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7-12-10... i sent this college kidn his way WITHOUT A CENT after he spent 25min tryin to talk me and my 5 yr old into buying some magazines...
7-13-10... i got home from a hard days work...GUESS loving wife purchased some 4wheel off road mags for me... and that mutha[censored]er even let my kid pick them out... same guy came back to my house 2 days in a row... we have to do the math here people i typed "atlantic circul" and bings autofill comes up "atlantic circualtion inc. refund scam... search that it will give 3.5 million reults... multiply that By $51($36 for mags... $15 s&h)... right away we cancelled the order 2days ive been fighting with them for nearly a year...CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT PEOPLE ITS SOME KIND OF PONZI SCHEME!!! WE HAVE TO SHUT THESE PEOPLE DOWN!!! OR START SHOOTING EVERY COLLEGE KID WHO IS TRESSPASSING, SOLICITING, OR SCAMINGHARD WORKING PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR MONEY

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  • La
      Jul 08, 2011

    I have sent two emails to them as I have not received any magazines and paid $91.00 back on March 17, 2011. I call their supposed phone number, which is constantly busy. Has anyone had any luck getting their money back? I am livid!!!

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  • So
      Aug 17, 2011

    I used to work for them... The kids don't know they are part of a scam. Most of them have no clue. Some eventually figure it out, but joined these traveling crews of magazine salespeople only because they had no home to go back to. Many couldn't quit, lest they be stranded with no friends or shelter. The communication skills developed in the process give these children, statistically destined for failure, a foundation to become successful in sales or business without the need for an education they likely couldn't afford. The commradery amongst these crews fills a void remanent of the broken homes many left behind.

    Shoot college kids?! Most aren't even that old, ###ed ###. They lie about their age. Think about it as a self-sustaining orphanage or state home. The people who run these crews started young themselves. By the time they know the inner workings of the company, they don't understand anything else themselves. The kids who come to your door, are likely oblivious, and are assured beyond doubt that their suspicions are ill-founded when they bring them up to the team "captains". If you don't want to support the organization, support the children. Give them $20 in their pocket. No receipt. No magazines. Just food in their stomach or clothes on their back, because most of them can hardly afford that much. This is no new scheme. It has been a breathing, living, and always adapting (good luck with a law-suit) entity since the great depression, and like it or not, is a secret and vital part of the welfare of our nation's neglected youth that only few people will ever understand. 100's of adults are in honest business for themselves (not to mention notable actors, comedians, hotel moguls, radio DJ's, politicians etc.) thanks to the skills they learned in dealing with you; Mr. and Mrs. Jones. 90% of America is dumb as a brick. Believe me. I knocked on plenty of it's doors all over the country. Don't be mad you were had. And don't blame the kids.


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