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Ameritax Financial Services


Scamming Partner of Thrive

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Ameritax Finanial Services
United States
T H E F O L L O W I N G M E S S A G E IS F O R P U B L I C D I S C L O S U R E: (courtesy a Canadian)

To Whomever @ Ameritax Financial Services out of Utah: I demand a FULL REFUND because you are ALL a part of a scam out of that "Utah State".

I have been battling for months with your SCAMMING AFFILIATE, Platinum Training Solutions, (who is linked to several others such as FOCUS/ Thrive Learning Institute/ Instant Profit Package/ Lightwave.com/ on and on ad nauseum). My fight with them started with their LOUSY coaching program and their non-existent "customer service". The RIP-OFF from them was the initial $3, 340.00U.S. for the Dropshipping alleged coaching/ mentoring program that went soar after only 1 month.


You are associated with THEM and I don't trust YOU either, NOT ANYMORE! Your Company owes me further money for signing up with you and for the months (7) payments that I made of behalf of my company MT Global Ventures, LLC.

I paid Ameritax Financial Services (Utah) & have proof from my bank: 2, 575.00 for the Delaware LLC + 2, 150.00 for your one time services + 419.65 for non-resident fees (7 months) + 209.65 for tax services not yet received (7 months) = $5, 354.30 U.S. JUST FROM YOU ALONE.

Lightwave Builder tried to SCAM ME for a further 1, 700.00 to optimize a site that was nowhere near up YET.
Where are you hiding Jamie Edwards? Too bad you weren't as slick as your other colleagues.

You all have sucked enough money (BLOOD MONEY) out of your own kind (Americans). They're NOT bad---but YOU FILTHY SCAMMERS ARE!

I'm going to skip on sending this message to the "Governor of your State" because my sources tell me that he's been sitting on his ### all this time, looking the other way.

Marie Tsikopoulou, alias PickMyBonesMT
cc Senator Bob Bennett
cc The F.B.I.
cc The I.R.S.
cc et al (private)
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A  4th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I'm in the process of writing a complaint article about this company. They ripped me off for about $5000.
A  5th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hang Up Before It’s to Late

I have had an online business for almost two years now. I have hopes for it, but I have had some rude awakenings. First of all I want to share with those who wish to work on the net the news that it is hard work and time consuming. It can also be very costly, especially if you are as foolish as I have been.

As soon as you start the process of building a business, you are inundated with a plethora of would-be helpers. People who say they want you to succeed. People who say ‘we do all the work for you.’ All you need to do is to cash the checks. Well I wasn’t quite that stupid. But I was close to it. This is not an easy article to write. No one likes to share their stupidity with the world, but for me not to would be a disservice to those who want to earn money from home.

Working on the internet can be very lucrative. Just be smart and make sure you get the money, not all the leaches. I call them leaches because, as a minister, it is the kindest thing I can think of. These people prey on our ignorance of the internet to take advantage of us. I wasn’t born yesterday, and I’m not particularly naive, but I must admit I was too trusting. So I must say, “Trust no one who calls you out of the blue to help build your business.” Do your homework and avoid the pitfalls.

I’ve been ripped off a couple of times. Once by a company called Future Ranking to the tune of $3500. But the company I wish to expose you readers to is called Ameritax Financial Services. They called and talked me into allowing them to put together a corporation for me in Wyoming. They charged $1950 to get started. I have no idea why it was so much. They said there was a $1350 one time charge from the state that they had no control over. This was over and above the $1950. After talking to the state recently, I was told it only costs $100 to set up a corporation. They also said they were sorry that such a thing had happened to me. There was a $300 payment up front to prepare quarterly tax returns. After the first year it was $29.95 a month. They never did a quarterly tax return. I was also charged $49.95 a month for a registered agent. I have since engaged a registered agent for $50 a year. When I asked them how could they justify charging me $49.95 a month for something that cost $50 a year, they said ‘that’s just what we charge.’ Then they offered to allow me to get my own agent for $50 a year. And they would still attend to my business.

