Arby's Restaurant Groupcustomer service.

My husband and I went to Arby's on Oneida street in ashwaubenon. I ordered a roast beef classic meal with a large motzerella sticks and my husband ordered a gyro meal. We sat there for 10 minutes and another couple came in and ordered. While sitting there they are telling everyone that there were only 2 of them working at the moment. After waiting 20 minutes I see that the couple who came in after us received thier meal. So I asked why we haven't received our food yet. The cashier told me that it was because the motzerella sticks take a while to cook. So you're telling me it takes 30 minutes to cook mozzarella sticks?Yet me and my husband watched her go drop the motzerella sticks after I complained. That was the worst service I ever received. Not only did it take half an hour for us to receive our food but to be lied right to our faces. NICE!!! Because of this experience I will never go back to this restaurant again. Thank you Arby's for ruining what used to be my favorite food!!!

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