Bayview RetreiversLousy business

My 11 year old daughter desperately wanted a puppy and saved up her money to purchase a pure bred Labrador Retriever. My wife did the research and found Bayview Retrievers and she and my daughter went to visit. References were good, place was clean, dogs looked good so they put down a $300 deposit along with three other families with girls who raised the money for the puppies. So we waited. And waited. And waited. The breeder (Kim Tyler) was un-communicative, very slow to give us progress on the pregnancy and didn't return calls or emails. We finally got a hold of here almost a month after the due date and found out the mother had a false pregnancy. At that point we decided not to do business with her and requested our deposit back which she agreed to do.

But again, we waited and waited with no return of the money forthcoming. No, over 4 months later - she still hasn't returned our money after multiple calls, emails and attempts to communicate. Below is a copy of a recent email from my wife to Kim. Do NOT do business with Bayview Retrievers.

The problem here is that you have been a horrible communicator and you seem to have an excuse for everything. That is the reason non of us wanted to work with you. You waited weeks to tell us of a false pregnancy with Jewel. You were so slow to return calls. Even Sidney (a child) called you to see of the status of the puppies and you never called her back. Then when we finally heard from you, we heard nothing but excuses as to why you were unable to make a simple phone call. Clearly, your life has been a little nuts lately but that is not our problem. Unfortunately for us, your puppy contract does not protect the buying of your various hardships. When you finally did communicate that there was a false pregnancy you offered the next litter or a refund. I have the email that says as such. So, we chose the refund. That was back in September. You then asked if you could return the money October 15, we said okay. Then you asked for a date of November 15th, we said okay again. When we get close to the date, you again, don't communicate, we have to contact you. This is the only reason we do not want to work with you. You turned this into a very negative experience and it has reflected poorly on you as a breeder and a business person.

I honestly feel sorry that you are struggling with the business side of dog breeding. However, you and I both know that that is exactly what this is, a business. We are simply asking you to honor your word. Please do not put the hardship that you are experiencing on us. I will remind you that the word deposit means to leave for safe keeping. We entrusted you with that money 4 months ago. Each of our girls had to save this money up and they have all been absolutely heart broken not only for having to wait for their puppy but not seeing their hard earned money returned in a timely manner.


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