A few months after signing with them, they offered me a chance to get a $50, 000 corporate line of credit. I talked to a man named Phillip. He told me if I put up $3000, they would guarantee me the credit within six months, probably as few as four months. I was told if they couldn’t get it within six months, they would give me my money back. After six months, I talked to a man named Ameer who asked me to give him a little more time. I called periodically and was promised phone calls that never came. Finally after nine months, I talked to Ameer again, and he informed me that there was no money back guarantee. After several emails, I was told that I had signed a contract that stated there was no money back after three days of signing the contract. I asked them in an email in December to send me a copy of the contract. I didn’t get it. This may interest you - I just checked my email to find out the date I sent that email. I only have four emails in my keeping folder all of which make Ameritax look great. All other emails to and from them are missing. These people are snakes. When I asked Jennifer Goff to send me a copy on January 13th, she said she immediately sent it, but it took about fourteen hours to get to my box. (Of course that email is still in my folder.) When I got it that was the first time I ever saw it.

When talking to Jennifer, she guaranteed me that they would get me my funds. I asked her if I could take her at her word. She stated that’s what the contract said. When I pointed out this portion of the contract (50K funding is not responsible for longer delivery times and or no delivery times due to a significant change in process and no refund will be given), she said again, ‘we will get you the money.’ I have this on tape. She was informed. When I asked her if I stopped using them to represent my corporation what would happen to this 50K funding, she told me it would cancel as well. I couldn’t justify giving them another penny.

Beware of this company and all others like it. Don’t do business with any company you didn’t contact first.

I hope this helps someone.

Jerry Robinson
A  17th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
These people took me for thousands...They lie like the Devil. I hope Obama puts them all in jail
A  3rd of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
These people took me for $11, 000+ - what do you suggest we do to shut them down??
A  25th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
This is the first time EVER I have written on a board to complain about anything but I feel compelled to contribute to this thread about Thrive and Ameritax. They have taken my money as well.

Thrive coaching is the worst I've ever experienced. In fact, I wouldn't even call it coaching. I get better information FREE from internet gurus than with these guys. I believe I paid something like $2000 for them.

Next came Ameritax. I thought they were expensive but when I was told that I was "guaranteed" business funding for $75, 000 in3-6 months, I thought it was worth it. After four months, however, I started calling and asking the status of the funding. I was then told that they couldn't guarantee the funding anymore but if I gave them my social security number and driver's license number they would list me as a Chief Financial Officer of my company and try again. I would not provide them with that info.

Next thing I knew they assigned a personal business tutor to walk me through the steps to get funding. There was no extra charge for this but I'm told it will be at least another 3-6 months to receive the funding--and that's AFTER I get through all the necessary steps. It will take several months to get through that.

Since there is no extra charge, I will go ahead and do what I need to do but I'm not holding my breath. I would advise ANYONE to stay away from them. They are bad news.
A  26th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Furious 64 and everybody else--WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? I hired a lawyer (from the Canadian side) and we hunted them down. As s result I got MOST of my money back from Platinum-Thrive AND Ameritax. Although most of the refunds came in, I HAD to pay for the lawyer's fees, and the balance that was left was about (half).
So I STILL ended losing money; 6 valuable months of my time; and ended up with so much FRUSTRATION and ANGER; these greedy utah low-life forms were lucky I didn't LIVE ANYWHERE NEAR them, otherwise worse things could have happened.

About OBAMA: YES! Better for you all to go there and BLOW the WHISTLE on UTAH (that state is harboring an entire "underground community" of CROOKED BUSINESS DEALERS).
Don't bother with Senator Bob Bennet, I already called him several times and his secretary eventually hung up the phone on me! HA! I don't give up that easily, that provoked me to go to the media instead.

