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Re Dec 29, 2015
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I placed an order, they received my money but never sent a confirmation email. Called my rep that I purchased it from and they tracked it down and sent one. Well when it got here it was the wrong color, size, and kind (I ordered the original not velcro), and when I called them about it they told me that I can return it at my own cost, they will give me a refund minus costs so in reality they are penalizing me for their error. Told me that without the confirmation email as proof (Of which I never received), they can't send me a free shipping label or return my full refund. What a scam and to think I used to have magic parties at my home to help boost their sales and thought about starting it back up in my region! Never again!!! I will go to a more reputable company that don't penalize their customers for their technical issues or faults.

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