Ameriserve Repiping Co. / Beware - Shoddy work bordering on fraud.

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You've probably heard their add on the radio. I hired them for a repipe. They did not complete the work in contract. They did not do work to code and they stole and damaged property. The owner refused to complete the work after I had paid all but final 10% of contract and when I refused to make final payment before completion of the work, the owner threatened me, put a mechanics lien on the home and filed a small claim suit against me for the final 10%(which was under $1500) . I filed a complaint with the CSLB and they found damages in my favor of over $10, 000 including incomplete and unsafe work not done to code, property damage resulting from leaks that they caused, and other assorted contract violations. It took about two years to sort out this mess and the company only relented after threats by both his bond company and the CSLB to take action against their license. Hire these guys at your own, considerable risk.

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  • Ro
      9th of Jun, 2010

    Wow, I am surprised about this complaint. I called Ameriserve as a result of hearing their ad, and the copper repiping done by them with very different results. I live in a two story house with a few bathrooms built on a cement slab foundation. I had a couple of under slab leaks, and my own plumber didn't even want to tackle the job. Ameriserve was reasonable, courteous, clean and did the job in two days. Even the city inspector commented on how neat and professional the piping was installed. I cannot even tell where the previous openings in the walls were, due to their excellent repatching. Sorry you had a bad experience, but mine was great.

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  • Ir
      29th of Mar, 2011

    Terrible company to deal with! Beware, if you have any warranty problems they are too slow to respond. I have had over 30 leaks within 5 years. Most have been fixed by my apartment manager because Ameriserve would not do the repair right away!! A minimum of 2 days usually more to arrive and fix leak. If it was a lek inside apartment, obviously you cannot wait that long. Some warranty!! The owner, Bob Park recommended I pay to redo the job with heavier pipe. He offered me no discount to redo his work. The original pipes had lasted 45 years. Ameriseve's job lasted only 5 years, due to shoddy workmanship.

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  • Bu
      26th of Jun, 2011

    Right now I am waiting for them to call me back. I have a $6, 000 water filtration system in my basement that is new. It started leaking. The technician for the water filtration system checked the PSI (water pressure) it was between 80 and 100 !!! I called Ameriserve, they did not respond or call me back. I called my plumber who came out right away and had to REPLACE the Water pressure Regulator valve that Ameriserve had put in. The Pressure regulator valve ameriserve installed was not to CODE...I found this out from my water tech AND my plumber...both who saw what ameriserve had installed. This shoddy pressure regulator valve has cost me so far $300 to replace the pressure valve, $120 for the water tech guy to find the leak in the water filtration system, and now I have to have the water tech come back to install the right piece in the filtration system now that the water pressure has been fixed by my plumber installing the CORRECT pressure valve. These guys are getting an earful from me. I will go to any lengths to get people to realize that these guys are not doing to code work...I'm sorry I ever hired them.

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  • Un
      13th of Jul, 2013

    Yes, Ameriserve is a terrible company. The owner, Bob Park, seems to only be interested in profit and not the well-being of your home or the quality of their work.

    They tried giving us used parts, they didn't complete their work, they have a bad attitude and they blame the homeowner for anything that goes wrong.

    They brag about a lifetime warranty, but after only two months we had 2 water main blowouts. They fixed the first one (which later I was told that I should've paid them to fix it), but not the second one.

    The owner, Bob Park, asked me "Can't you fix it yourself?"...

    I was then told that my calls to them will be ignored because I'm "harassing" them.

    Do yourself a favor - do NOT use Ameriserve.

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  • Ms
      25th of Oct, 2016

    Ugh. I also used this company. Everything was fine the first time (8 years ago) as they did a copper repipe. Lately I'm having foundation issues and the various guys making bids on that upcoming work all said I have some moisture problems under the house. One of those guys noticed a copper pipe that was all discolored, thought it was leaking. I called Ameriserve. Terrible customer service, no urgency. I told them I also wanted a sewer scope. Back and forth and finally a guy came out. Then I waited and waited for the bid as I do have a collapsed sewer line just outside my house. In the meantime the foundation companies were checking to see if I wanted to sign off with them. The last foundation guy out had been a plumber and he offered to relook at the plumbing after I got the bid from Ameriserve. He immediately brought my attention to an open sewer line just under the toilet. It hadn't been opened before and he opined that the Ameriserve guy had opened it to run the camera through and neglected to close it. (It isn't an easily resealble thing...) So I now have a puddle of poop water. I emailed photos to Ameriserve. No response. I called the next day, wanting to talk to the owner. He didn't call. Then I got an email saying that the sewer line was open before their guy came out and that was why I initially called! Maddening! They are not reputable. Like the comment above mine. Do NOT use Ameriserve.

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  • It
      25th of Oct, 2016

    Ameriserve is a crap company. Their guys aren't professional, and the owner is a liar. I had multiple issues after their guys did our copper repipe. Some work wasn't done, like the insulation around the hot water lines, the stucco patching, loose and rattling pipes, etc. then I had the main burst, where it transition from PVC to copper. The owner said it is my responsibility because it's my pipe, even though his guys added a new coupler and didn't use the right amount of glue (one of them actually asked me if they could borrow my PVC glue). I must've called him 10 times over the course of a few hours, they ended up blocking my calls and threatening a lawsuit against me claiming that I was "harassing" them.

    Do not use Ameriserve.

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