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This website rips images of other websites and then claims them as there own in order to sell, the product you receive is NOT what you ordered as it is a cheaper, copied version, when you receive your goods look CAREFULLY at the image on the website and you will notice little details which are just wrong on the garment you have, bargello will claims that its due to the lighting when the pic was takn etc, etc.

Please see for further instances of bad experiences people have had.

Bargello copy images form the likes of sublime by sara and many more, they simply blur out the background.

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  • As
      Feb 06, 2009

    It very True they lift pictures from all the designers of Pakistan, India and even UK and USA websites as well. Disgrace !!! They have no shame at all to cheat and mislead clients all over the world. Every body should discourage this practice and not to buy from such web sites.

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  • Do
      Mar 16, 2009

    Yeh. I've identified so many karma, hsy and Mehdi designs on their website

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  • Ba
      Nov 13, 2009

    NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM BARGELLO.COM! THEY ARE THE WORSE! I ordered an outfit for my engagement and it looked NOTHING like the website. It was so cheap and tacky. They charged me $700 for a salwar kameez that could not have been worth more than $150. It guaranteed antique work with diamantes, swarovskis, naqshi, etc and all i got was an outfit in the wrong color with a bunch of plastic shiny beads that looked like soemthing you'd pick up in an indian grocery store. Plus, I had told them I wanted to long trousers and even indicated the length and tehy sent me cropped trousers. My engagement is in less than a month and i have nothing to wear! I am IRATE!! Never ever ever give that ridiculouse establishment 1$ of your money!

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  • Sa
      Dec 05, 2009

    Last summer I saw a sari by Atelier Karma and had to have it but I didn't know where to buy it from since I live in Montreal and the showrooms are thousands of miles away in Pakistan. When I tried to order it through Karma's site, there were so may delays in responding.

    Then I discovered Bargello. They were fast in responding, their prices were reasonable and they could modify anything you wanted. The way Bargello works is that it is a distribution company that takes the orders that you make and replicates them according to the designers styles. Most of the designers do not have the time to take online orders but Bargello specializes in oversea orders.

    However, I have recently noticed that a lot of designer sites are improving their online order applications, making it easier to buy outfits online.

    Some of the styles they have made themselves but most of them are replications of Pakistani and Indian designers. I had my sari made exactly like the original image I saw and delivered to my doorstep.

    The actual sari is a halter blouse that is fully worked. The work is a combination of encrusted pearls, crystals and bead work that essentially makes up the floral design on the blouse.

    The sari is a sarong style sari meaning that it does not have the traditional eight pleats rather it follows a Grecian look where material is gathered at the waist and falls reassembling a cascade.

    The sarong is made of pure silk and has scattered pearls and crystals throughout the entire fabric.

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  • Ma
      Feb 15, 2011

    hi guys
    do any of you know the original designer of this garment. I was thinking of buying it though bargello but im afraid of paying load just for cheap replicas. help!!

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  • Ma
      Feb 15, 2011

    heres the pic

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  • Ma
      Jul 15, 2011

    Dear Maseeha
    Pls take my advise and don't purchase any from I bought my wedding saree from them in Feb and it turns up disaster. I paid MYR 3080++ for this saree and ended up received ### !!!...I am soooooooooo disappointed with bargello...never ever trust them. Ended up I had to spend another MYR1800 in another saree for my wedding day. This one i got it from SriLanka, best friend of mine travelled all the way down to Malaysia just to deliver my wedding saree to me on time and it was so gorgeous. I made a biggest mistake by buying from bargello and till now i am still figuring ways to sue them for whatever nonsense they did to my wedding saree!!! You can find the exact type in India or Srilanka, trust me...

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  • Fe
      Oct 12, 2011

    Dear all,
    i received 2 dresses from Bargello that look as bad as it could get . The fabric, the colors, the fit, the seams, the cheap look, it is horrible . I claimed and they have all sorts of excuses, and now that i looked for Bargello complaints i see that this is how they usually work, they show pictures of beautiful dresses, charge couture prices and ship dresses that you can only wear in Carnival, if you want to look like the rich clown . It is the first time i have such a problem with internet buying and i do not know what to do, except to feel completely stupid.

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  • Ba
      Nov 02, 2011

    Hi Guys,

    I am bought some custom designs customer and I never received any low quality in fabric and material even in design, they had made pattern for my custom outfit and sent me a photo via email.

    I was more satisfied and like their service because it helped me to clear all my confusions.

