Apria Healthcare / unexpected apria visa debit charge left me without food

Nationwide, United States

I needed a CPAP machine and am covered by a Humana HMO Exchange plan. As I had met my Maximum Out Of Pocket for the year, Humana should pay 100% of allowed claims. Unfortunately Humana have an exclusive contract with Apria Healthcare: when I went to get the machine they refused to give it to me unless I gave them a credit card number. They told me that this would not be charged as it was only to make sure that I would return the machine at the end of the rental period. Liars! Although I was reluctant to give them my card, there was no way I could get the machine I needed without, as Humana will not allow me to go elsewhere. Suddenly I get overdrawn warnings from my bank (and a stack of $27.50 charges) although there should have been around $250 left in it. Without any warning, and without sending any bill to me, Apria just decided to charge my card for $249. That was on December 12th, leaving me without any money to buy food, gas, or other essentials, until January 3rd. On contacting them they refuse to refund it, claiming that there was a balance due on the amount paid by Humana, without explaining why or sending me a bill. In fact to contact Apria Billing about the matter you have to enter a number from the bill (the one they never sent me)!

Dec 23, 2015

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