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My husband received several messages on his cell phone at work saying he was in serious legal trouble and he needed to contact a certain #. He contacted them and they told him he had gotten a loan in March 2010 for $300. and when they tried to get their loan pay back that it was not allowed because of NSF. I was very ill at the time and living in ID with my son and his wife while my husband lived in WA, so he told the gentleman he would call them back when he got with his wife and settle this. The guy, Chris Rogers (heavy Iranian accent), told my husband that an arrest warrant was being issued the next day for his arrest on 3 charges including Federal Bank fraud, E-mail fraud and Colorado Banking fraud. When my husband called me this and told me several red flags went up. First, arrest warrants aren't issued on civil money cases, we didn't have a CO bank account and we never got an on-line loan in March that we didn't pay back as he said. I pulled all of our bank account info and called the number. A Chris Jones answered, also with a heavy Iranian accent. During our conversation he got adjudicated when I said I had proof right in front of me. I asked for his firms name and he gave me the name as ALPD where they had told my husband it was United Law Services. I asked to speak to his superior and he said he was the senior consultant and I had to deal with him. When I told him he had 24 hours to submit to me proof of the loan and/or a dismissal of the "arrest warrant" he said he would have to run it by his supervisor and call me back. I said I thought he had no supervisor and he yelled I will call you back and hung up. I called the Police and they did an investigation. The officer was excited to actually talk to someone. When he pressed for more information such as an address of the legal firm so he could advise us where to send the $, the guy said they could only accept 3 forms of payment; a pre-paid Visa, debit from the bank account or a money order. The officer asked where we could send the money order and the guy hung up. The officer advised me to call the Att. General, but they can't take a complaint without an address. So WATCH OUT!!! The names were Chris Jones, Chris Rogers, Adam something, Marcus Fuller and Mike David. The phone #'s were: [protected], [protected], [protected] and [protected]. All individuals had deep Iranian accents and most of the #'s are dis-connected. I have alerted the SS office and our bank of this and my husband has notified his boss and the HR dept of this scam. He may need to change his SS# after all this. Just so you know, nothing can be done legally to you without prior written intent to sue. The supposed debt is not on our credit report or anything. The numbers aren't even registered in the US!!! Be careful when you shop on-line!! Look for the lock symbol, that means the site is protected. If it isn't, send a money order or buy elsewhere!

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  • Ca
      Oct 22, 2010

    My husband has been getting harrassing phone calls also. The people that are calling are saying that he owes $343.00 for a payday loan that he did not apply for. They keep calling us at home and we keep telling them that we did not apply for this loan and we are not going to pay for a loan that we did not apply for. They said that they have our bank account number and we did not authorize anyone to take out a loan with our checking account number and I am going to contact my bank to let them know about this scam. The names of the people sound like they are from another country. The person that keeps calling has a foreign accent and I could not understand a word that she said. My husband also told them that he never heard of the amount that they are saying that we owe. If the calls keep coming I am going to contact an attorney and try to sue the company for threats and harrassment.

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  • To
      Sep 06, 2011

    I have recieved these calls also the latest is from a Jack Smith. The number traces to NY city area of Manhatten and is [protected]. He has threatened me with jail and holding of my SS funds in which I am not getting. I work. Also with fraud . He only calls my cell phone and nothing else. He has used the names Matt Hooper, Matt Smith and lately Jack Smith. He cant tell me other information except that I owe an 8000 dollar loan in which I dont have any loans at all. I have told him he is a scammer and I did refer the call to the FBI . Next time I am going to act like an FBI agent and tell him this call is being traced and an agent is waiting outside for him.

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