Americas Best Value Inn & Suitesi'm being threatened from employees at motel front desk

Se Feb 14, 2019

I have been staying at this property for 2 weeks without issue. I went to open my room door the card key wouldnt work. I told the lady at the front desk and was told the maintenance would look into it and it'll be working upon my return from work. When I came back it worked normally. 4 days later same issue with the door not opening.. There were no hanging parts or anything that would indicate the door was broken in any way. I once again gave my card key to the lady at the front desk. She assured me i'd have a new key once I came back.
When I arrived I went to the same lady at the front desk and she told me I will have to pay for the door lock because I broke it. That is a complete lie and offends me. I'm a quiet older guest who doesn't have any reason to physically break a door handle. I'm not sure where she gets her information from but she told me the inside of the lock was broken but she had forgotten the same lock was broken days prior. It is very unprofessional to blame a guest for something without proof. I have had zero issues up to this point. $20 deposit no big deal... Cable tv has been flickering off and on since I arrived here and only gets 7 channels (not one movie channel) i've been forced to watch "jurassic park" on amc for the 11th time this week... But I didnt complain. Now I refuse to be blamed for an action I would never commit nor would it make sense to break my own room door. I am here temporarily waiting for my townhouse to be completed and chose this location. I've stayed at 2 of your properties that treated me great and one was the drug infested whippany location... They at least had working cable channels.
Can a representative please contact me with further knowledge of this.. I'd rather not make this a larger matter but legally they are in the wrong and i'm fully capable of proving it.
Thank you in advance
Sean [protected]

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