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Amirite.com / I can't post on the website

Jul 15, 2015
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I found one post on the website www.amirite.com. I wanted to share my opinion about this post and I have written it already. I pressed the button “add”, but the website showed that it was impossible to add the post. I tried to contact someone from the website, but all agents were offline. As well as their email address was completely useless. I still have no right to post comments and other thoughts on the website.


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N  10th of Sep, 2013 by 
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Amirite.net - Overcharged me
29 Charles Lane, London
United Kingdom
Phone: +44.1225580061

Amirite.net has overcharged me by a considerable 14 pounds! I am not happy neither I am going to tolerate a violation of my personal details. I will not hesitate to take this to a higher authority unless you reimburse me if my money. I do not wish to have an account with you any longer after this. So please delete it and give me my money back or I WILL be going to the police. I will not stand for scammers robbing money out my bank!!!
N  18th of Apr, 2016 by 
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Amirite moderators are absolutely useless and I wonder what for they get paid, they do absolutely nothing to make this site safe for users! There are many bullies here which love to troll people and make fun of them. When I contacted customer service and told them about these nasty people they did absolutely nothing and did not even replied to my messages! I am so disappointed with Amirite! The site itself is not that bad, but there is absolutely no protection and it is not safe!
D  18th of Apr, 2016 by 
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The negative reviews were all done by the same person and under the same IP address. They have been done by a user who was banned on Amirite for illegal activities ..

The internet is the wild west...not every post and comment can be moderated

There is a fine line between free speech and moderation!
D  19th of Apr, 2016 by 
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Every negative review I have found on any review site was posted by someone who was booted off for violating the rules of the site. The site DID have problems but they are making vast strides to remedy them (and the troublemakers are really angry about it, because getting rid of them is step 1). The site has hired new moderators and is taking user suggestions into account and implementing many of those changes.
N  19th of Jun, 2016 by 
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All of the previous 'favorable' posts about Amirite are from moderators and their friends. Let me tell you the truth about Amirite.com. I joined the site 9 months ago and still remain a member though not active. This is what I have found: Amirite is run by a very biased field of 4 moderators and a handful of their friends. They are all in a little cliquish circle. They will not acknowledge anyone who isn't one of them and they scrutinize, interrogate, and punish anyone who is new. These members include: Platinum, Darkest Serenity, Fuzala, and James (the owner) as moderators, along with their lapdog friends: StarzAbove, MarkyMark, Tiffanee, and Gun. These 8 members can have as many multiple accounts as they want without retribution or penalty. They may violate 'Terms of Service' rules at will, while attacking, reporting, and deactivating anyone who has a view that opposes theirs. Anyone who is thinking about joining Amirite.com had better be prepared to be obsessively followed, harassed, and interrogated, and to march in lockstep with the aforementioned mob of eight. There is the truth, from an unbiased member.
A  24th of Aug, 2017 by 
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This review pretty much says it all - https://amirite.pissedconsumer.com/amirite-com-everything-you-ve-read-here-is-true-201708231091228.html

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