Avangate*dll Suite / Con artist Alex from microsoft

Anthony, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 620 842 9466

India speaking man called me on 6/17/15 about 3:30 pm. said he was Alex from microsoft. Wanted to access my pc thru to show me errors on my PC. Tricked me into opening my online banking web site. Told me he had just put $500.00 into my account to re-emburse me for Microsoft Security that he installed on April 20th that was not working correctly. Said I needed to wire him $350.00 to Anapam Sharma in India. I told him I could not go to western Union. He took access of my PC, set up an account to western union thru my PC and then asked me to transfer $350.00 to a Tom Bruns in Lenexa, Kansas 66215 at 8524 Monrovia, Apt 211. He received the transfer thru western union at 6:47. He then began shopping online at E bay for indian jewelry. Bought a necklace. I believe his login name was Saba Kolkata. This man conned me. Did not deposit any money in my account but stole all the money I had to pay my bills this month. I am disabled, on a $900.00 a month income, and completely devastated. Cant eat, sleep, stressed out to the max. Have no money to pay my bills. I reported this to all the authorities. FBI and police are conducting an investigation. If you have any info concerning this con artist, please e mail me at [protected]

Jun 20, 2015

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