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I had sign up for i month free trial membership on the phone with Bargainnetwork, a foreclosed listing company. Bargain acknowledged me i can cancel the membership whenever i want. So i did cancel the membership within the trial period.But until recently i just found out, the 3 companies, easy saver, American leisure, and home source had already charged me $19.80 each for every month.

i called them, they told me i signed up for the membership through Bargainnetwork, which i have absolutely no idea about it!

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  •   Jun 02, 2008
    American Leisure - This is outrageous
    American Leisure
    United States

    This company and Easy Savers have been taking 14.95 each out of my husband's credit card for 2 years!!! Okay, so we were stupid and didn't catch it--nonetheless, we were charged for a product that we didn't order. I have NO idea where they got the (now cancelled) credit card information, because it wasn't from us. When I called, within three supervisors they had promised to refund one of the years, but not without telling me repeatedly that they couldn't, it was too late, blah blah blah. I will be calling again to see about getting the other year refunded as well. We never even ordered this product, whatever it is! This is outrageous! And is it legal??

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  • Ca
      Oct 03, 2008
    American Leisure - giftcard promises
    United States

    I ordered something else on the phone and suckered into the memebership of American Leisure an Easy Saver. The woman on the phone also promised me a $25 gas card and a $25 walmart giftcard upon accepting this trial offer. I did it. All I kept getting in the mail was postcards asking for my name and address to request the gift cards. I mailed them in me paying the extra postage. Never saw a single card. This is a big fat lie!!!

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  • Lb
      Dec 08, 2009

    Hi peggy! Keep fighting them! They are thieves! I am a victim as well. I got two refunds back out of 10. I am calling them for the last 8 refunds! I closed my debit account as well. My question to you is how are you having them refund you back if you closed the account they were charging you? By check?

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