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American Freight / disorganized business and empty promises

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Always read the fine print and ask lots of questions. This business is sketchy (to put it nicely) and I wish I had read some of the other complaints before we purchased our furniture. We went in near the end of Jan. 2012. Looked around, had one guy (David) who said he was the manager, basically hound us the entire time we were there (looking for some good commission). We bought quite a lot of stuff because we just bought our first house, and we needed some furniture. Thought putting it away on "LAYAWAY" would be a good idea and we could pay it off over the next few months. We just finished paying it off about a week ago (Mar. 16, 2012) and we go in to schedule a delivery. We were told by David, that he would need to give us a call tomorrow to let us know when we could schedule a delivery. He didn't call us back. We called on Mar. 20 and found out the bad news. Veronica (who is apparently the General Manager) informed us that our sofa and loveseat were discontinued (AT THE TIME OF PUTTING IT ON LAYAWAY) and we would have to pick out something else. So David didn't tell us when we were there that the furniture was no longer available. We were also told that we might not have our bedroom set but she would have to get back to us. I was fuming at this point. But we waited for the return phone call - which we never got. So instead we waited for the weekend (Mar. 24, 2012) and walked in to speak to someone. We had to wait to see David because he was "busy" so one guy told us to look around and pick out another sofa and loveseat. So luckily we found something in stock... When David was finally ready to speak to us, we asked if everything else was in stock, including the bedroom furniture which we were told initially might not be. He said it was and so was everything else. So then he asked us if we would like it delivered today, and we asked for it to be delivered on Monday since we were busy during the weekend. Monday rolls around - guess what? No delivery. Apparently the sofa/loveseat were in Dayton and would have to be shipped out. The bedroom furniture was damaged so they said they would "FEDEX" it out and the coffee/end tables were not in yet so we would have to wait until the end of the week to get those - which by the way we were told "Well that stuff isn't big so you can come in and pick it up" No actually we wanted it all to be DELIVERED. We were told by David that he would get everything (minus the coffee/end tables) on Tuesday. Well today is Tuesday and we didn't get anything delivered. We called again and got Veronica on the phone. We were told that the headboard to our bedroom set and coffee table/end tables would not be available for another TWO WEEKS. Veronica just told us now that we will have everything else delivered tonight minus those two items, which we said we would go and pick them up.

So the long story short: We went in, picked out furniture, paid it all off, were told some of it was discontinued, picked out new furniture, tried to schedule a delivery twice, didn't receive phone calls when they said they would, were avoided by our dear salesman David because I'm assuming he doesn't have the balls to face up to his slippery sales techniques and angry customers, and we are still waiting for some of our furniture. AMERICAN FREIGHT IS NOT WORTH THE HASSLE JUST TO SAVE A FEW EXTRA DOLLARS. Spare yourselves the trouble and the mileage. We will not be a returning customer.

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      24th of Jan, 2013

    I feel your pain and we had to deal with these ### too. Shady is a polite word to use but I prefer ###. I advise anyone looking for a cheaper deal to never use this company out of Fairfield. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE... At least once they have your money.

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