    Rida Khan
    One very satisfied customer of
    Weston, Massachusetts - U.S.A

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  • Si
      Jan 02, 2012

    Bargello -

    Shipping Charges Ordering an item from use FedEx or DHL to ship to virtually any address in the world. Shipping charges are applied per product and vary from country to country. The minimum charges are calculated for you and are shown on the Final Review of Your Order page, before you pay for the goods. The final delivery charge will be calculated prior to the dispatch of the product(s) and if different from the charge shown on "the final review of your order" page you will be informed of the final delivery charges.FedEx/DHL Shipping charges per Kg for United States: $32.00 Each additional Kg: $8.00The estimated delivery times shown apply from the date of dispatch from our warehouse. Depending on nature of order, All goods are usually dispatched between 2 - 30 working days from receipt of order. Free Shipping for purchase of $500 or more but not applicable on bridal and jewellery lines.

    Global Customer Service Email:
    Customer Service - London, United Kingdom:
    Tel: +[protected]-4031Fax: +[protected]
    Mon-Sat: 7am to 7pm BST
    Sunday: 9am to 1pm BST

    Customer Service - New York City, U.S.A
    Tel: +[protected]
    Fax: +[protected]
    Mon-Sat: 2am to 2pm EDT
    Sunday: 4am to 8am EDT

    Customer Service - Perth, Australia:
    Tel: +[protected]
    Mon-Sat: 2pm to 2am WDT
    Sunday: 4pm to 8pm WDT

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  • No
      Jan 03, 2012

    Hi all,

    I am regular Bargello customer, and they also made my wedding outfit, overall my experience is good, kaam, kapra and even stiching is awesome.

    Gent, which outfit did you ordered from, any pics ?

    Noreen Raheema

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  • Ku
      Jan 24, 2012

    I received my saree two days ago. It is extremely beautiful, far more than what is shown in the picture. The craftsmanship is really superb. The item was very well packaged as well. Your service is really excellent. Thank you very very much.

    Kuntie Mathura
    Arima, Trinidad and Tobago

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  • Mr
      Feb 21, 2012

    Same here, i met with Bargello owner, Mr. Khawar Iqbal. I don't want to get into too much details all I can say is stay away he is a con artist. All i can do is complain here what else am i going to do. worst experience.
    -Mrs. Zaid

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  • Na
      Jul 25, 2012

    its a good site, my aunt recently purchased and told me about this company and i heard from her that the dress was good, only some color variations happened which i understand is possible in online shopping but overall the experience was really good.

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  • An
      Sep 03, 2012

    hi to all,

    I will keep it simple i bought a 600$ saree and it looked nothing like it. I was not even worth a 100$ i was so disapointed i tryed to get a refund but it was really hard i also tryed to see if my visa would do a charge back or something but it was so complicated. So stay AWAY BIG TIME LOST MY MONEY SAREE WAS CRAP.

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  • We
      Oct 21, 2012

    Can anyone post pictures of the work that you received from bargello. i am confused if i should order from them..

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  • Ze
      Jan 21, 2013

    As Salaam Alaiykum

    I would just like to make people aware NOT to buy from this website, they are an absolute con. I purchased a sherwani after looking through the pictures, and I must say that on their website it really does look like the real deal, however when it arrives I’m afraid it’s a whole different story. The outfit was purely unfit for purpose the stitching was terrible, I mean I have never sewn in my life and I’m pretty sure I could have done a better job. The shoulder pads were extended beyond the shoulder seem, the lining that is attached to the sleeves and joined at the shoulder seem was absolutely terrible and they even managed to get the color on the embroidery wrong, over all it was very tacky and very poor quality. I have called and emailed them numerous times and they are not happy to give me a refund even though it states in the ‘sales of goods act’ that if the product is not fit for purpose or does not meet your requirements then you have a right as a consumer to get a full refund.
    The battle is still going on and I am getting solicitors and trading standards involved, so let’s hope that this website and the croneys that are running it get closed down and sent down for robbing people!

    Very dissatisfied customer...

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  • De
      Mar 05, 2013

    I have found a similar website that is MUCH CHEAPER and with high quality fabric ( silk, velvet, hand embroidered with stones etc) I have bought from them several times because the prices are the lowest I can find on the internet and they give out free shipping and stitching which most websites dont do. Check out

    Items also match what is in the picture unlike this bargello.