MAYBE that's what you can all do: GO TO THE MEDIA with your stories. There's ALWAYS a way. Trust me...if you want something (or somebody) badly enough, you CAN make it happen. Hope this was helpful.
N  26th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I had an idea this morning that MIGHT work (you don't know until you try it). For anyone that wants their money back (and didn't get it):

ENLIST THE HELP OF ANN COULTER! She's got ALL of the qualifications you need to sic her on those scammers. She's RUDE; she's PROVOCATIVE; she's an AMERICAN; AND SHE'S AN ###. Give her a chance to do SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE, for a change, rather than her crossing the border into Canada to incite trouble.

She should take this "gifts" that she has; and help her fellow countrymen (and women). THIS IS A SERIOUS SUGGESTION (although I must admit it has a sarcastic overtone to it).

Best of luck, PickMyBones MT
A  5th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
I was scammed by them as well...and a year later they call and say that I owe the State of Deleware 250.00 for what??? the 2500.00 that I initially paid them was supposed to cover all those costs and when I asked for them to refund my money and disolve the company as i felt it was a scam they said they would disolve the company but I couldn't get my money back...now a year later I find out the company was never disolved and I owe the state this money of which I can't afford because I am still trying to pay for the emiliionaire and ameritax scam! I don't know what to do now!
A  6th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
I'm waiting for the IRS to come a KNOCKING ON MY DOOR. (Because I'll be waiting for them). I was the "victim" of a scamming operation, my so-called "company incorporated in the State of Delaware" NEVER even had a business account. There were NEVER any business "transactions" other that expenses incurred for the purpose of setting up a business.

The "setting up" phase was NEVER COMPLETED, because mid-way, I discovered that I had become the VICTIM OF A SCAM. As a matter of FACT, I OWE NOTHING TO THE STATE OF DELAWARE. Just like those Scammers Ameritax incorporated the LLC; the same way they are RESPONSIBLE and ABLE to DISSOLVE it.

Let them come and get me: I live in Canada AND I HAVE A SURPRISE WAITING FOR THEM.

CONTACT the IRS. Write a letter outlining what happened. I will do the same. Let's EXCHANGE information and COORDINATE THIS EFFORT. I have the MEDIA on my side and I am willing to SLAM THEM HEAD ON. If you agree and want to join me with your complaint to the IRS, post me another message and I'll give you my main e-mail address.

Tell me what you decide because in my opinion, this is the BEST OPTION: Complain to the IRS and STAND YOUR GROUND. The American "government" has to know that this business of "SCAMMING" has its consequences. ASK THE STATE OF DELAWARE if they are a part of the scam, too.

I'm VERY ANGRY and I'm NOT GOING TO TAKE "IT" from either of them. THEY SCAM...THEY PAY, too. Stay in touch, and DON'T LET THEM rattle your nerves or shake your confidence.

