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Astar Travel / Fraud and cheating company!

1 12421 N. Florida Ave. Suite C-220Tampa, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 001-8002313760

On friday, the 30th of november I received a phone call, telling me that I won a trip to florida for 4 peoples to go to disney land with a cruise (I don't remember all the details of the cruise). They told me that the total cost is normally $5000 but I will only have to pay $998 If I which to accept this wonderful trip. They told me they will send me the tickets within 10 or 15 days, that I have 18 months to choose the date of my trip but I just have to advise them 45 days before the trip. Then they asked me the detail of my credit card for security but I refuse to give them the numbers at the back of my credit card.

On monday the 3rd I saw an e mail confirmation (sent on the 1st of december) telling: thank you for your purchase! see under their exact answer:

Purchase Information
You have authorized the following to billed to the provided credit card.
Date: 11/30/2007 1:51:09 PM
Credit Card: ****************
Approval #: [protected]
Amount Billed: 998.00
You have purchased our ACT62-998 package.

On first: I never made any purchase, they phoned me to tell me that I won a trip.
On second: I never gave them all my credit card details.
On third: If they could took $998 on my bank account it means they have been searching to find out the details on the back of my credit card. How do you call this???

Fortunately, I phoned to my bank on friday night to ask them If it was dangerous that I gave the details on the front of my credit card. They told me that the best to do was to block my credit card, and this is what I did straight away. I will have more informations tomorrow and if they tried to take $998.00 on my bank account I will bring an action against astar.

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  • Sa
      12th of Dec, 2007
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    They do not necessarily need the information on the back of your card. Those numbers on the back of the card are used for security reasons. Also, they can use 000 as a default number, and allow the transaction to go through.

    Always remember the rule:

    If it sounds too good to be true, then it IS too good to be true.

  • Sa
      30th of Dec, 2007
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    The same thing happened to my boyfriend 1 month ago!
    But they have sent us an Vacation Planning Kit, but i´ve a bad feelings about it!
    We lives in Sweden and they say that we must bye our ticket to florida by ourselfs.
    What to do?
    Best Regards

  • Ma
      20th of Mar, 2008
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    Has any one out there availed of an Astar travel package to Disney and the cruise. If yes what was your experience of the trip. Was it value for money? Let us know.

  • He
      14th of May, 2008
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    I was called just before easter and I was told that I had won a travel package to Fort Lauderdale and Bahamas for four persons. The same information as the other have got about payment by VISA and price 998 US dollars...
    I live in Finland.
    Do I dare to by this trip or not? Have someone been there by Astar Travel?
    For my ears marketing was very aggressiv.
    I hope to here from other and your experiences.

  • Fi
      16th of Jun, 2008
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    I got that call today and if money is missing from my account i am goin to take full legal action against that company as well. These ppl should stop these acts immediately.

  • Ks
      22nd of Jul, 2008
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    I would like to bring to your notice that i was contacted by this company -ASTAR sometime mid june 18-19th. They told me that i had won a trip to Orlando, Bahamas cruise...etc etc and that it was the best bargain available etc etc.. Then they were onto me for nearly 1.5 hrs and got me to pay $1000 (appx) from my credit card. At this point i was thinking that everything was paid for, but later got to know that i had to pay for my flights. Thats fine, i was ok with that as well. But then as time progressed, i was told that i would have to pay hotel; taxes as well which came as a surprise. Then once i had paid the money, i got my vouchers on 7th July or so. After going through my vouchers i decided that i dont want the package and then i was told that the cooling off period was only 10days and that i would not get my money back. I mean how can you cool off even before i get to see the vouchers. I have been ringing them since then to return my money. I have spend a fortune on international calls and my peace of mind has just vanished, sometimes i even get nightmares. Its not easy to earn money here and i also have a loan. I also got married 3 months ago and my wife does not work. I have been totally ripped off by ASTAR and they refuse to give me any compensation, let alone my money that i paid.
    I dont live in US and have never been there either, so i dont know the policies of these companies. But i am not stupid and these people have taken us for granted. This company got us to pay this amount, and say that the cool off period is 10 days when the tickets reach us only in 21 days, so without seeing anything, how can one decide.I agree that it would be a waste of effort for them but since there are no bookings done yet, they should rteturn one's money within the first 45 days or so. I can just say that companies like these are like Mafias.

  • Ri
      9th of Aug, 2008
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    Astar Travel is really a ripoff, I never gave them my information ot the back of my card but they still billed me $499 for a trip to Orlando, I called and asked for a refund on many ocasions but up to this time I have not been refunded.

