Audioblocks / Videoblockscharged for a subscription when I couldn't cancel!

T Nov 24, 2017 Review updated:

Audioblocks have charged me for a subscription which i have been unable to cancel, because their phone lines were closed (tried calling before thanksgiving on wednesday evening).

Now on Thanksgiving morning they have insisted on charging me for my subscription fee, and deny me a refund due to their policy.

Audioblocks and videoblocks are making fraudulent charges as they force you to cancel via the phone yet they dont answer the phone to allow you to charge.

I will be going to my bank and submitting a fraudulent charge claim as this charge was made without my authorization even though i tried to cancel the subscription


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      Nov 24, 2017

    Your bank may not be able to refund you either (although it does not hurt to try). Technically it is not a fraudulent charge as you agreed to the terms and conditions when you signed up originally. Additionally you attempted to cancel the night before a federal holiday. You could have called earlier but you chose to wait until the last moment.

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