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They have posted an ebook, previously purchased from, named "Mike's Basic Guide to Cabling" authored by Mike Gorman, to their website for free download by their paying members. This was done without the author's knowledge and without his consent. They have not responded to a "take down" request by the author. They are stealing his intellectual property and charging others for that property.

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  • Sh
      27th of May, 2009
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    Type in anything & they will have it.

    Chances are no one is filesharing your material.

    It is a "scam" that funnily enough rips off filesharers. It is unlikely they will get a copy of your book, so really they are just having to pay for the attempt of getting your book as an unauthorised download.

    But I am sorry if you have become yet another victim of the filesharing phenomena.
    Don't expect anyone to take any notice if you complain about stealing intellectual property, majority of people who fileshare couldn't care less about who made the work.
    In their minds you are a huge corporation that has been fleecing consumers for years.
    Also by hoping to have some control over your work & hoping to pay a few of your bills through the sale of it, you're a very selfish and evil person who wants to infringe their right to have something without paying for it.

  • Th
      2nd of Dec, 2009
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    I' was screwed by this website when I signed with them months ago. I was looking for a rare documentary that I was hope to show my students and said they did it. So I sign immediately, because I was so surprised to see that! After I paid, but I could not find the file ANYWHERE now. Then I realized that it does not matter what I typed in search box, it will find it a result. Try it out! I have just searched for "Fdjskhfsd" and it shows me this results:

    Fdjskhfsd tested
    added 8.7 days ago
    1144 Kb/s
    added 1.4 days ago
    540 Kb/s
    Fdjskhfsd (2008)
    added 11.5 days ago
    1302 Kb/s
    Fdjskhfsd ripped 01-12-2009
    added 11.8 hrs ago
    408 Kb/s
    {ACCiDENT} Fdjskhfsd
    added 4.8 days ago

    Amazing how they ripped and tested versions of "Fdjskhfsd"! Then they charge me many times although I never allow for this from them. Thief!! I thought I had losted all that money and would no more.

    But after reading someplace about CHARGEBACKS, I called MasterCard, told them what happened, and called for the chargeback. They told me they checking this for me so hopefully I got back my money. My friend works for a bank, says that if a company / web site really pulls you out and there is evidence, you are almost guaranteed your money back to you. I hope it is true and good luck to you too my fellow friends!!

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