Babies R Ushorrible customer service and unfair return policy and poor quality of products

Ma Lexington, KY Review updated:

After spending $148.00 on the Beach Cottage Bedding, it had mildew stain on several pieces of the bumper pad. Babies R Us refused to stand behind their product because it was passed the 30 day return policy. We did not take the coverlet, sheet, and bumper pads out to wash them until the baby was two months old because she had been in the bassinet. When you can't stand behind the products you are selling, you don't need to be in business!
Also, my daughter returned a swing, gave the assistant manager the receipt for it ($74.00). He never inquired if she wanted the return back on the credit card or asked for the credit card or any identification from her. He credited the gift giver's credit card and my daughter received nothing in return. He should have asked her if she wanted a gift receipt for the return instead of assuming this was her credit card before making the transaction.
This company has very poor customer service, an unfair return policy, and poor quality of their products. They certainly don't stand behind their products, and their treatment of customers is rotten!

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  • Al
      Nov 30, 2008

    The return policy is 90 days. & the manager shouldve asked... they couldve still voided it out & rerun it to give store credit

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  • Cm
      Dec 22, 2008

    What customer service??!! DO NOT register at Babies r us if you can avoid it. Website provides no way to retrieve password or access information other than phoning in to their customer service hotline since clicking on the 'retrieve password' link just takes you back to list of all the registries with your name...very frustrating. Further, there is no way to contact anyone other than through their hotline which is supposed to be open 24/7 according to their site; however, if you find you have problems anytime other than working hours you are out of luck...they are NOT available 24/7.

    In this day and age and as big a company as BRU is, they should have these computer and customer service glitches worked out. And, if you're pregnant, don't have all the time in the world to go back forth to the store to update/change your registry, I suggest you find a baby retailer who can make your life a little easier...being pregnant is challenging enough!!

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  • Tm
      Jul 09, 2013

    Horrible experience with a ghetto girl suppose to be corporate guest service. Someone needs to notify stock holders pull out quick babies r us is not going to last

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