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ATIC Computers / Processed Credit Card Transaction Without My Knowledge

1 45 E. BroadwayVancouver, British Columbia, Canada Review updated:
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Phone: (604) 875-8859

On April 22, 2009 I made several attempts to purchase online about $2, 000 of computer parts from this company. The system kept telling me that it could not process my order. I contacted ATIC and they said that they could not help me. I told them I would make another attempt and if not successful I would go elsewhere. I tried to process my credit card again and it give me the same failure message. So I took my business elsewhere and placed my order with no problems.

On May 8th, I receive an email from ATIC telling me they just shipped my order. I never received any notification of the order being processed either by email or by web site or by telephone. Just this one notice two weeks later. I told them I am not paying for something I didn't order...not even the return shipping charges. Their response was at the very best the would do a partial refund. Why would I want a partial refund on something I never ordered. Furthermore I asked them to provide me with a receipt and shipping information to which they have not provided to date.

Their response is to claim I need professional psychiatric help, that I am trying to defraud their company, that I am not to do business with their company again, that I am to sell the products at a small loss on ebay and that they will be contacting the police if I email them again asking for my money back. I'm not kidding!!! This is their customer sevice...but not surprising behaviour from a company that processed my credit card without my knowledge and refusing to take responsibility.

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      21st of Sep, 2011
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    To update this complaint, as this customer has not actually clearly stated the situation :
    On April 22nd, 2009, the customer attempted to purchase a Drobo Pro RAID Enclsoure and some drives. Because of some issue with his bank, our card processor could not complete the transaction. For pretty obvious security and privacy concerns, they would not communicate the exact nature of the cause of this issue. When the customer emailed us to complain that he could not complete the transaction, I politely informed him that unfortunately, we are not provided with details, and that he would need to contact his bank to get the issue resolved. He emailed me back saying he didn't want to contac this bank to resolve the issue, and said that he would attempt one more time later on to process the transaction, and that if it failed again, he would cancel the order. I told him that was perfectly fine.

    On May 1st, 2009, we received a transaction receipt for the purchase. We receive literally hundreds of these receipts per month, and they come through an automated system, so no one had noticed that this was the same transaction that the customer had informed us he was having problems with. We ordered in the Drobo Pro, which took 1 week to come in, and then packaged the order up and shipped it. During our evening maintenance, we sent him an email notifying him that his order had shipped. This is how thousands of our orders are processed.

    On the evening of May 8th, after business hours, he emailed us and told us he had "never ordered the product". I asked him how it is that he "never ordered the product", yet I have an order with his name on it, paid for with his credit card? He explained that he has no idea, and demanded that we not ship the order and immediately refund all his money. I informed him that the order had already been shipped, and that according to our last conversation before his order was shipped, he had clearly stated "I will attempt to process the transaction later on", and that if it failed, he would cancel the order. He did not contact us at any point prior to his order being shipped to request that we cancel the order. He responded by accusing us of "fraudulent business practices", claiming that we were just billing his card willy-nilly and shipping things he had never ordered (despite the fact that he clearly *had* ordered it, and there was plenty of evidence proving it). I politely informed him that it may have been an error with the card processing, and asked that he contact his bank to get clarification as to what had happened. He refused, and instead stated that he would simply refuse the shipment. I told him that was fine, but that we could only refund him for the purchase, not for the freight, as he had never previously notified us that he wanted to cancel the order, and so we considered it no fault of our own that his order was shipped.

    The customer proceeded to send multiple insulting profane emails as a response to this (a total of 13), insisting that he had *never* dealt with our store and that we must have somehow stolen his credit card number. I told him he should perhaps seek some professional psychiatric help because we had email evidence, order evidence, and IP evidence showing that clearly he *had* attempted to process an order, so his claims that he had never even dealt with our store were clearly completely fabricated in order for him to attempt to get out of paying the freight charge on the order (at 40KG and shipping across the country, the freight was a not-insignificant amount, though only a small fraction of the total purchase price).

    Eventually, he took the matter to his credit-card company, where they reimbursed him for the total amount, and gave us a chargeback of the total amount less the disputed shipping cost. It turned out that the issue was with his card issuer, who had placed a 1-week hold on his card because he was attempting to make a large (over $2000) purchase in a city that was across the country from where he lived. Had he actually contacted his bank at any point like I had initially asked him to, they would have told him this and released the hold immediately. However, due to the fact that he stubbornly refused to do so, this scenario erupted. The end result, however, is that this customer has received a full refund on the product.

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