Atlas Services / BEWARE -- Scheme to Sell Appliances

1 101 Commerce Road, Boynton Beach, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 561 734-8200

This company is not a scam, more aptly, it is a scheme.

Rather than its competitors in the market, it brings customers in with a far reduced annual fee including a claimed replacement on all 'majors'. As this "peace of mind" is why homeowners/investors purchase these contracts, that is an important element. Only, every time -- EVERY TIME -- a service call is made the technician insists the part/work is not covered by the contract. More often than not, an expensive repair is offered up as the solution with a 'well, you do realize it is x-years old...' thrown in.

When you balk, as covering these repairs is why such a company is supposed to exist, usually a call to 'corporate' ensues and the result will vary. But, each time work has been needed the company has aggressively and in an inappropriately uncomfortable manner pushed an additional fee.

Air conditioner? Too old to repair and we misunderstood the use of the words "replacement included" in the contract. Worse, the company put in an inferior system to keep the cost around $3k to come in just under the lowest priced competitor. That new one the company installed, it breaks down with regularity multiple times during the warmest months and, you guessed it, the company always says it requires something not covered. As well, the company's ownership has been less than honest -- if not downright unethical -- in our dealings with the ex-wife/husband duo.

Even a simple toilet repair turned into a near nightmare when the tech wanted us to pay to install an entirely unnecessary and expensive new valve he visibly worked to break. We balked, and he then actually tried to break our toilet seat (on which he was seated in obvious frustation over not makeing 'the sale') and wanted to sell us a new one at $40 or so. Unbelievable.

The ownership itself is questionable as apparently the ex-wife owns the company while her 'former' husband runs it. One cannot help but think this divorce was motivated by corporate liabilities -- as they appear to employ it again and again...tag-team sympathy, no doubt. Their competition is not without its problems, as you almost always require multiple calls to solve a problem, but the company solves it and is clear on what it covers and what it does not. ATLAS is a retailer of home appliances and related services that masquerades as a 'worry free' contractor for household repairs. It is, more accurately, a scheme to sell new appliances.

Sadly, it is precisely the kind of operation that makes people cringe when dealing with a needed home repair. Just this morning, a cold one here, my neighbor had Atlas' top competitor out for a complete overhaul of his original (nearly twenty year old) air conditioner. No questions asked, no arguing, no excuses. And no additional payment. The competition just fixed it.

You will not get this service from Atlas. Instead, you will get more headaches and expenses and -- if you are lucky or pushy -- a rather insincere sob story from either the [ex] wife or her former [?] husband. My experience/our experience, stay away. Far away. Unless you want to pay them for slightly "discounted" new appliances that are typically bottom of the barrel stuff and deal with a whole lot of unpleasantness.

Mar 27, 2013

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