Amzeeel / cell phone issues fixed

1 quebec, CA

I want to submit a complaint about Youtube. You might be asking if Youtube is stelaing meoney from you. Yes you tube is an E Robber. I spent 6 months building my channel. Imagine how much time I wasted on thsi shhit. I just wanted to help people fix theier own cellphone issues. I monetized my videos hoping to make some money, some [censor]. I made $21 in 6 months. After that, i got the surprise of my life, Youtube sent me an email saying i broke their terms, they reduced my balance de $15 then to $10, then to 7 and today it's less than $3, why don't use clear all that [censor] and stop lying to people. Youtube to me is just a scam. If you want to monetize your videos, be prepared to this. Youtube will scam you.
I don't rely on youtube to survive, if I relied one day on those thives, I was already dead. I should have made hundreds of $$$ somewhere else. [censor] you Youtube a, you and your terms

Nov 28, 2017

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