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Amp'd Mobile / They rip people off!

1 United States

This company is HORRIBLE!!! I purchased a Hollywood Pay-as-you go phone for my 10 yr old daughter in February 07. Circuit City had it on sale for $ 129.99 and that I would get a rebate for $ 100.00 from Amp'd Mobile. I sent in all my paperwork on 2-21-07 and last week I finally decided to call customer service to find out where my rebate check was. Spoke with a very polite lady and she told me that they weren't doing the rebate checks anymore but giving the customers $ 120.00 credit over the next four months. Okay, my daughter is 10 and she barely uses 20.00 in two months - so I asked to speak to a supervisor - he was a complete idiot... Explained to him that my daughter wouldn't be able to use $ 120.00 in four months and asked if they could at least spread it out over 6-8 months. While I was on the phone with the person they called a supervisor - I checked Circuit City's weekly ad and they had the Hollywood phone on sale with the $ 100.00 rebate. So I told the SUPERVISOR if they were going to screw over these people too. He was completely rude and not willing to listen and basically said that I either use it or lose it - by now I had it and I hung up on him. This past Sunday, July 22nd, my daughter receives a text stating that "service may be disconnected 7-27-07 @ 12:01 am". Today, July 24th, I called customer service to find out about this text. The CSR was completely rude and told me to call back from the phone so he could discuss the account - just a week earlier, I talked to the young lady about the rebate check and was calling from my work # and now a week later I have to call from the cell phone on the account. My daughter is visiting her father in another state, so I don't have that access and I told the guy that he kept telling me to call back from that phone, then preceded to tell me to have my daughter call from her phone - HELLO - SHE'S 10 YRS OLD. The stupid thing is that my name is on the account - every two months I call and add minutes to her phones using my credit card # that's on file but he couldn't tell me anything about the account not even her account balance. I asked him about this text she received and wanted to know if her phone would be turned off and he said no and to check back next week. What a complete [censored]!!! I told him that they had the worse customer service EVER and his response was " please don't talk bad about my company" I know it isn't his fault but I'm totally pissed off. Honestly, I wish I've never bought this phone - I'm out $ 100.00 for the rebate and another $ 30.00 for the phone since it looks like their filing for Chapter 11. DON'T BUY ANYTHING THAT SAYS AMP'D MOBILE - SAVE YOUR SANITY AND YOUR MONEY!!! LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE...

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