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American General Finance / American General - Predatory Lender

1 Jensen Beach, FL, United States Review updated:

I had a loan from American General for $5, 000.00 with my vehicle as collateral. I made my payments every month for almost 2 years, but fell behind on few payments due to illness and loss of income. I was originally $800 past due, but by making monthly payments above the minimum I reduced the past due amount to $300.00. I also expressed to Nancy that I intend to continue to make payments and catch up on the past due amount. Well I end up in and out the hospital for 2 weeks, and I come home one morning to find my car repossessed. I called American General, who basically told me since I didnt return any of their phone calls they repossessed my vehicle. They refused to work with me. I offered to pay the past due amount, next months payment, and the repossession fees, but they were downright rude and refused to work with me. I have to pay off the entire balance of my loan over $8, 000( due to the ridiculously high interest rate) within 7 days to get my vehicle back or it will be sold at auction and American general will keep any profit made off the sale of my vehicle. They took my $16, 000 car to settle a $8, 000 debt when I was only one month behind and currently making regular payments to catch up. I encourage anyone considering a loan through American General to find another lender. They wont work with you, they are out to rip people off. They will also harass you with daily mutiple phone calls to your home and place of employment, they also come to your door demanding payment.

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      30th of Apr, 2009
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    American General Finance - HARRASSMENT
    United States
    Phone: 831-758-1652

    I have been a victim of endless telephone calls with content that violate my rights under the fdcpa. I would love to be a part of any class action law suit filed against these unrelenting, unprofessional collectors.
    my email

  • Re
      28th of May, 2009
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    If American General is the original creditor, then FDCPA does not apply...per FDCPA:

    The term “debt collector” means any person who uses any instrumentality of interstate commerce or the mails in any business the principal purpose of which is the collection of any debts, or who regularly collects or attempts to collect, directly or indirectly, debts owed or due or asserted to be owed or due another. Notwithstanding the exclusion provided by clause (F) of the last sentence of this paragraph, the term includes any creditor who, in the process of collecting his own debts, uses any name other than his own which would indicate that a third person is collecting or attempting to collect such debts. For the purpose of section 808(6), such term also includes any person who uses any instrumentality of interstate commerce or the mails in any business the principal purpose of which is the enforcement of security interests. The term does not include—
    (A) any officer or employee of a creditor while, in the name of the creditor, collecting debts for such creditor;

  • Pa
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    So cut the ### / AIG and AGF are LIABLE

  • Bo
      23rd of Jul, 2009
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    Paul you are full of crap

  • An
      16th of Nov, 2009
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    Pay your bills and you won't get collection call. All creditors make calls. If you pay what you owe and on time, you will be left alone.

  • Co
      12th of May, 2010
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    Responding to the above comment...

    It is illegal to keep the proceeds of a repo sale over the balance of the loan. Just thought I would fill you in. FYI: return calls, or have someone return them for you and you will not have your vehicle repo'd. I do know from experience that you are able to get your car back by paying UTD and the repo fees. YOu are not necessarily required to pay the entire balance off unless you are a repeat offender and it is apparent to the company that you will continue to be a collection problem. If this is the case, American General will repo the vehicle, take it to auction, get as much out of it as they can, and give you the difference (by law in the US, they HAVE TO!!!).

  • Sa
      20th of Jul, 2010
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    I do work in the industry and like the above person stated, by law, a company cannot keep the proceeds from a repo sale.

  • Pa
      9th of Feb, 2011
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    I bought windows for my home (Colorado) and fell behind 2 payments. They wanted to take me to court and told me that I would have a judgment against my home unless I come current with approx $400. I did, and I just found out that I have a judgment against me as of Oct 31, 2010. I have been current ever since, and at the time of the court date, which was supposed to be canceled, I was current in my loan. Now I have to go thru the process of getting this judgment taken off!!! Can I take them to small claims court or should we all get a class action suit together? I prefer the class action, there are power in numbers!

  • As
      13th of Oct, 2012
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    i was totally ripped off i bought a house eight years ago from american general. my house is not half the price of what i paid for it then. they had some lady come in and jack my apraisel up three times what the house was worth. so i would get the loan with high rate i had never bought a house before so i didnt know at that time but boy i tell you i got ripped bad been paying for my house since and i learned my lesson never do that again they take advantage of low income peaple that have a dream to buy a house i was single with a child making minimum wage and they got me and still getting me to this day

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