Stay in touch...I'll start composing that letter tomorrow.
A  27th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
Thrive Scam
Thrive has used countless other companies as fronts to protect them, some of these companies are Internet Auction Services, Infusion Media, Accelerated Business Solutions, Platinum Training Solutions, Internet Income Solutions, Internet Logistics and Thriveli just to name a few. These companies are in bed with Thrive, they make all of the promises and break all of the laws and then Thrive claims they did nothing wrong and that they only received 10 percent of the money you paid so in the worst case they are liable for only the 10 percent, this is a lie. Thrive eventually receives all of the money and lets the other companies that broke the laws go broke so they can't pay you back and then Thrive invents a new company to replace the one that broke the laws and went broke.
I will continue to tell the world about Thrive and the people associated with Thrive as long as I am able to type, I will be sending this message to blogs that have nothing to do with Thrive. I'm also going to contact 60 Minutes to see if they would like to do a story on Thrive, its people and the State of Utah.
I have lost $12, 000 dollars to these crooks, I'm from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada and I will definitely be forwarding my story to the Competition Bureau of Canada, Phonebusters, BBB, Ombudsman, my Member of Parliament and my Member of The Legislative Assembly, as well as the Governor of Utah, the Attorney General of Utah and the Governor General of the U.S., I'll also be asking the Governor and Attorney General of Utah if they are proud of the fact that Utah is the "Scam Capital of the World". I will also be including the names of the major people involved "Colton Moody, Erik Largin, Zack Bradshaw, David Rasmussen, Matthew Rasmussen and Chad Guthrie, if anyone knows of any others involved in Thrive please let me know. Thrive was originally the Summit Group, then renamed Momentum Marketing and now operates as Thrive, they change the name when they need to but it’s the same people with the same scam.
I have a new idea, if everyone sent complaints to their individual states "Secretary of State, Securities Department" and include a copy of the State of Illinois "Summary Order to Cease and Desist", along with a copy of their story we could shut them down. The order stops Thrive Learning Institute, their Officers, Directors, Employees, Agents, Affiliates, Successors and Assigns from offering and/or selling business opportunities in the State of Illinois or to residents of the State of Illinois. If every State and Country made a Cease and Desist Order Thrive would be finished. You can get a copy of the Order online from The State of Illinois Secretary of State, Securities Department; File # 0800401.
If you want to get any of your money back you must file a complaint with The State of Utah, Department of Commerce and Consumer Protection, Attention Glen Minson, Fraud Investigations Dept., treat him nicely as you need his help but don’t give up, keep calling him until you get your money back, he may try to convince you it’s your fault for signing the agreement but that’s BS, you’ve been scammed as have thousands of other innocent people. Please read the deal Thrive has made with the State of Utah (see Government Actions below) to protect themselves, look for anything that you can use in this agreement to help you get out of your deal with Thrive and its affiliates. You must do this as soon as possible, before the “sales company” you made the deal with goes out of or are forced out of business, you may be able to get your money back from them, but they will most likely drag things out until they go out of business, each company in Utah posts a $50, 000 bond, this is one of the places you may be able to get a refund from, once the $50, 000 is gone and so is the “sales company” Thrive will start up a new “sales company”. You should be able to get 10% of your money back from Thrive (see below). A very important thing to do is write letters to everybody and let everyone you can learn about Thrive and the people involved. Public awareness is Thrives greatest enemy and our greatest strength, send letters everywhere on the net.
Government Actions
September 18, 2009

On September 18, 2009 the Utah Division of Consumer Protection ("Division") entered into a Consent Agreement with Thrive Learning LLC ("Thrive"). The Division and Thrive agreed to the following:

1. Thrive shall agree to enter into an Exclusive Marketing Agreement with any and all telemarketing floors it does business with.

2. Thrive shall require all individuals, independent contractors, agents, ensigns, who actively sell its products and services to use the End User Purchase Agreement when selling Thrive products and services. In particular, Thrive agrees to disclose the following to consumers who purchase its products and services: a) the purchase price; b) a clear and detailed description of the products purchased; c) management fees or hosting fees, if applicable; d) suggested prerequisites to operating an e-commerce website, including but not limited to: ownership of a computer, additional capital resources, Internet connection, and general computer knowledge; e) there are no guarantees of success or promises of money back; f) hard work and effort is required to be successful; and g) the customer has a three (3) day right of rescission. It was agreed that these disclosures should be in a typeface which is clear and legible.

3. Thrive shall include within its End User Agreement the following written notice in twelve (12) point bold font in all caps:


This provision shall appear in the immediate proximity where the purchaser signs and is not valid when prohibited by local law.

4. Thrive shall include within its End User Agreement the following written notice in twelve (12) point bold font in all caps:


This provision shall appear in the immediate proximity where the purchaser signs and is not valid when prohibited by local law.

5. Both the Division and Thrive agree that, should Thrive fail to provide the disclosures outlined above to a particular purchaser and/or transaction, Thrive shall fully refund the purchaser and/or cancel the transaction.

6. Both the Division and Thrive agree that Thrive has the ability to satisfactorily resolve all customer complaints arising out of transactions which occurred prior to the execution of this Agreement. If a refund and/or cancellation is appropriate, as determined by the Division, to satisfactorily resolve a customer’s complaint, Thrives liability is limited to the amount it received from the transaction.

