Banz Capital Digital Asset Funddoesn't look legit

Banz Capital Digital Asset Fund pretends to be a legit company, but something tells me it's a shady one and those who decided to invest in them should be careful like no other.
As far as you know, now a website is a wonderful thing to connect two sides: sellers and buyers, funds and investors and so on, I hope you got it. The better the website the more people will come. It's obvious. Not to Banz Capital.
It's clear that the website they maintain is cheap, it's almost empty. I mean I can't see anything useful that would make me think: oh yeah, that's a great firm. That's where I want to invest.
Mentioning that they are located at wall street doesn't make the things better. It's just words. Provide your address, phone number. Anything to prove you are legit.
Introduce us your team. Or is it too hard?
Please, stay away from this shady company.

Dec 11, 2018

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