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  • Ra
      Jul 30, 2013

    M thinking buy lehnga from bargello$1200
    But after read this complantes
    I dont know what i have to do
    I have buy or not
    Money is too much i scare to buy
    Please help me to advice what i have to do

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  • Ka
      Aug 12, 2013

    Hi All,

    I just check that above customer service numbers are not mentioned in website, Mr. Khawer iqbal is Fraud, he is trapping customers, he is fraud of this Era..!!

    Mr. Farudiye, don't try to fool Desi's

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  • Ka
      Aug 12, 2013

    Here are the Original Numbers of
    London U.K Telephones:
    Manchester U.K +[protected]

    11:00 morning to 1:00 midnight GMT, 7 days a week

    New York City U.S.A Telephones:
    7:00 am to 9:00 pm EDT, 7 days a week

    Perth Australia Telephones:

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  • Ka
      Oct 28, 2013

    Dear All Disappointed Customers of Bargello,
    I also was ripped off by bargello. Who wants to see the bargello website closed down for good? Please contact your local Trading Standards Office to let them know about bargello. It doesn't matter how long ago you ordered from them. Log a complaint straightaway. If there are enough and serious complaints made about bargello, an international investigation can be raised against them. I urge each and every one of you to do so as soon as possible as these actions are often long and protracted. But the end result will be worth it. You will receive compensation in full and see this scam website gone for good! And remember to keep all receipts for payments you made with bargello or any other useful evidence. Thanks for reading this.

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  • Mu
      Nov 12, 2013

    hai thank you so much people, thanks a million times for the comments. I wanted to order a dress for my self from bargello, but after reading your comments I will not at all.
    I am planning to travel to Hyderabad India or to Peshawar Pakistan to buy Anarkali dress or Lehenga for my self. plz plz tell me where if you are know good shops?

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  • Mu
      Nov 12, 2013

    hai thank you so much for the wonderful comments. I wanted to buy a lehenga from bargello but after reading your informative comments I will not.
    I am planning to go to Hayderabad, India or Peshawar, Pakistan to buy lehenga or anarkali dress for my self.
    Can any one tell me good shop address please?

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  • Am
      Nov 14, 2013

    All you have to check this rating about,

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  • Aw
      Feb 15, 2014


    I 6 months ago ordered couple of kurtas from Bergello, they claimed that they will ship to my US address in 15 days. Its been 6 months they haven't even replied to a single mail of mine. If i call them about my order they would just hung up the phone. Please guys refrain from purchasing anything from there site. I have lost 500$ of mine. BTW if any Bargello guy sees this post of mine here is the order number : Order ID: 103711, it says NOT DISPATCHED.


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  • Im
      Jan 28, 2016

    I want to add to my negative review for Bargello as well. I ordered a replica from and one from as I wasn't sure which one would be better as GD didn't have any reviews at the time. I ordered one Anushree Reddy replica from each website. I ordered the green and pink one from Gujarati Dresses and the gray one from Bargello. As you can see, the gray one is cheaply made and the embroidery should have been bigger. It came with a lot of plastoic crystals that was not promised to me. Both companies proised me zardosi, swarvoski crystals and other quality work and only GD was able to give me the replica I was looking for. Of course I tried to return the gray one but I never heard from Bargello again. If anyone wants a replica get it made from GD as the quality of the fabric and embroidery is very good.

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  • Ab
      Aug 28, 2016

    never ever go for online purchasing by bargello shoping... I tried to do payment for sherwani for my marriage $326 but due to fraud my payment decline . later on they asked me to deposit amount in their personnel account in Pakistan so that I can place an order but he Mr. Gul basically is from Pakistan Karachi on whats app conversation(+[protected]) requested me to deposit the amount on his relative account. this is a big fraud and cheating customer...

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  • Sq
      May 29, 2019

    This company is a FRAUD!!!
    I ordered an ensemble in late February in late February for my daughter's wedding in June for my daughter's wedding in June. I received it in April and it did not fit at all according to the measurements we had agreed upon. they told me to send it back for adjustments which $71 priority mail because I wanted it before the wedding. After 2 months I asked about the status of the outfit they claimed that they did not receive it then a day later he called and said that they did have it He said that they would be able to send it by DHL in a week(for which they wanted me to pay $40) the ensemble that I received in the mail was a completely different outfit it was poorly constructed it was unevenly sewn and even the fabric was different. Now I have no outfit to wear to my daughter's wedding and am out a total of almost $500. I told them it was too late for another outfit and I wanted a total refund
    I was told that they would look into it but they will not return my calls or my texts I would like to submit a complaint and be refunded. If anyone knows how to do it please tell me

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