Arbor Ventures FundThat's something only inexperienced people could do

Arbor Ventures Fund is strange, in my opinion.
I open their website and see photos of people I don't know, they are founders of companies that collaborated with Arbor Ventures Fund, I guess. Those companies look big and serious, but the same thing cannot be said about the fund we're talking about.
Let's leave aside their team information, it's ok, at least it's better than it usually is.
I have something different to ask: did all of those serious companies contact Arbor Ventures Fund via email only? Really? I think it's really not enough, I'm surprised.
How about their branches?
According to their words, you can find them in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv (it is written with a mistake on the website), Shanghai and Tokyo. It's great that they have so many addresses, but... How people are supposed to find them huh
I am sorry but it's a shame to make mistakes like that.

Dec 06, 2018

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