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Barron's Financial Weekly / Failure to Cancel

Bi May 16, 2015

I told the service not to renew my subscription two times. The subscription was being delivered to other than my address. Dow Jones sent me an email that my credit card was expired. I did not authorize renewal. I did not give them a new card number or a new expiration date. Suddenly I started receiving Barron's at my address. I called and asked that it be stopped. I am still receiving it.
I do not want it. I do not read it. I am 81 years old and have no investments or money. I have problems walking and bending and do not want to have to pick it up from my driveway every Saturday to throw it away. If somehow I was charges for it please issue a credit. I may have to go through statements to find out if I was charged in order to deny the charge.

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