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I had made a $1000 purchase at a BeBe store a week and a half ago at the NY ShortHills Mall store. After taking all merchandise home, I then realized Some of the clothing did not fit well. Since I live in NY, I decided then to return at the Fifth Avenue store instead. Not only did the sales and manager refused to take the items back, they also had a terrible attitude, which was not needed. They told me that if I was only returning one garment, they would be happy to refund me. Anything above, I have to make the hr and half trip back to the NJ store. The whole situation is ridiculous. There is no such policy written on the invoice. Since policy does state that return is only allowed in 14 days, I am now left with no choice to FEDEX all my returns and hope that they will take care of it. I will never spend another penny in this store and I can guarantee not one of my accquaintances will either.

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  • An
      May 21, 2009

    And why didn't you try them on in the store? Seriously people.

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  • Be
      Jan 04, 2010

    I had a similar experience with BAD SERVICE from Bebe. They had posted a "buy one get one half off" sale sign outside the store, when I went to pay the manager told me the sale had ended yesterday. The manager, just like yours, "had a terrible attitude" and she refused to give me the discount, even though I told her that it was illegal in Canada to falsely advertise sales, or mislead customers into making a purchase. After reading your situation with Bebe and having experienced my own, Bebe does not know how to respect their customers and train their managers. I will also NOT be shopping at Bebe anymore.

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  • Be
      Apr 29, 2010

    I think that bebe know that they have the worst customer service ever that why I don't offer e-mail contract.
    This is like the letter to BEBE management. I hope one of you find out and read this and improve your service.

    1. You have to admit that you have the worst customer service both in store and on the phone. I don't think it is cause from the girls working for bebe. I think it is cause from management. They did not train people who works for them. Very cheap way to cut cost of management but you pay the price of your customer piss off and not going back.
    So...Good luck with finding the new customer for making them piss off! Usually they keep customer and finding more so, they are making more profit than you do.

    2.Hello, this is 2010 and we cannot contract bebe by e-mail. Bebe, world is changing everyday. Please, open your eyes and improving what you can(like technology). Then, you will know what you problem about customer service and PLEASE, learn what your customer wants. Then you really know what your problem with customers are. Ooh and whoever do web site for you. You might think that they are professional but not really professinal.

    By the way, you used to offer the good stuff with good quality that why I pay of it. but your quality is going down and down why do I pay for it and I still have to deal with your customer service problem.

    one of your 'used to be your customer'

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  • Mi
      Jul 09, 2010

    I have had experiences in the past with bebe stores but I do think that some stores have the best customer service. I live in Utah so it's pretty friendly place there all together and I love the girls that I shop with. The only reason why I shop there is because of the service I get each time, so maybe it's where your located? I have gone to other bebe stores out of state and I have experience some rude girls so that's why I stick with the store I'm at. I do agree that their quality is going down but it's the economy, I think things will get better as time goes on. Good luck.

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  • Rt
      Aug 29, 2010

    I use to work for the company as a manager... All you have to do is ask to speak with corp/ district mgr / regional mgr they don't want to look bad... not there 800# for customer service... do not leave and make a scene in there store... if the clothes comes from a retail store u can return at any retail store... If it come from an outlet it has to be returned to an outlet... Hope this helps...

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  • Sh
      Nov 18, 2010

    I just got totally ripped off by the BeBe Website. I placed an order with a 50 dollar gift certificate, there was a little shipping charge over the gift card amount. I filled in the gift card information and there was about 13 dollars left to put on my credit card so I filled out that information. About a week later I check my email. They had been trying to charge my card for the full amount and that hadn't gone through (I carefully only put on the card what I'm spending so this can't happen) and then they cancelled the whole transaction. The kicker is, they deleted all the gift card information and said I never had a gift card in the order!! Since I had already used the full amount of the gift card, in the order, I had thrown it out. I have been going round and round with their supposed customer service but they have completely deleted all information on the gift card out of my online account like it never existed, and basically stolen the gift card money. What could have been a shopping experience where I started enjoying BeBe will now be an adamant refusal to ever buy from them and not accept gift cards and tell all my friends about it. If they do this to 100 customers a day, that's $5, 000 a day just on fraudulent theft of the value of their own gift cards. This is how these companies are turning profits. They are programming their software to do these things, skillfully playing the odds. Some people will find used cards a week later, but most won't.

