Baer's Furniture / Poor customer service

5301 Clark Road, Sarasota, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (941) 923-4200

We purchased a sofa, love seat and an area rug from Baer's of Port Charlotte and Sarasota in 2007. Both the sales person and customer service were disappointing. Both the salesman and customer service person strongly advised purchasing the protection plan and promised free refills of care solutions for the life of the warranty. Several times I tried to get the refill but every time there was some excuse given for not providing the refill. I went to the store again today for a refill since I am still within the warranty period but was told they don't do it anymore. What happend to their promise??? The rug we purchased was defective from the start. The nap is very uneven with long bits of the nap sticking up all over the rug. We called the store for service many times, wrote to the Baer's management, and emailed photos. We were told to take it up directly with the manufacturer. We even tried that but we got no results at all. Baer's wouldn't even return our calls or send out a representative to investigate the claim. So we are stuck with a defective rug and a very expensive protection plan where I can't even get refills on the solution as promised. I would never recommend purchasing anything from Baer's. There are so many good furniture stores in Florida with fabulous customer service, friendly and honest sales people who sell protection plans at a cheaper price that last 7 years verses the 5 year plan from Baer's and who gladly offer refills on the protection solution.

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