  • An
      29th of Aug, 2008
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    Yes, companies like ASTAR are a total RIPOFF. They play on peoples emotions, and with calls to Europe, they use the language barrier to their advantage. This trip is no bargain at all. Your accommodations are only for 2 people! Sure, you can take 4 people, but you will need to try to squeeze them all into only one room! Most people decline the cruise option; after all, paying the departure fees and port taxes IS paying for the entire cruise, which, by the way, is for ONLY TWO PEOPLE! Hey but just for you, they will add an extra 3 days and 2 nights in Las Vegas! You just need to spend another boat-load of money to get yourself there. Are you getting the idea yet? Your "small promotional fee" is going to turn into thousands of dollars for plane tickets, room taxes, port fees, and on and on. Most people never use these trips. It winds up being 100% pure profit for companies like ASTAR Travel.

    If you have been robbed by companies like ASTAR you need to investigate and find out what your rights are. Realize ONE MAIN THING here. Companies like ASTAR are breaking the laws of the USA, and the State of Florida! They do not want you making alot of noise and drawing a bunch of attention to them. So, remember one thing here; "The squeaky wheel gets the grease!" So make some noise. Email ASTAR and let them know that you are not going away until you get your money back. Send correspondence to officials in the State of Florida, and Government officials of The City of Tampa, Florida.

    According to the laws in Florida governing sellers of travel, you are supposed to be sent a WRITTEN COPY OF THE RECORDING AUTHORIZING THE CHARGE TO YOUR CREDIT CARD. Did any of you get this? Of course not! Why? Because ASTAR is breaking the law and they don't want you knowing your rights. YOU ALSO HAVE A RIGHT TO A FULL REFUND WITHIN 30 DAYS! YES, 30 days, but ASTAR will lie and tell you it is only 10 days.


    As soon as you realize you have been ripped off, CALL YOUR BANK!!! Did you get that last part? I said, CALL YOUR BANK! Yes, call your bank and DISPUTE THE CHARGE on your Visa or MasterCard. Tell the bank you were scammed. Tell them you did not receive a WRITTEN COPY OF THE RECORDING AUTHORIZING THE CHARGE TO YOUR CREDIT CARD. Any reputable Bank will have the authority to reverse the charge to your credit card, sometimes even several months after the charge.(This is known as a CHARGEBACK) I WILL SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST!!! Thieves like ASTAR TRAVEL can not stay in business without a Merchant Account. What is that you ask? A merchant account is what allows them to charge services to your credit card. Without a merchant account, ASTAR Travel is out of business. Every time a Bank reverses a charge to a credit card, IT COSTS ASTAR A FEE, and it issues a strike against their merchant account! Too many strikes, they lose their merchant account, and they are no longer authorized to take payments by Visa or MasterCard! Then they would be out of business.

    How do I know these things? I WORKED AT ASTAR! I didn't know it was a scam when I started working for them, but I am not stupid. Last but not least, I would like to sincerely apologize for anyone out there that I may have hurt when I worked for ASTAR. I hope something I have said here might help some of you to get your money back. Remember, don't give up. You can get your money back, sometimes even several months later. Good luck!

    Anonymous, Tampa, Florida

  • Lo
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    I have been phoned on 5 occassions telling me id been sponsered, not won, a trip for 4 people to the usa for 14 days..same places everyone else has said and the dates were open.
    The last call i recieved the man said to check the website..and said "if we were a rip off company then google would ban us from using the net to advertise, and i totally understand your concern, cos ive been frauded before".
    I found it all quite believable til i checked them out and found all these complaints!!!
    The guy said he'd phone me I will be telling them to get to [censored]

  • Ka
      2nd of Nov, 2008
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    I recieved a call from astarnow yesterday morning at 7 35am stating that i had been picked from computer for a holiday in the bahamas for 4 people 2 weeks all expenses paid at the all in 1 cost of 998 dollars new zealand money i gave them my credit card details but will double confirm incase i wanted to cancel with which i cancelled after they told me that i had to pay for my own flights by that time it was 8am they hung up on me so i rang my credit card fraud office who said i was unable to do anything at this stage and that was in the space of 5 minutes nothing could be done till after the statement comes however they took out maximum money that was in my card which was more than they were suppose to amount 1700 and i couldnt do anything about it this is very upsetting i will update with more after my statement comes

  • Ha
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    I was just looking for more detailed infor about astar after they called me tonight. I was told the same story above... that I have been picked up for a discount travel to Orlando, Bahamas, Las Vegas...And, they asked me for a visa card or master card which fortunately I did not have. Instead, I gave them the details of my friends visa card. He was later concerned about the details I have given them. We checked if they are not fake. We googled and found out their website but no details about the travel package they are calling me for. Amidst this I looked for comments concerning them and found the comments above. I am now more informed about how they do it and how I should take care of it. MY friend has not got that much money and the have not yet drawn out a penny. But I am sure they will if there is some big money in his account. I will tell him to handle the situation with his bank. Thanks a lot people. I will be back if there are new developments on my engagement with astar travel

  • Ch
      27th of Dec, 2008
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    I have had ecactly the same thing - the phone call in the middle of the night with all sorts of fantastic offers and a repeated demand that I give my credit card nos. I didn't give any numbers and so far have had no debit, but if you look around the web they are definitely a scam. I live in South Africa and fortunately we are well aware of all sorts of scams here involving credit cards and so we don't give the numbers to anyone! Watch out.

