American Express Travel Related Services Co, Inc. / travelers cheques refund claim

4315 S. 2700 W., 84184, Salt Lake City, UT, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-945-5000

*update to my 11/16/08 complaint report
*****consumer warning*****
Amex travel related services, co. inc. travelers cheques print ads and television commercials suggest "do not leave home without them"...
The company also states that the cheques can be refunded within 24 hours worldwide if lost or stolen..
In my previous submitted complaint i was robbed on july 14, 2008 and after informing the company immediately, i returned home to start submitting a mountain of documents

1) claims reimbursement forms
2) receipt of all travelers cheques(all were signed prior to theft!)
3) usa valid passport and drivers license
4)bank statement showing money withdrawl to purchase checks!
5) police report
6) police report payment receipt
7) medical note from police dept given to the other victim
8) legal document from govt of the country where theft occured to show what i was doing there!
9) airline ticket showing travel to and from africa
10) 2 business references
11) phone numbers to the cell phones that were stolen
12) numerous emails and probing phone interviews by the claims department
13) meeting with american express security agent in my home!!
14) 5 page letter summarizing my meeting with the american express security agent

After much work, being shocked and humiliated and feeling violated a check in the amount of $10, 000.00 was received by me on dec 08, 2008. if you are in a foreign country and your cheques are lost or stolen how is it possible for a customer to do this type of shameful hard work to recover what is rightfully theirs especially when you have bought the cheques with the understanding that if they are lost/stolen they will be replaced anywhere worldwide within a short period of time usually 24 hours!

The questions that arises in my mind are
1) does the company discriminate refunds geographically?
2) are there any violations of ftc laws?
3) is this a case of exaggerated false advertisement?
4) should the ftc investigate this company's practices in regards to the print ads/commercial ads based on travelers cheques refund?

Having to give american express so much private information i now know what it must feel like to be on trial in a criminal court!..i feel insulted and violated.. this should never happen to a law abiding citizen of the united states who as a consumer purchased a product with the understanding of what the company advises, only to learn a very hard and sad lesson about the truth, in a great time of need.
Fyi: atm machines are now well equipped all over the world to take cash in the local currency of the country
There are a number of websites with reports on the american express travelers cheques eg.,, /link removed/

Should you leave home without them?

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