American Education Serviceshorrible service

This is the worst company to deal with. For over 2 months we have been trying to lower payments from a student account My daughter was in the Peace Corps for 2 years, when she returned she was able to get a job with a non profit company, but was not able to make the payments for her student For over 4 months we have been contacting them for assistance with a hardship deferment or any other lowering payment assistant. They continuously ignored our attempts. We called, emailed and faxed over forms to be filled out. Every time, they sent it back saying either a box wasn't checked, or a section wasn't completely correctly.

Most recently my daughter went back to school so we asked for in school deferment.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Raymond, CA At day 5, they starting harassing phone calls saying our payment was late, and this continued every day, it included phone calls, letters and emails. Each time I would call and explain that we are attempting to make the payments more reasonable, or file for in school deferment. There was not ONE employee who could help us. And each time promises were made, that were not kept (email forms to be sent, return calls to be made) and lastly they said we had until day 30 and then collections will be notified. Even though I was in full contact with them on a daily basis and fulling cooperating with their every hoop I had to jump through.

Today we got a letter from a collection agency. They are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Not sure what my next option is...

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