  • Gi
      22nd of Jan, 2009
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    WOW .. I got THIS phone call this morning and am SO glad that I didn't give my credit card details to them.

    I said that I was happy to receive the information and if we wanted to go ahead would ring them back with our credit card details. After 10 mins of intense pressure for me to give them my details today and me refusing, they hung up!

    Good luck guys with this one!

  • Ly
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    Yes, I was succered into buying this so called 'Free' holiday to Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, Bahama cruise etc. Rather than lose all my money I have just booked the Orlando and Ft Lauderdale section. I am waiting for confirmation of where we will be staying. I did get the dates I asked for, but we then had to pay the insurance on the 'free' hire car, told we had to attend ANOTHER 'hard sell' meeting in Ft Lauderdale (when we first accepted it was just in Orlando) or we would have to pay for our hotels! What a total rip off these guys are - they shouldn't be allowed to trade. BEWARE nothing is free! I've now been 'bitten' but they won't get away with it with any of my friends or family. I'm thinking of publishing something on Facebook to let everyone know what they are!

  • Na
      1st of Apr, 2009
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    I too have recieved a call from this company last week. they told me i won an all expense paid trip for 2 to florida and a bahamas cruise for the small price of $998.00 and i would have to pay for the flights myself. Being only 21 i was so exited about this win and the prospect of a free holiday that i choose to accept it without thinking. they asked me for my credit card details which i hesitated in doing. they reasured me that they would only take out a small portion af the price at first and that it was all secure. in the end the payment didnt go throught as my bill was not yet paid and the account was empty. they said to call back within 90 days to claim my prize when i had the money to pay the small fee to recieve prize. after they hung up i recieved a phone call from my bank sayin there had been unusual activity on my visa account. astar had tried to take out the full $998.00. thats over twice the limit on my card! this really anoyed me. i have not yet paid my bill and am not goin to do so untill i cancel my card. after reading the rest of the complaintes on this page i now realise how much of a scam this is. i was so exited about it and told my friends and now its going to be embarrising telling them it was a scam! i wont let this happen to me or anyone i no again.

  • Fr
      8th of Apr, 2009
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    I cann0t find an e-mail address for ASTAR on any of the vouchers etc. that they sent me. Can someone tell me what it is please? Fran/Australia

  • Ky
      13th of Apr, 2009
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    Thankyou so much for every one who posted their concerns, the company called me the other day with the same details except one person said id won a trip for two the next said it was for 4 people they said the only cost i would have to pay is $998 US and i thought it was legitimate because they gave me all their details so i gave them my card details but seeing as though there was insufficient funds they said they would call back in 90 days i will be telling them to take a hike and am calling my bank.
    How can people be so cruel and deceitful?
    kylie australia

  • Va
      17th of Apr, 2009
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    I've just been targeted by the same scam today.
    New Zealand

  • Ve
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    I live in Canada got a call from "Radisson Hotels" saying they are conducting a travel survey, and have a couple questions. They asked where my last vacation had been, estimated cost of the trip, when was the last time I travelled, and which credit card company I prefer to use for travel. I did NOT and would not give any numbers or details and they didn't ask for them, it was just a Visa or Mastercard, etc. question.

    I thought it seemed a rather vague travel survey, which suggested fraud to me. They verified my mailing address and email, stating that they will be entering all people who do the survey to win a trip, and I will only be contacted if we were to win the trip. The person on the phone gave her name, employee number, and a verification number that I will need if I were to be the winner of the trip. Then she gave me the website to look at as that is the trip everyone who does the survey is entered to win.

    FRAUD! No way they will get any kind of personal information or credit card information from me. I wouldn't give that to anyone that contacts ME saying I "won" something, because it's always fraud. they make it all sound official so you fall for it, it's all they do and can be good at it. I have "won" a trip before, same company called many times, and hung up when I refused any kind of credit card information. there are scams everywhere people. You want a good deal on travel, see a legitimate and reputable travel agent to get you the best legitimate deal. Companies don't just phone people up and give them a free trip without a catch. Good luck to all of you trying to get your money back.

  • Mi
      7th of May, 2009
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    hello i am from New Zealand and about 4 years ago i clicked on a pop-up saying i had won a trip to the bahamas. now yesterday i got a call from astar travel from the US saying i should claim my prize. and they asked for my credit card. i didnt give them one because now i knew it was a scam. i then hung up and they havent rung up again. but this shows they are still sending calls out to other countries outside of the US.

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