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  • M7
      Feb 12, 2011

    BEBE SUCK- You are right about the sign.That is called false advertising- if a store by accident- leaves a SALE up they are required by law (here in Texas )to honor the advertised price! Next time remind the lady that she must honor the price because it is FALSE ADVERTISING.If that does not work then ask to speak to a manager.
    *Now if there are dates on the sign stating when the sale begins and when it ends then the store is in the right.
    (always check for dates on the sale sign before you complain)

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  • Mo
      Feb 28, 2011

    BeBe is utterly ridiculous. I shop at the location in Burlington, MA and the people there are just so rude. I have shopped there many times before and this one girl (who wears enough makeup to absorb a small pond) gives me a really rude attitude and gives me some very dirty looks from across the store that I've noticed on more than one occasion. This same woman even lied to my friend about applying for a job there and she was completely rude to her to the point of getting many disgusted looks from coworkers. I vow to never shop at this store again after a completely awful string of bad shopping experiences.

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  • M7
      Mar 09, 2011

    I spend $160.00 at BeBe, (did not know that BeBe actually had coupons)went home on the internet and realized there was a promotion- if you buy $150.00 you get $25.00 back.I was there shopping for over an hour and the promotion was never mentioned to me...
    Finding out on my own that the promotion was still on i downloaded the coupon on my phone, went back and the lady deducted the $25.00. When I combined my BeBe points and the $25.00 i got a free shirt out of the deal and more BeBe points back on my card!:)
    Just a little tip for my fellow female shoppers in this economy! Check the internet before you shop at any store...
    * Its not to late to get your money back if a promotion is still on(but be sure the tags are still on the merchandise)

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  • Ks
      Dec 06, 2012

    I went to the store on fifth ave trying to return merchandise that i bought online. I called customer care and was advised to bring it back to the store in order to get my money back. All the tags were attached, I had my receipt and i was making a return within mentioned time frame on the receipt. I was treated like a thief and was told that I am returning the merchandise that is not manufactured by bebe, even though that's what I received in the mail, and that I pretty much attached tags myself. The manager was very unprofessional. I consulted with my attorney, and was told that if bebe does not resolve this problem within the next 2-3 business days, it become a potential lawsuit.

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  • Ja
      Jan 04, 2013

    I went to bebe looking for and outfit for christmas... the store was so packed it was crazy!!! I found this great catsuit for $178.00 which by the way there was only one XS left and the sales associate advised me i was the fourth girl in like 15mins to try this outfit on... when i purchased it it had the tag but the price was ripped off but i still bought it... i decided not to wear it so i went back to the store to rteturn it with the tags attached original receipt and within 21 day return date... the RUDE manager inspected that outfit like it was a bomb... it was a little stretched at the sceme however im not the only person to have tried this on and she didnt like the tag she accused me of wearing the outfit and putting the tags back on so i asked for a regional manager who im still waiting to call me back!!!

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  • Ci
      Mar 25, 2013

    I purchased a jumpsuit and shoes in chicago location. I tried to return a jumpsuit and shoes at woodfield near where I live but they wouldnt return both items. I brought the tags with the jumpsuit. I told the sales person that I tried the jumpsuit on again at home and noticed was too tight when sat down but fit ok standing up. I was told that I couldnt return shoes because I didnt have the box. I left box at store in chicago because already had two bags of stuff and couldnt carry more. Now I have to go back to chicago to return shoes and hope they set box aside like they said. I will probably have to sell both items online. I'm also going to get rid of anything I have that has Bebe on it. I will never shop at Bebe store again. I'm going to tell everyone I know about Bebe horrible customer service and return policy. Buyers beware!

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  • Di
      Jul 11, 2013

    My sister in law got some bebe gift cards for Christmas a year ago. When she went to bebe to use them a day or two after recieving them she bought a few items with the gift cards one of which I loved which was a black wool pea coat with sequins on it. After paying she asked how much was left on her cards, the sales woman took the cards and said nothing was left on the cards. The woman seemed honest so she took her purchases home with the reciept. That very evening she found out the sales woman was lying and that she still had a balance on both bebe cards.She called and complaind to the company, Then to the store. My mom went the next day to pick up the gift cards from the store.My sister in law was very upset, almost in tears when she found out this dishonesty that this store did to her. But she was happy to ge the cards back before they were spent by whoever kept them.I was completlly shocked that a store like this could lie about the gift cards. If they weren't caught I bet they would have gone on a shopping spree at there own store with her gift cards and not felt guilty at all. What a shame that is how how they do buisness.they should be ashamed of themselves. I hope other bebe stores aren't like ths. I still love the sparkle clothes there.

