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Apex Financial Management / Card was charged off to Apex Financial company

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I had a card that was charged off to Apex Financial company. This individual has called my father many times after i told him to stop. I try working out several payment options with him and he wont work with me on anything saying " You have no more options in this" tells me that if i don’t commit to these payments there gonna charge me for fraud and get a default judgment against me. He also insists on telling me that chapter 7 Bankruptcy wont get me out of the obligation because they said i did was a criminal act. He said I would be charged with fraud, won't get a job anywhere, and costs me lots of more money cause of the attorney fees I did retain a bankruptcy attorney, i gave the collector my court record, and the names and phone numbers of my attorneys. He calls my dad again after telling him i don’t live there anymore and tells me that everything i told my bankruptcy lawyer is complete lie accusing me of giving false attorney information.

I am seriously considering suing the pants of this collection company guys please give me some info on what u think if i have legit grounds to sue.

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A  26th of Feb, 2007 by 
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I am having trouble with Apex as well. I'm not an attorney, but I work for a credit union. Sounds like you might have a case under the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act. The document is available on the Federal Trade Commission web site. Or just google it.

Good luck. I am finishing 3 years of a debt management program and just made my final payment in Jan. There's hope...hang in there!
A  21st of Mar, 2007 by 
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Apex is terrible. The guy has called my in laws over 5 times, called my elderly mother twice. He informed by inlaws that I am dishonest and is sure than many other debt collectors will be calling them.The loser even offered to play the recorded conversation that he had with me, which is not legal since I was not informed that it was being recorded. The guy is a complete loser. I spoke to someone who would not agree to any payment arrangements and was totally unreasonable. I lost my temper and told him to go ahead and take it to court because they have broken many of the fair credit laws. Don't back down to these idiots.
A  24th of May, 2007 by 
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Apex Financial Management is a manifestation of the evil that is our credit-based society. They have half-wit, uneducated people running the phone lines who probably make just over minimum wage, and they treat you like they're the CEO's of the company and you're the ###. The truth is, they're desperate, and that desperation comes through when they threaten you.

At the risk of having my comment deleted, pay your bills and to HELL with them!
A  31st of Mar, 2008 by 
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Apex financial? They told me they are attorneys. And in fact, the caller ID states as Apex ATTs. Talked to one guy from Apex who told me he was coming to Anoka County (dont live in this county anyway)this week and file a criminal (?) complaint for stealing from them since they have the balance of an account from me from a former credit card that he won't mention. hmmm.. .. However, I told him to go ahead so at least I will see what the deal is all about
N  25th of Jul, 2008 by 
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This company is absolutely pathetic. They called me on an account that is nearly 6 years old and has been in collections. They must have purchased it from someone else. Like Jennifer said IF YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT THAT IS ALREADY IN COLLECTIONS DON'T PAY IT. YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY. It's already negative on your credit and paying it off doesn't change a single thing.

Apex sucks, I received a call from this CLOWN name SEAN DOONAN, he wanted me to verify my social security number with him, can you believe that? I get a call from some unknown guy about a 6 year old account and he wants me to "verify" my social security number with him. Sad thing is I'm sure people actually fall for the tactics by this company. Very sad. Charge offs, collection accounts, etc... don't pay them, just let them fall off your credit.

Here is some information on the lame company Apex:
Website: http://www.apexfm.com/
Phone: 866-906-7676 (rings to the ### Sean Doonan) who spells there name like that anyway? SEEEN.
Location: Buffalo Grove, Illinois and Tempe, Arizona

GOOD LUCK my fellow Americans, and watch out for scammers like Apex. Don't fall into their schemes and traps. Be smart, be safe!!
A  29th of Nov, 2008 by 
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Be careful settling debts with apex. They won't report the payment to the client they purchased the debt from or your credit agency.
They are even rude and intentionally give you the wrong information WHEN you are trying to clear your account with them!
It is unbelievable!
You'll end up having to dispute information, contact the FTC and their client. Do yourself a favor and contact your credit card directly and arrange settlement with them.
APEX is a joke.
A  13th of Jan, 2009 by 
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got a complaint - call vp troy ortega - call# 5134772280
A  31st of Jan, 2009 by 
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They are horrible over there at Apex Financial. An absolute disgrace. They will argue with you even if you're not the one they were initially looking for. I agree with the previous writer, this is a very sad time in which we live when the collection companies have resulted to trying to intimidate people to pay their bills. They're hiring people (Jason Kent) who lack the intelligence to obtain a real job. They hire people who do not have the drive to go out and actually do something with their lives so they spend their sad existence screaming at us on a Saturday afternoon while us hard-workers are trying to spend time with family. Very, very sad.
A  11th of May, 2009 by 
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Read the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act,
and the Consumer Protection Act, 15 USC, sec.1692, and Regulation Z, Truth in Lending
and collections therein. I have handled over
30 Debt Collectors since 2000, lost none.
4 law firms, all bailed. Learn the laws that
they have to abide by, then you know when they violate them. Once a violation occurs,
call them on it. By law no further action is
allowed after the violation, because every
thing after the violation is is deemed predicated (dependent) on the violation.
In other words, avery thing that happens
after an error is no good and can be thrown
out by law. Record their phone calls, or at
least tell them you are, they will either
hang up, or be more proffessional, or tell
you you can not record them, which is BS.
The 800 numbers allow them to record, when
you call them, it will say, "This call may
be recorded for quality control" or something
along that line. In most states it requires
the consent of both parties to be recorded.
Violation of Federal Communications Commission Rules, Regs. Call the FCC and have
their phone number put on a block for harrassing phone calls. NEVER ADMIT TO ANYTHING TO THEM OVER THE PHONE!!! You do not
know who they are!!! "Mommy told me not to
talk to strangers on the phone" goodbye!
Forgot didn't you!!! They sure won't put in
writting what they say on the phone! Don't
get coned into the phone game! Hang up! They
will trick you into "CONTRACTING" and you won't even know it! I have the federal regs
that say what they are doing is prohibited
by federal law when you structure the events
in the correct order all sorts of violations
appear. Remember Deceptive is a watered down
legal term for FRAUD. I hope somebody is getting the picture here, bottom line...
Tired of the fraud in California
D  31st of Aug, 2012 by 
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apex is ripoff go to old bill that was charge off i dont any thing they and curse me out they very nasty

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