American Laser Center / Aggressive sales tactics

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They engage in extremely aggressive sales tactics. I went in for a consultation for hair removal in one from my back. After quoting a price that seemed high the clinic director – really a sales person – insinuated that I wasn’t really serious about improving my looks. The pressure got intense. Then she said that the hair on my chest looked really bad and it needed to come off as well for twice the price. I like the hair on my chest. She filled me with a lot of self loathing. When I said no, she said then I could have it thinned out. But I was only a one time offer, course and it was the last day she could offer it. They say they have a two year guarantee but at the rate they are going the guarantee may run out. I paid $7000 in advance. Then they rushed me right into the first half of the treatment right then. This is not because they’re being speedy, it’s because the contract says after any treatment, even partial, you cannot receive any refund and must pay the balance of the contract.
I learned later that I could have had the treatment hourly at $200 or $250 an hour and received more treatments than they give in 2 years and at a lower price.
My advice: First, never step foot in the door. If you do, have an exit plan. I was shocked when they rushed me right on the table. I told them I wanted to come back tomorrow or next week. I didn’t think fast enough on my feet and ended up with the first treatment meaning I couldn’t cancel the contract the next day. Have an exit plan like you have to pick up a child or nephew at daycare in 15 minutes. Or your elderly mom is waiting for you at the grocery store – anything. Have it ready.
Next: never sign a contract and pay in advance. I just gave them money interest free for 2 years and if something happens to me, such a being hospitalized, and can’t make the treatments, I lose it all. You are better off paying by the hour or treatment. Some of these are operated by real MD’s, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, although a tech may actually perform the hair removal. You don’t have your money tied up for two years, and you have the option of switching providers while risking less money.

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