Andromeda Marketing Pvt Ltd / Cheating and Abuse by home Loan Agent Ranjeet Singh- [protected] (Andromeda Loans)

1 Vashi Navi Mumbai, India

I am Sameer Sharad Shirke, currently residing at, Thane west..

On 29th April 2016 I got a call from Mr. Ranjeet Singh (Andromeda Loans) asking for my Home Loan Transfer from PNB to ICICI.As I had no issues with my previous bank PNB I asked him if it is possible for him to transfer my loan without spending anything from my pocket, He assured me to transfer my Home Loan without spending anything from my pocket.

He sent me the confirmation email from his official email ID about processing fees waiver. (Email from Ranjeet singh attached)

During entire process I spent total Rs. 12000/- (Twelve Thousand rupees) as processing fees which Ranjeet had assured to refund after loan disbursement. After the entire process at a very slow speed on 5th of July 2016 evening subordinate of Mr.Ranjeet Singh handed over me the ICICI bank cheque (SMS proof screenshot attached). Since cheque was disbursed on 30th June 2016 but due to negligence and slow work of Ranjeet Singh I received the cheque on 5th of July 2016.

Because of this I had to pay 5 days interest Rs. 4100/- to ICICI bank.

After knowing this on 8th of July 2016 I called Mr. Ranjeet Singh several times but he did not pick my call. On 11th of July he assured me to refund of unnecessarily interest deducted from ICICI (Rs. 4100/-). He also assured me the refund of Processing fees (Rs 12000/-) before 30th July 2016.

Since 11th of July 2016 there was no update from Ranjeet Singh or his subordinate, I used to follow up with them after every 2 days. Ranjeet never used to pick up my calls.

On 25th July 2016 Ranjeet picked up my call and without listening anything started abusing me (he used words like 'Bhenchod', 'Madarchod', 'Chutiya').

I could not believe on my ears, I did not reverted him with the same language as I am a well-educated person working with a big organization, I could not come down to his level or his grade.

After that, there is no update from Mr. Ranjeet Singh about my total loss (12000/- + 4100/- = 16100/-) nor any apology from him about abusing he did to me.

I shall be obliged if you kindly take action to trace and recover my loss as well as apology letter from Ranjeet Singh for abusing me over phone.

You are requested to kindly consider my complaint and take strict action.

Yours faithfully,

Sameer S Shirke ([protected] / [protected])


Jul 30, 2016

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