7. Thrive will work in good faith with the Division to resolve all complaints the Division receives irrespective whether the underlying transaction occurred before or after the execution of this Agreement.

8. Thrive will attempt to enforce the complaint resolution mechanisms outlined in its Exclusive Marketing Agreement with all telemarketing sales floors it currently does business with.

9. Thrive will use its best efforts to ensure every purchaser of its products and services will participate in a recorded compliance call. During the compliance call the customer must be informed of: the purchase price, the products the customer will receive or is receiving, the number of weeks of coaching, and the "cooling off" period. Thrive agrees to periodically review a random selection of these audio compliance recordings to ensure the information was properly disclosed to the purchaser. The underlying transaction associated with any audio compliance recording which does not contain the information may be subject to cancellation and/or refund.

10. It is understood and agreed Thrive will provide the Division a copy of a customer's compliance recording within fifteen (15) days of such request. Failure to provide a copy of the audio of the compliance recording to the Division will result in a full cancellation and refund of the transaction with the purchaser. Thrive, its agents, independent contractors, and/or ensigns are required only to maintain audio compliance recordings for one (1) year after the date of the recording.

11. Thrive will provide the Division a copy of any complaining customer's contracts, communications, and use of Thrive products and services within fifteen (15) days of receiving a request from the Division.

12. Thrive acknowledges and affirms it will: a) regularly update its coaching standards and procedures in an attempt to keep its products and services competitive and comparable with other companies which offer similar coaching; and b) require any party who provides a testimonial or earnings claim to execute a declaration in conformity with the "Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising".

Nothing in this Agreement should be construed as an admission of guilt or liability on the part of Thrive. Thrive has entered into this Agreement freely and voluntarily without any undue influence of the Division.

In my opinion the people involved with Thrive are crooks, scam artists with no morals or conscience. I wonder what the families and neighbours of Colton Moody, Erik Largin, Zack Bradshaw, David Rasmussen, Matthew Rasmussen and Chad Guthrie would say if they knew what these people really did for a living. I wonder how these upstanding citizens would like it if somebody went to their neighbourhood and area business’s (Springville, Orem, Lindon, American Fork, Draper, etc.)and handed out flyers and told people what kind of business they operate and how they are crooks and scam artists who prey on people when they are at their most vulnerable (not that I would ever condone doing this).
These people (Colton Moody, Erik Largin, Zack Bradshaw, David Rasmussen, Matthew Rasmussen and Chad Guthrie) set up dummy companies such as; Here is a brief list of companies associated with Thrive Learning Institute:
