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Ive had my car for 8 months now, I bought it used ... Its A 2006 Chrysler Pacifica. So It started running funny where it wont go over 40 mile hour without the motor violently shaking the entire car! We took it to one of the shops on their list and they ave me a 1200 dollar estimate. They sent their little inspector out there and AUL is trying to ONLY PAY FOR 400 dollars of it! I Have The VINTAGE Warranty and all of this should be covered! Thats why I paid 1500 Bucks for it!!! I AM INFURIATED! Who is watching these companies???? I dont have 1200 dollars with 2 kids being this close to christmas! Now i have to fle litigation and hope ill get my money back EVENTUALLY! AUL IS A SCAM!

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