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American Family Care LLC / uneccessary medical tests

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Visited there in Feb 2012 for insomnia and stress. They ran all kinds of tests on me before addressing my reason for coming in. I am a daily runner and have been for years. They way they do it is subtle and sneaky after they have you in a room: An LPN comes in and tells me that they need blood first and blood pressure. Okay, I can see that. Repeat scenario for cholesterol tests. Okay. I have not seen the doctor yet only the lab techs and the LPN. They want to do an electrocardiogram next because of this anxiety rapid heart rate that occurs sometimes at night when I cannot relax. I say, I am a runner, and I have always lower than normal blood pressure because I run. The LPN says the doctor will not write prescriptions unless this EKG is performed. I reluctantly agree. Test shows nothing except my heart is definitely not stressed but in great shape. The same LPN comes in and the same pitch is used saying that no prescription can be written unless they now do chest x-rays! I said, but I am just anxious and under some financial stress, I don't have chest pain. She leaves and returns and says that the doctor cannot write you a prescription for a sleep aid unless we do this, I'm sorry. So, what do you do? I relented. Then we finished with a prostate exam before I go. $440 bill and my two prescriptions were $11 at CVS. These guys are padding bills. AMC should be investigated as there is currently a nationwide explosion of complaints against medical over testing. Do not go to AFC for any reason.

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