Professional Marketing Group, PMG, PMG Mentors, Private Mentoring Group, Vermotion, Secure Gate, Fortius, Auctions for Income, NMR, IDI, Auctions 4 Income, Quicksite National Marketing Resources, PMI, National Marketing Resources, Iworks, Inc, Virtual Contact Inc, Paynet Merchant Services, Professional Marketing International, PMI Coaching, ITC Internet Treasure Chest, IDI Global, Summit Consulting, Online Supplier Coaching, onlinesupplier.com, online supplier, Netgateway, StoresOnline.com, Galaxy Mall, Imergent, Internet Treasure Chest, Stores Online, Foreclosureworld, Summit Group, Summit Consulting, Internet Development, Income Success Team, The Tax Club, Links 4 Trade, Professional Consulting Services, PCS, nmrcoaching, pmicoaching, quicksite builder, Nathan Kenyon, Dave Espino, Jim Cochran, Greg Cooper, Frank Kerns, Colton Moody, Dolf De Roos, PROSPER INC., Prosper Learning, prosperlearning.com, pmgmentors.com, pmgicoaching.vermotion.net, pmgtech.com, multiple streams of income, PMI coaching, usight home Inc., EPenzio, Russ Dalbey, Hacket Media, John Beck, Robert Allen, auction secrets, auctionsecrets.com, brightbuilder.com, bright builders, foreclosures.com, foreclosures, EPI, epibiz, power profit system, mentors in motion, passport to millions, wealth and self, cash secrets, Auctions for Income, NMR, IDI, Auctions 4 Income, Quicksite National Marketing Resources, National Marketing Resources, Iworks, Inc, Virtual Contact Inc, Paynet Merchant Services, Professional Marketing International and the list KEEPS GROWING!!!, Internet Auction Services, Infusion Media, Accelerated Business Solutions, Platinum Training Solutions, Internet Income Solutions, Internet Logistics and Thriveli and so on, and they get unemployed people to own them so when they go bankrupt or are shut down for wrong doings their names are protected and so is Thrives name, they claim they have nothing to do with the “sales company” and that Thrive only receives 10% of what you pay and the rest goes to the “sales company” so Thrives liability is only 10%. I wonder if the I.R.S. would be interested in checking out all of these companies and see where the money actually goes.
Check out this blog.
Member Join Date: Oct 2008
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Re: Thrive Learning Institute ???
Yes, BEWARE of Thrive Learning Institute! The latest addition to UT online 'educational' scams. The former founders of Tafiti Consulting a division of Media Learner, started Thrive because they got greedy and wanted the whole pie. Thrive uses the Lightwave Builder which is really a Bright Builders product (all these are UT based companies) who is in bed with Echo (Electronic Clearing House of SF, UT) online merchant account processors who also rip everyone off - they use First Regional bank, Ca - it's easier to get a mortgage or auto loan than a merchant account here. Then there is Prosper Inc, Mentoring of America, PMI (recently became a part of Media Learner) - all these coaching companies charge thousands of dollars to provide online websites and coaching by inexperienced kids. There is a 3 day cancellation policy which the major sales companies that sell you these programs such as Summit don’t tell you about-it is almost impossible to get your money back. Watch out for Matt & Dave Rasmussen (Thrive), S. Sonnenberg (Media Learner) Todd Baum (Echo), Alex of Summit. These are scams and all UT based. Good Luck!

