Ashland Police Department / Torture, harassment, vandelism

1 1155 E. Main St., Ashland, OR, US
Contact information:
Phone: (541) 488-2211

Friday November 2, 2012
To Whom It May Concern,
Today I helplessly watched out my front room window as a confidential informant (ci) employed by the Ashland, Oregon Police Department (APD) stole my mail and casually walked down the street reading it.
On Halloween night two of the APD’s ci’s tried to molest two women I was talking to. They fortunately got away from the monsters. The monsters walked away laughing. This harassment is continual, especially if I talk to women. It has been happening for years.
One night when I was downtown a dog barked at my dogs and one of my dogs barked back. I immediately quieted her but an Ashland cop started frothing at the mouth and screaming at me. He called me white trash and said he’d shoot my dogs if they barked again.
On the bus they interrupt me if I socialize, anywhere in public they do. No, I am not a drug addict, nor do I do anything illegal. I don’t even drink alcohol. I am not a crook. I have birth defects, I’m older than any of these persons harassing me and I recently was diagnosed with a heart condition as a result of the abuse. It continues.
One of their ci’s, a hard core drug and addict and wino, lives next door to me and constantly threatens and harasses me. Where can I get help against these monsters? The harassment and theft continues almost every day. When I complain about they’d threaten me. The ci that steals my mail is personal friends with the woman that delivers the mail. This goes on and on.
If I had the money and ability I would relocate. Please, if anyone can help me relocate, let me know. Please, if anyone knows any place I can seek relief and justice in a legal manner, please, let me know where and how.
Thank you

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