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  • Si
      Jan 02, 2014

    This complaint is for the Bebe store located in Estero, FL. I decided to write this complaint after many bad customer service experiences I got at this store. Here are 2 examples: I needed to make a return. Associate informed me that only managers could do returns, and told me I had to wait for the manager to get back from her lunch. Huh?! I couldn't believe they made wait over 30 minutes, with my 2 year old baby! Another time, I called to ask the associate to check if they had an item I was interested. I had the SKU number from the website. She says: "I am in the middle of counting my register, can you call back tomorrow?". They are never interested in helping their customers.

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  • An
      Feb 02, 2014

    Hating bebe denims ... very dissapoint color leaking denims ... why so Cheap stuff in such a brand ... bought denims from india, delhi store

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  • Se
      Feb 09, 2014

    They took my money also off my GIFT CARD and I called Corp so fast on them because they kept saying I didn't use a gift card and they was telling me they put my money back on my card, , Well 2 weeks went by and still no money or a new GIFT CARD. So I card them again and a different person tell me she don't see where I ever used a GIFT CARD or when they done a refund by to a GIFT CARD. So I got so tired I called Corp and I'm telling you they really do help you out and get to the bottom of it. Don't let them give you that 1800 number, well if they do give you the 1800 number, Just listen to the options and I think when you press 4 it takes you to Corp, Call them with the store number or the store phone number so they can get to the bottom of it and they also Handel online issues also. And they do call you back and give you a case number so you can call them back if you have any question's or concerns. I hope this help you guys!!

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  • Ed
      Sep 07, 2014

    Complaint to the Topanga Mall Bebe store.. I honestly hope management sees this so they can do something about this. Honestly I get that people do get tired after working long days and etc., but if you're going to be straight up rude to the people who are going to buy from you and who help you earn your living, then don't work in a place where you are working with people and expected to have good manners and customer service. You'd think this was a no brainer, but today I went to Bebe to buy a dress. I'm a small person and wear a size XS-XXS in Bebe clothes. I picked a few things out and, don't get me wrong, the people were very nice. A little hawk-ish as they kept checking on me every two minutes, but nice none the less. So I went in and tried a few things on and fell in love with a black, sequined XXS dress. However, this dress had one sequin that was half coming off and I really didn't feel that I should pay the full price of a dress that was not up to those standards. So I asked the lady who was helping me earlier if she could check to see if they had an extra in the back because that dress size had fit me so well. She then proceeded to ask me "ok and if we don't have it, you aren't going to buy anything, right?, " and I said "I'll look around a bit more, but I really love that one, " and she walked away. I literally watched her walk back to the counter, put the dress on a rack, and not even look. I gave her a few minutes because I figured she was just helping someone and she would get back to it. After a while, I went up and asked if they had any more and she just said no. Like when was she going to tell me they didn't have any left? I get that it's really disappointing when you've helped someone and they just walk out and don't buy anything, but I was seriously interested in that dress and right when I said I wasn't going to buy anything if they didn't have that dress, she just stopped helping. I'm so disappointed and Bebe has lost my support as a customer.

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  • I bought a sweather shirt 1st time i wear rip i go to store its been a wild worker rude said there is no prove of purchase like hello i didnt still it!!! I cant find dam receive its a defect item i paid with my credit card rude worker got my number its been over a month i have not been called yet i went back ask manager wich was denied then she came out told her she said store policies told her i want fhone number call she said she wasn't allow to give me no # they were only for her use excuses for everything bad attitude of some make them all look bad service suck every time i went inside store rude employees whatching you like if your a thief !!! But here fresno there is no other bebe store i feel like there races all mexicans & they say no speak spanish hope they close them down or change employees every time i went rude rude rude but i always went because i like bebe but not employees spoke to manager she didn't even apologize she didnt care.. hope who ever is incharge will put end to these...

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  • Am
      Jan 29, 2015

    I had a bad experience at BeBe crabtree mall Raleigh, the supervisor two on December 23rd evening was so rude, I don't I will never ever go to that store. She was very arogant, impolite, she doesn't need to work there. I am sure she run off a lot of customers with her bad attitude. I hate the store just because of her.

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  • Me
      Jun 13, 2017

    THE WORST SERVICE OFF ALL TIMES!! After 10 calls 17 emails I still don't have my refund from returned dress March we are now in mid june. !!! I PREFER TO DEAL WITH CHINA THAN BEBE!!!

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  • Ma
      Jun 11, 2019
    BeBe - Top
    United States

    They send me the wrong item i wanted the logo tank top and I received a v neck top that i did not order the item num 247001

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