What really bothers me is the State of Utah, do they not care that they are the “Internet scam capital of the world”. It’s my opinion that all of the necessary government palms have been greased, at the very best the Utah government is ignoring this problem but it’s my opinion they are much more involved. I received a blog from someone who said “The Summit Group and another call center Thrive Learning, both under the management of Colton Moody and Eric Largin, donated $25, 000 to Shurtleff’s campaign in 2008 (Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff), I don’t know if this is true, it’s word for word what I received in a blog from “not happy”. In 2008, Shurtleff filled his campaign chest with $187, 500 in donations from seven call-center companies—all based in Utah and six which have been investigated by the Utah Division of Consumer Protection or prosecuted by assistant attorneys general in Shurtleff’s office representing Consumer Protection. That’s not counting the actions these companies have faced from 10 other state’s attorneys general or consumer protection agencies and from investigative counterparts in Australia. Donations Shurtleff netted from these companies made up more than a quarter of his 2008 war chest.
Thrive has their own testimonials online, everyone of them endorses Thrive and everyone of them is a lie, the public is not allowed to post on this site, only the testimonials made up by Thrive are posted. Do not believe any positive posts about Thrive, there are no truthful positive posts about Thrive as there has never been a truly successful Thrive graduate with money making online business, not even one out of the tens of thousands of people they have scammed. Thrive hires inexperienced college students desperate for cash to pretend to train you, none of them have a successful online business. Why wouldn’t they have a part time online business if they knew how to actually start up and operate one? I’ve noticed over the last year and a half that most of the information on Thrive and how to get your money back have been removed from the internet, kind of strange that only these comments telling the truth about thrive and how to get your money back are being removed. These crooks have been at this a long time and know who to pay off and what to do to allow them to continue stealing money from uninformed innocent people like you. Write as many letters as you can to as many organisations as possible, FBI (IC3-GOV), Governor of Utah, Attorney General of Utah, Attorney General of the U.S., Better Business Bureau, /link removed/ (although I have had several bloggers tell me they believe /link removed/ is as corrupt as Thrive and probably on their payroll), your Secretary of State (Securities Department), make sure you send letters you can track so you can follow up with the date, time and who picked up your letter and always make copies off everything and make notes about every conversation you have. Don’t give up and don’t try to play fairly with these scammers, send letters to everyone you can, do whatever it takes to get your money back (within reason).
Disclaimer: ( All of the things I have stated here are my opinion only and should be not be taken as the truth or used as facts or proof, do your own research and form your own opinion.)
A  30th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have been working with Thrive and Ameritax for two years now and I am still waiting for my online business to become what Thrive promised when I signed up. I will keep working at it because I have invested so much time and money into it, but none of the "coaching" I have received from Thrive ever helps my site traffic improve. I just keep getting told that it "takes time" and my "marketing efforts will build on itself." But my biggest complaint is with Ameritax. Reading some of the previous comments sounds very familiar. I formed my LLC in Delaware which Ameritax charged me $2565 to form and then I pay $59.95 to them as my resident agent. I looked into other services and you can secure a resident agent for $50 A YEAR! They also charged me $2265 to set up tax services and then charge $29.95 per month. Supposedly they were going to do quarterly filings, but never have and when I called to ask about this, they said I didn't need to do them until my business started making a profit. I'm curious as to how they would know when my business started making a profit without doing quarterly filings. I also signed up for the $50 K funding that was supposed to be completed within 6 months and it took OVER A YEAR. There were no updates and when I emailed them about it after 6 months had passed they just said they couldn't guarantee it in 6 months in the current economy. Now I have to set up an appointment to be coached through the many additional steps it is going to take to complete the process - I thought they were doing all this for me! That's what I was paying for to the tune of another $2120. I have looked Ameritax up on the Better Business Bureau and first of all, they are not a BBB accredited company and secondly they have a BBB rating of F. Pretty telling. If someone has a suggestion as to what we could do to fight back against this company, I think it would be well worth our time to do it. We might get somewhere if enough of us banded together to fight them.
A  25th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
Another sucker was I. Ameritax sucked me in on their scheems 1. to set up my LLC Del. 2. 50K funding 3. top savings. to the tune of thousands of dollars. I Now can, t pay my utility bills or buy food . Stayed in the business far to long with the promise that they would get me the 50K funding within s mos. These people are another part of the courporate greed. They use the middle class to line their pockets. Shame on them . We all need to get together and sue them and put them out of business also. They give online bussiness a bad reputation.
carol mollica on facebook
N  30th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
I too could have written any of these posts. I didn't realize their were so many of us that got scammed by Thrive and Ameritax. We are all out thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it. I have been calling Ameritax for the past week and nobody will return my call. When I finally got ahold of Lacy, I was put on "hold", only to have a secretary come back to the line to tell me that Lacy got called away to an" emergency meeting" and she would call me back... I am still waiting. I would like to see 20/20 or nightline do a show on them just so the rest of the trusting people out there won't be scammed like all of us...
A  9th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
EVERYONE THAT GOT SCAMMED CALL GLEN MINSON FRAUD INVESTIGATOR OF THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER PROTECTIONS AND TELL HIM THE STORY ABOUT THRIVE AND AMERITAX!! TELL THEM you want to file a consumer complaint and case against them for not holding up to the services that were promised
N  2nd of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
We have done a background report on Professional Marketing International and other known accomplices (see below link) PLEASE LET US KNOW IF WE NEED TO ADD OR UPDATE ANYTHING! Please note report consists of previous client feedback who had previously done business with Professional Marketing International.

