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Just joined this site and am really enjoying the wealth of valuable information available. :)

Yesterday, I must have read threads for several hours. Most verified my true thoughts about many of the scams out there whether they come through job posting websites or other sites, such as work at home or own your own business items.

Of course we would all love to find some real work at home jobs that are legitimate. Unfortunately, other than survey work, there doesn't seem to be much out there in the internet. What does boggle the mind is how many scams are out there and how important it is to be able to see through them quickly.

Here's the latest scam offer I recieved through
I have yet to see anything on the threads about this and do apologize
if I am duplicating.


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      Aug 21, 2009

    I got this same email after posting my resume on, except the name of the company was "Avent Soft" instead of "Avant Soft". Here is the email. Has anyone been scammed by these people already? I am wondering what would happen if someone actually complied.


    My name is Mattias Olsson and I▓m an HR Senior Manager with Avent Soft Labs, Inc. After studying your resume posted on we included you to our list of potential candidates for Purchasing Agent position. Please read below for more information on our company and the job opening.

    Avent Soft LABS, Inc. (ASL) was registered back in 1998. The primary focus of ASL is design, development, and support of operational and financial software applications for the oil and gas industry. We are interested in working on the markets of all countries without exceptions and see promotion of its services through the network of representatives. ASL also provides consulting services including business process consulting, project management, as well as systems analysis and integration.
    Recently we have been receiving a great number of applications for our services from customers in the USA and Canada. As we are strongly interested to grant the best services and in the shortest dates to overcome all the difficulties that are likely to appear, we decided to establish a vacancy of the Financial Agent to deal with the transactions of relatively small amounts of [protected] USD.

    POSITION TITLE : Financial Agent (progressed to Financial Manager)
    POSITION TYPE : Part time / Virtual Office
    REFERENCE NO : SC/0112


    :: US resident or valid US work permit
    :: intermediate to advanced knowledge and experience with MS Word, Excel and Outlook
    :: excellent communication and organizational skills
    :: ability to work solely and as part of a team


    :: full training provided
    :: fixed pay of $2500 per month (up to $4000 monthly after probationary period)
    :: flexible working schedule (time commitment is set at 3-4 hours per day)


    :: receiving payments for the ordered software applications and
    consulting services from the Avent Soft LABS, Inc. customers
    :: withdrawing the funds and transferring them further to our
    managers in one of the our branches

    The transfer should be done by the means of WU or MG services to fasten the process of the delivery of the funds. For your services we offer base salary of 2500 USD per month and also you'll receive compensation of 50 USD for each successful transaction.

    If you are interested in the position please submit your inquiries and questions in reply. Also make sure you specify the reference number SC/0112 in the subject field. We will reply you in 2-3 business days.

    PLEASE NOTE: We are sending you this offer as you have posted your resume on a 3rd party website which provides resume access service. We will not contact you again unless requested.

    Yours faithfully,
    Mattias Olsson.

    After reading this email, I decided to reply and ask for more information on the company, and this is what they said to me a few days later.

    Thank you for the interest you have taken in the offered position. I will give you a short summary of our business activities and duties of a Financial Agent.


    Avent Soft LABS (ASL) is a software developer for natural gas and oil industries. ASL HQ is located in Stockholm, Sweden. We also run representative offices in Poland and Russia. Though most our clients are oil producing and refining companies from EU, we have been successful in expanding our business and are planning to open representative offices in Canada and US within the coming two years.
    Our 11 year experience enables us to give our customers advanced and reliable software products and stand out among other domestic and foreign software developers. You may get additional information on ASL business activities at our website:


    Though considerable part of our foreign customers strongly prefer to pay us directly via PayPal, we temporarily do not accept it. All payments from non-residents via PayPal are subject to extremely high taxation in Sweden and are not welcomed as form of payment between businesses. On the other hand, payments via international bank transfer are time consuming, imply large bank fees and also make our operational costs higher. In order to remove these obstacles and not to lose potential customers the company is using Financial Manager services to receive customer payments for ordered software applications and provide additional information on our products.


    As Financial Agent, your main task will be prompt processing and reception of payments from our customers. Once a customer submits his purchase order, our sales team will process it and send him payment instructions and information where the payment should be made to. After the customer completes his payment to your PayPal account you will withdraw the amount in cash and forward it via MG or WU services to one of our branches. You will receive all necessary instructions and support prior to getting a PayPal payment and will have to submit a report on the completed transaction.
    You will be credited 50 USD for every payment you process. On top of that, we provide a fixed salary of 2500 USD monthly (No hourly, weekly or be-weekly pay available at the moment). The monthly pay period starts from the day the Employment Agreement is signed and submitted by the employee. ASL will provide the Financial Agent with funds for all job related activities and cover all expenses during the whole term of employment. There is no start up fee, direct or indirect charges. All purchases will be processed by our sales department so that you will have to take are only about financial side of business. You will not spend much time on this job.

    If you are interested in this job please complete the Employment Application Form on our website

    Yours faithfully,
    Mattias Olsson
    HR Senior Manager
    Avent Soft Labs, Inc.

    I am definitely not going to comply. I just hope that posting this will prevent others from getting ripped off as well.

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