Apria Healthcare Ogden Utah / cpap and customer service

36th and Wall Ave, Ogden, UT, United States

The month before a turn 65 I was contacted by Apria health care they told me that medicare would not pay for my oxygen machine. They asked if I needed a CPAP machine. I told them I had purchased one in the past but it was broken. I said I didn't want to pay for a new one. The lady on the phone said I would not have to pay for it, medicare would pay for it all. I went through all the testing went in for the machine. They wanted me to sign a paper saying I would pay for anything insurance and medicare did not pay for. I told them I would not sign the paper and I didn't want the machine if it's cost me anything. The lady said not to worry everything would paid for. They gave me the machine without signing their paper. Medicare denied the claim. My doctor's nurse called me and said I qualified for the CPAP and didn't need to come in for an appointment (Medicare requires a face-to-face appointment with your doctor after the test). I filed a claim with medicare and They said I would not be liable to pay for the machine because of the mistakes of Apria and my health doctor's nurse. However Apria sent a person out to my house while I was not home and my husband at the time signed a paper stating obligation to pay. Eventually I gave the machine back. They over billed me, Sent me to collections, and Harassed me. My doctor wanted me on Cpap so we went to the tests again. This time Medicare paid for it. Since then aprey a has been holding my CPAP supplies hostage because of the outstanding bill. I currently cannot even use my C Pat because I have no supplies and I am not willing to go through the harassment. They refuse to delivers supplies unless I came in and paid a $10 bill that was already paid by my insurance. I needed the supplies so I took cash in, they refused cash said it had to be a check or a credit card so I took in a check and wrote it out to them. They wanted me to sign a contract I signed the contract but indicated it was only for future purchases. When they filed claims with my insurance company the money was sent to my ex husband as payment instead of to Apria. They harassed me to the point I don't even want to be involved with them. Meanwhile every time I use my Cpap I get sick because it is dirty. They have the 1st machine back. They sold the first machine for more than I could have ever owed them in this bill. Several times they told me they would take care of this, but nothing's ever happened there still in collections.

Jan 28, 2019

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