BACKGROUND REPORT – Professional Marketing International - http://fiadservices.com/company-list/reported-large-scale-scam-list/professional-marketing-international-scams/

Reported accomplices so far for Professional Marketing International;
Professional Marketing International
PMI Coaching
PMI Education
Wasatch Summit LLC
My E Biz
National Marketing Resources
Home Buyer’s Club
Operation Dropship
Interactive Training System
Click Sell Go
AFI Auction Max
SKW Central
Sean Keegan Walker’s Tax Liens & Deeds
Electronic Marketing Services Inc
EMS Coaching
PMI Education Center
The Insiders Edge
Think a Little Different
uSight Home Inc
Home Inc
Home Office Marketing Enterprises
Stores on Line
Storesonline Inc
Imergent Inc.
H.O.M.E. Inc
H O M E Inc.
Tafiti Consulting


Please check out the other companies we have also been informed of listed on our site should you hear of them in the future.

FIAD Card Services (please visit our website, http://www.fiadservices.com ). We definitely can be of help if you have not yet received a full refund. We have no upfront fees and work on a contingency basis. We only need you to answer a few questions to confirm we can help. PLEASE NOTE- The original purchase date must be within the past 24 months.
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I too was scammed to the tune of over $30, 000, I was taken in by Focus learning center, Ameritax, Profit Sense Innovations and probably Gogo drop shippers. And there were alot more calls that I never returned. I can't believe I was suckered in, I never thought it could happen to me. I checked and Focus had an "A" rating at the BBB, which I now here can be bought. I don't know what to do first, should I contact a lawyer??
PickMyBonesMT what do you think? Maybe your lawyer could refer me to one herein CA.
Thank you,
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Yup I am another person who got scammed! I believe that Ameritax is the operating corporation behind all these shell "coaching courses" mine was Catalyst Coaching and after suckering me for $5, 600 dollars & with the promise of " personal coaching" which was all of 1, 15 hrs and was so poor I am sure a third grader could have done better, my coaching came to a mysterious end when I told them there was no way in hell I was going to pay another $4, 000 dollars to get names of Drop shippers I could work with!
Ameritax SUDDENLY becomes my tax advisors and after Trisha Schumacher explains I only have to pay $1, 750 dollars as a one time fee (because they have a special deal with the students of Catalyst Coaching) she then tells me I also have to pay the same $1, 750 bucks for a CPA of my choice, , , ha no choice, they give me Doug Vawter. Then she tells me I am lucky because most people have to pay a monthly fee on top of these charges. I beg, cry, and in total frustration explain I can not afford these charges she then uses emotional manipulation and fear on me by telling me that if I do not have a tax corporation or a CPA on file the IRS will come after me and my business and I will lose everything! Trisha Schumacher goes on to explain I must have a registered company, in the USA to operate a business legally and that they will set one up for me in DE because there are no taxes there. She said they would set up an LLC ---- jump forward just a bit, until I finish the horror story ---- if they are a tax firm would they not know IN ADVANCE that LLC are not able to receive tax refunds; which is the final excuse Doug Vawter gave me for the reason I woud get nothing back from the US tax service----this after a FULL year of Schumacher and Vawter promising me that every penny I spend in the USA on a registered businesses, including all fees, services, schooling (coaching costs, because I made her clarify that) etc, I would get every penny back! Yeah crap...I got a three line email in the end from Vawter TWO days after I sent in all claims---sorry LLC's do not get tax refunds. Take it up with Canadian Government! Now that was the fatest filing, response I ever heard of from any government regarding tax info! Back to the horror story. When my first cc statement came in from Ameritax I had been charged over $4, 800 for their start up fee, my business registration was $2, 900 and suddenly I was being charged an additional $39.00 per month for Ameritax and $55.00 for the CPA which remained re-occurring charges for a FULL YEAR! Then after my taxes were filed (yeah...bs...they never left Vawter's desk...Schumacher had the audacity to call me and demand the $39.00 of Corporate charges that did not pass through my cc in March! WE NEED A CLASS ACTION SUIT TO FIGHT THESE A---HOLES! Then we stand a chance at hurting them where it counts! Individually we stand no chance! EVIL THRIVES WHEN GOOD MEN DO NOTHING! (the Word of GOD) interested: 2lildocs@gmail.com Dr, Cam (pickmybonesMT I would love to talk to you re: Ann Coulter and this whole mess!) Dr. Cam

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