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I have paid more that 10000 USD for this deal and ended up with nothing.

Apache logistics personnel should not do this to the customers, in fact they should inform us of all the complications that is percent when we did the deal at the first place.

They provided me with official mails specifically indicating that the assurance of delivery of the package and every time when the payment is made they come up with new source of payment.

I am really disappointed with this company and their negligence to keep their customer informed from the beginning.

Putting my trust on the shipping company ended me with losing my apartment which I failed to pay my rent for two months and I was not able to sent money back home which my family totally depend on my salary.

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  • Ri
      Jan 07, 2011

    Thank you for your message, I just saw it on time before spending another 350 euro for my delivery which I still did not receive!!
    I ordered an apple laptop online by a company based in the Netherlands for which I paid 950 euro.
    Later I received an email from a certain Mr. Steve Williams (Willis) in a broken dutch that he's sending the computer to me. Then I got an email taht they shipped 4 computers instead of one, I have to pay another 350 euro and I can keep the other 3 items as well, sell them and send the money to teh company.
    And then he mentioned that he's based in the UK. He gave me a login to track my order on apace logistic website, which I did not find. After a week I could find it on their website, with the address from the sender as well.
    When I tried to find the senders address on web, I could not find anything. A few days later Mr. Willis send me address from accountant apache logistics in order to pay the 350 euro. As I looked up details of apace logistic, I saw this comment posted...
    Be carefull when ordering online!!!

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  • At
      Jan 21, 2011

    Hey ritta,

    I saw your posting and I am definitely another victim of this scam and this guy by the name of william based in UK. There are a lot of similarities.

    I would like to discuss the next act I'm taking against this guy. is it fine for you to contact me at [protected]

    I wont wanna post here else this may be seen by that [censored].

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  • Mo
      Jul 25, 2014

    I forgot my id and i also sold my bike but there are many people who call on my number but i want to remove add please help me to remove my add

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  • Mo
      Jul 25, 2014

    Help me fast

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  • Do
      Jul 25, 2014

    The only possible way out is to kill yourself.

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