AT&T Wirelesspoor and unreliable wireless service

Oh Feb 05, 2015 Dallas Texas

I don't know where to begin. I have three iphones on AT&T's LTE network here in Cincinnati, Ohio and in the last few months, my service has gone downhill a lot. I am locked in a two year contract and am tired of the poor wireless service I am receiving. First of all, the LTE reception has gone from bad to worse. I am lucky to get one bar outside of my house, and I hardly get a signal inside of my house. That causes me to get a lot of dropped calls, missed texts, very slow internet speeds, and poor voice quality. They claim to have the strongest LTE coverage. Well, not here where I live! I need a reliable network because I use one of my phones for business. Second, I have called, emailed and done chat sessions with their tech support people in India or Philippines and nothing is ever done to fix the problems. It's obvious they don't care about their customers. I have also used the Mark The Spot Application for iphone and nothing ever improves. They just tell you there are no tower issues in the area. Well, no there are no tower issues because there is no to little coverage and that's what I try to tell them. They don't understand. Plus, they never spend any money on upgrading their network or expanding their coverage. There are many areas where there are dead zones. I would recommend Verizon over them, their coverage and reliability are so much better.

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