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    I'm tired of contacted Bell over anything, i can't believe with all of the lay offs and cut backs at Bell, we can't get a person on the phone that is actually located in Canada and can speak ENGLISH that we as customers can understand . Every time i call it's always someone located in India, after all it's called Bell Canada not Bell India !!!

  • An
      8th of Oct, 2008
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    My God, I'm in hell! How do I find a phone number for Canada service, or an email of someone in Canada?

  • Ho
      8th of Jul, 2009
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    Bell Canada English call center situated in India is by far the worst customer service I've ever seen in my life, lack of training, lack of knowledge, etc. they did a major screwup on my account, without advising me, they changed my account number, so for 3 consecutive months, my payment went on a old account, so of course they shut me off, by calling there Indian customer service, I was told that it was my responsibility to go to my bank to reverse the charges, and to provide the new account, how is it my responsibility for there mistake??? And ever since then, I have to call back every month because they are unable to revert my payment to the new account they created for god knows what reason. This issue is extremely frustrating, and it is obvious that Bell does not care about there clientele, so my suggestion for anyone that is thinking of going with Bell express vu...DON'T! ! ! ! !

  • We
      25th of Aug, 2010
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    I think Canadians should stop doing business with Canadian companies like Bell that transfer jobs offshore to India. I truly love the Indian people but find doing business with them from Canada totally frustrating. I am no longer doing any business with Dell for much the same reason. It takes the Bell Call Centre in India 10 calls to do what a Canadian can do in one call. Fight back and withdraw your business. If enough of us speak up we can bring about change!!!

  • Ri
      1st of Dec, 2010
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    You know, I'm sure I'm going to be disliked for this comment, but it's complaints like this that make life harder for those of us who have something more tangible to complain about. I mean, you did get a decent laptop, with a 3-yr plan, for only $1000 with all interest included right? Ok, they didn't properly inform you of the terms and made a mistake, big deal! It's your responsibility to read your contract agreement when you received it and not just "filed it away" assuming all is good. You could've returned the laptop and cancelled the agreement, under the OEB act you have the right withing 10 days of any signed contract agreement to change your mind and void the contract, and if the terms are wrong (on paper), then you have the right to cancel the agreement anytime during the vendor's mandatory confirmation during the first 60 days (a bill qualifies as this).

    Now I don't work for Bell, as I'm sure a lot of people will quickly assume, I'm a Bell customer just like you. However, I'm a Bell customer who went without his high-end fibre internet service for nearly four months, despite paying his bill regularly, due to a rare technical fault with the Sympatico servers and my "node", which occured when they did a switch on my Fibre network. Depsite all my complaints and efforts to get my service restored, it took dozens of phone calls, registered letters, and complaints to the BBB before they finally escalated my issue up the ladder to senior management, who had to get their network engineers to basically take the system apart at their end to find the glitch.

    This delay in not having an internet service at home led me to have to use my mobile (cellular) internet account for my home needs, which cost me over $700 in excess charges (as mobile internet is expensive if used heavily, such as for business use at the home office). Do you hear me raising a huge stink about it? No. It was a mistake, and they apologized and gave me a rebate on my service. I'm still out a lot of money, but such is life. That's not my point though. My point is, my issue would have been escalated much quicker, which would've saved me a lot of money, if they didn't have to deal with unreasonable people who make a mountain out of an ant hill. You need to take responsibility for your actions, and thoroughly check the written terms of your agreements. Another example, if you need one, I have a wireless account with seven lines (and phones) on it, for my staff. About a year ago, my account got frauded by a disgruntled sales associate of the wireless provider, who frauded my account for a bunch of expensive smart phones. The error was all theirs, as it was their employee who frauded my account, and my account should've not been accessed by a total stranger in the first place. Regardless, it took me nearly a year to get the matter escalated to the fraud department and get the charges and interest refunded.

    Again, I didn't raise a huge stink, they're a big company, and can't control what their staff do despite how much they train them and supervise them. My only gripe was that it took so long to get the matter escalated, because they have to filter out all the unreasonable people who file complaints such as: "You guys billed me for text messages, when you told me they would be free! I want my money back!" ... he/she did the text messages? Well, he/she should've done their homework and made sure that they were really free... companies are out to make a profit, that's all part of our society. Why would they be giving free things without a catch?

  • Re
      6th of May, 2014
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