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Ashley Furniture / peeling leather sofa; broken dresser legs

1 2671 NW Federal HighwayStuart, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 772-692-7882

Back on October 2005 my wife and I came to Florida to do a final walkthrough on our newly built home. At that time I was employed with a CPA firm in New York City and my wife had a year left in finishing her degree in Education. We finally moved to Florida in January 2007 as soon as my wife received her degree. While we were in Florida during October 2005 we decided to go to and shop around for furniture. Our bad luck brought us to this gigantic showroom called Ashley Furniture. We decided to go ahead and buy furniture even though we wouldn't be living in our new home for about another year. To make a long story short we bought a sectional leather sofa (the name of the sofa is the Sonoma-Taupe) along with the Alpine bedroom set. The furniture was delivered within the week that we were on vacation doing the final walkthrough for our new home. My wife and I checked the furniture very carefully and numerous times before we signed off on the delivery sheet.

In January of 2007 we finally moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida from New York City. Basically everything was in place for us with our home. Within the first seven months of using the sectional the leather began to peel off and also the springs on the middle piece of the sectional began to protrude out the back of the sectional to the point it looks like it will rip through the leather. I was furious. I couldn't believe what was happening to our leather sofa after having spent almost $2, 500.00 on it. My wife and I decided to go back to Ashley Furniture where we purchased the furniture and see what is going on with our sofa. To make a long story short no one was able to help us. They told me that the warranty was only for a year and that it is expired. I told them that this is a manufacturer’s defect and that leather should never peel like that and the springs should never stick out like that especially since none of us sit on the middle part of the sectional. We left the story so angry. After going to the store several times I was told that nothing can be done. The peeling on the leather is now about the size of a basketball. I said to myself how something like this can not be covered since it is clearly a manufacturer’s defect. Yesterday 08/20/08, I said screw this and went back to the store. I took several pictures with my digital camera showing all the manufacturing defects. I spoke to a manager at the Ashley Homestore in Stuart and was advised to call customer service.

After leaving the store I went home and immediately called customer service and was told that even though my sofa has a warranty for 1 year the leather part is covered for three years. They said that a repair technician will call me within 48 hours and setup a date so they can come and look at my sofa. I told them that this sofa is beyond repair and that I am not looking to have it fixed. It is clearly a manufacturer’s defect on the leather and that I either get a full refund or a store credit for the entire amount. I was advised that the first step is that someone needs to come out and look at the sofa before anything can be done.

Now to the part of my bedroom set. I ordered my bedroom set in October 2005 and was delivered within a week to my home. I asked the delivery people to place the bedroom set exactly where my wife wanted it placed so we wouldn't have to move it again. The bedroom set wasn't used until we moved in January of 2007 to our home. So for the first year until we moved it sat where it was placed by the Ashley delivery people. In January 2007 once we moved we had DIRECTV come and install the cable to our bedroom. My wife and I had to move her dresser o the DIRECTV person can hookup the cable since the cable outlet was located behind her dresser. We picked up her dresser to move it about a foot or two out of the way. As soon as we put it down her dresser almost fell over. We looked and to our surprise we noticed that the leg of the dresser was broken off. Immediately we but the dresser on its back side to see what was going on and we noticed that the leg was not properly attached on the dresser because it had been broken off. Basically the delivery people knew that the wood part where the leg and dresser connect was broken so they took it upon themselves not to tell us and just put the leg under without it being secured on the dresser. I have a three year old in the house and god forbid she leaned up on the dresser and it fell on her. I called my father-in-law who is really handy and he came over and fixed my wife's dresser within an hour.

I then told my wife and father in law to check the rest of the bedroom furniture including my chest drawer and he two nightstands. We picked up the chest drawer and everything was fine. We picked up one of the nightstands and it was fine. We then picked up the other nightstand and guess what; the leg on the nightstand was also broken. At this point I was furious. My father in law fixed that as well since calling Ashley would do me no good.

Is this the way you treat your customers. You should be ashamed of yourself. I will never ever in my entire life buy another piece of furniture from Ashley, neither will I recommend any of my friends and families from buying furniture form you. I will wait and see what the outcome will be with my leather sofa since the leather is covered for three years which would expire for in two more months 10/2008.

If I do not reach a resolution with Ashley I will file a report with the BBB, the consumer protection agency, the local news in my area and also will take Ashley to small claims court. Ashley you have left me NO CHOICE. I tried to do things the nice way but I will not be taken advantage by your deceiving customer practices, lousy customer service, incompetent sales people and most important your cheap furniture that you do not stand behind whatsoever.

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  • Ne
      8th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    Hi Jimmy, I also have the same PEELING RECLINER. I also have an extended warranty with them but they wont cover this problem. I have been to the store and calling the customer service but no one is helping me out. I am getting ready to launch a complaint with the BBB.

  • Kr
      14th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    ahly furnature is junk they are over priced for less then quality work i spent 3, 500 for living room furnature at a local furnature store they were late with my order for one and things were done half fast for two the second week i had my furnature it was splitting the wood . news flash it is all compressed wood it is not real wood they claim it is . false advertisement. everythin g ashly furnature makes out of reading, pa is junk.
    i got a bed room set about 3 years ago it is broken already i spent 3, 500 on bed room set a mirror, head board bed frame a matress and box springs 2 dressers the dressers broke the secon week i had them the bed room set is worthless now.

    ashly furtanture is junk furnature and never again will i deal with them

    brohil or serta is the best i think to deal with not ashly furnature. they say they honor warenties yea like a donkey in a a** kicking contest they do . beware to all buyers ashly furnature is down right a crappy company to deal with even there dinettes are junk to mine is broken, aww live and learn they say i will use my tax refund to buy better quality furnature like lazyboy not ashly furnature anymore. they need to be caught and punished like any other company that makes crappy furnature.
    retailers should boy cott ashly and may ashly furnature will make better qyuality merchandise!

  • Kr
      14th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    if you file a complaint let us know i will file complaints with you on ashly as well my furnature is falling apart and they are not older then 2 years old my living room funature is a year old and i took a warenty out on it they will pull a fast one not to fix it the next time you get furnature get lazyboy or brohil that is what i am going to do i am sick of ashly furnature and their poor craftsman ship in furnature.

  • Mr
      20th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Same thing happened to us and ashley furniture could care less! Never buy again!

  • Mr
      20th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Too bad for us...lesson learned!

  • Sm
      31st of Dec, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Have you ever heard of the expression " You get what you pay for "? Next time you're purchasing furniture, buy better quality merchandise !!!

  • Am
      22nd of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    We also had a terrible experience with the Ashley store in Stuart. We bought a leather sectional and ottoman. After pushing our delivery date back several times and being told we were on a waiting list, our ottoman finally was delivered nearly 3 months after we bought it. Had I been told originally it would take so long I would have been ok, but, going from an estimated 3 weeks to almost 3 months is unacceptable. The manager I spoke with didn't seem to care that I was pissed. Telling me he could refund my money and I could buy a ottoman elsewhere. That wasn't something I was willing to do since the ottoman matched the sectional I already had. Eeerrrggg. They made me so mad. I let them know it, too!

  • Ju
      25th of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    To Smart Shopper 2 - Ashley Furniture is not a cheap store and they promote their furniture as good quality. No matter what, it is NOT OK for a store to sell something as leather that is basically a painted-on coating that looks like leather. They are ripping off people who may have saved money to have nice things and it is WRONG to do this. The furniture industry deserves a huge class-action lawsuit for promoting this garbage as leather! People purchase goods based on marketing and if the marketing is LIES then the consumer will always be at a disadvantage.

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