Applebee'sfood poisoned

The purpose of my letter is another attempt to notify management of my food poisoning; which occurred at my local neighborhood Apple B location 792 Glynn St N Fayetteville, GA 30214. I am a married father of three and work two full time jobs. My wife and I chose to spend our evening dining at your establishment on Thursday Feb 12, 2015. Within 45 minutes of leaving the restaurant I began violently throwing up the salmon and spinach meal. In the process of throwing up, I fainted and hit my head on my bathroom counter and floor resulting in a concussion.
The symptoms continued the next day Friday 2/13/15, I went to the emergency room at Piedmont Fayette. I underwent blood and CT scan diagnostics for the head trauma and food reaction. I was released in the evening on Friday around 7pm.. On my was home I stopped by the Apple B’s location to address the manager. The bartender Ms. Laquith S immediately recognized me from the previous night, greeted and asked me what happened to my head. After explaining, I told her I came to speak to the manager she proceeded to get the Kitchen and Bar manager to take my complaint. Neither of the managers came from the back to greet or address my concerns, in frustration I left the restaurant and called the general manager where I left a message.
As a frequent patron of this establishment, I am floored by the lack of response or interest by the management staff. I brought my family here at least once a month, we have overlooked undercooked (blood filled) wings served to our children. As a result of this incident I lost three days of work Friday - Sunday. This incident and lack of response is triggering an escalated response to my ignored concerns.
My receipt numbers are :
Check number :[protected]
Serial number :[protected]
Emergency room co-pay: $100.00

Disappointed Patron,

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